Konigsberg Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay in a tier 4 German Cruiser the Konigsberg in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on XBox 1 and PS4. Scoring a Kraken Unleahsed in a Konigsberg on the map Archipelago.


  1. My favorite ship so far…Iowa Schorn close second

  2. Konigsberg is a good ship. I like it a lot. Nurnberg better now, but I’m not yet using her to full effect. Well-played match. Think I must have gotten your crates yesterday. Bought the 10 pack special…all duplicates. 3 Jellicoe’s, a Dewey of course, Togo and so on. Not what I was hoping for.

  3. Could I follow you on PS4 ???

  4. You have to be the most patient person in the world to play this annoying game every day.

  5. In my opinion NY is quite a good ship, I had a fine time grinding it, unlike Kongo which is piece of sh!t it has only 8 guns that are super inaccurate 1000 dmg on a broad side target is a signature move of this ship. Ofc it can score citadels but for the most time you just splash water around the target.

    • It probably comes down to commander. I find them both wildly inaccurate, but I have a 12 point Takagi vs a 8 point Dewey. Both those ships are completely forgettable once you get to the tier 5s which are really strong

    • @Tbull yup I am just 5k xp away from Fuso, can t wait to sell that piece of junk. Tbh I think I did a NY before I got Sims so i had pretty bad commander at her as well.

  6. Still lovin your work Tbull.
    Konigsberg with Von Muller is a beast.
    Can’t make the damn Yorck work though.

    • The yorck is kind of trick because it has some drag on the shells when they’re in the air. I hope I get von Mueller out of one of the campaign crates, Scheer isn’t cutting it!

    • Darren VanDerwilt

      Picked him up when I purchased 10 Commander crates when they were for sale at 1/3 cost. Figured there’s a strong likelihood of getting mostly duplicates, but what the hell, that means legendary status. Getting Von Muller was icing on the cake, and my original hope. He really opens up the capabilities of my Konigsberg and Nürnberg. Followed Tbull’s advice about changing over to AP when the situation calls. Worked very well.

  7. The Real ToxicBeast

    Good video as always. I think I’m a halfway decent player then I watch your videos and I realize I know nothing.

    • Well you are taking the time to learn the nuances of the game, which sets you on the path to be better than the majority of the players out there.

  8. Shadow Trooper105

    Hi Tbull love your videos keep up the good work .So we’re getting the German BBs next Monday as a Early Access which Battleship are you excited for?

  9. Best German cruiser by far IMO.
    German AP shells are very light and do not have the improved normalisation of USN AP, so they shatter on angled targets. Not sure increased pen will stop that. I build for accuracy and find it works very well.

    • It’s an interesting question that I don’t know the answer to. I guess it depends on which specific part of the equation that the increase pen chance is applied to.

  10. Hegone & wegone! Classic! That is one mighty fun shooty boat. Still trying to find my pace with the Nurnberg but there was nothing boring about the grind to get it. Love this boat!

    • I haven’t tried the nurnberg since it was updated, but it definitely was in it’s element when it was kiting away before. I’d try running it like that and see if that helps out the performance

  11. I took the opportunity to use the universal comms from the campaign to rank up both Gurin and Swirsky to Legendary 1, since duplicates of them are impossible to get for now. Just wish I had more promo orders. :/

    • I’m gonna put Swirski at lvl 2. We’ll be getting plenty of duplicate gurins in good time ?

    • @Tbull Only Gurin? Hmm… my spider-sense is tingling.

    • @JayTheCat well the full Russian line will be out, presumably during the fall after the Germans. There is no Polish line, just this one ship

    • @Tbull Hah, I’d prefer they finished the UK cruiser line first but more ships are always welcome.

      I know the Blyskawica is it as far as the Polish goes, but they could do an event for folk who own it – get a free Swirski crate or something.

    • @JayTheCat it would be nice, but there’s no way to fuck us over if the crate has the one guy that everyone wants ? . I don’t mind putting the orders into Swirski though, he’s an inspiration on at least half my builds

  12. Got US Scott and IJN Yamamoto as inspirations. Only the basic German capt. Percision and penetration gets a cit a volley. Had 7 kills 150k damage in it.

  13. Sounds like we are around the same age. I was raised the same way, a very aggressive player. I played tanks for three and a half years, and had to train myself to not be super aggressive. It’s helped me a lot in this game. Your videos are great, I like your insight, it makes me a better player. Keep it up?

  14. The scary thing about Konigsberg is what a monster it is even with Deutsch Dewey. Imagine having a dedicated cruiser captain on this thing

    • Yeah exactly. Rumor has it that it’s even nastier. I’m sure to kill these things when I see them out there before they cause too much trouble

  15. New Mic?

  16. Darren VanDerwilt

    This is one of the most fun ships in the game. Just got Von Muller with the discount 10 Commander value pack. What a difference. He’s only at 6th rank, but completely outperforms Sheer. Can’t wait to unlock the Yorck, and then the Hipper.

    • Nice! Yeah, von Muller is an offensive powerhouse. I’d try running Yamamoto as an inspiration if you got him, looks like a solid combo

    • Darren VanDerwilt

      Tbull, if only. Yamamoto has been very allusive. If the opportunity arrives though, I’ll give it try.

  17. I have both german cruiser capatins which one is better in the oight cruisers

    • Haven’t played either but my preliminary build design is von Mueller with Scott and Yamamoto for inspirations. Both German cruiser commanders looks nice though

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