KRAKEN in the SPEED Deamon Kansas =) World of Warships

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  1. Average player (myself included) : Kansas is a bad ship, it’s useless…
    Good player: ahahahah, slow fat boy goes brrrrr

    • @Nikoolix Indeed, good players can make other ships work better. And yes, Kansas is not a good ship or even a fantastic ship. However this does not entail that it is not possible to get good results in it.

    • @Paul The Bored Well I haven’t seen anyone write that it’s impossible to get good results with it.

    • @Nikoolix Well, it seems that’s what many commentators are thinking when they talk about it. Perhaps I misinterpreted all the fuss about this ship and new tech tree.

    • Good player or back line sniper with a Top Tier BB???

    • Put this ship in a match against something like a Kutuzov or Belfast div and it’s basically fodder for them. I’m not even going to mention the HE spamming madness that happens at T10 too.

  2. why kansas is still alive, yet in the battle result page he is not?

  3. sarbbajit samadder

    Kansas and speed demon? Nope!
    It’s also too much prone to fires, and also guns are not accurate which means it depends maximum times on RNGESUS, and also citadelling a ship is quite hard with this one as the shells goes off wherever it wants, flamu said a few days back that kansas belongs to tier 7 as its inferior to NC even! Even if you shoot kansas with its bow facing you, you can deal huge dmg to this ship, honestly i don’t even know what war gaming was thinking adding this ship!

  4. they would like to know what a fast demon it is when it runs 22 knots and charges 40 seconds and it’s tall paper so absolutely useless

  5. This ship is so fun and engaging. You can sail almost half of a map and shoot almost 20 times in every battle. Well if you don’t get killed earlier.

  6. It was very hard to watch thankyou

  7. Just got mine by the skin of my teeth. The only things wrong with the Kansas that I have spotted is that 40 sec reload on the main guns and the slow max speed. Otherwise it seems to be pretty tough. Mind you I have only fought with it twice, but it seems to be able to take a hit pretty well. I *like* that it has 4 3 gun turrets and if you don’t broadside them all at the same time, you can get a reasonable rate of fire happening, say 6 guns every 20 secs or so. The main guns seem to be pretty accurate too, which makes up for the slow rate of fire a bit.

    • They are not accurate at all, which makes for an overall pretty terrible ship.

    • The accuracy is below Massachussetts, which has troll accuracy already.

      The ‘fun’ fact about this line is that its supposed to be the continuation of the Colorado BB line instead of changing the Hull through the NC and towards the Iowa and Montana, which are all faster than this pile of scrap metal. And have better guns to start with. The gimmick of the 40 sec reload is said to compensate the caliber of the guns which is about the only thing that truly shines on this boat.

  8. I prefer spotting aircraft than the fighter :_ lmao you have the aa defensive consumable and good aa defense

  9. This ship has very New Mexico like guns. You have so many guns but has very shotgun dispersion that you will have to pray that RNG favors you. This guy has good RNG. Maybe he has time to pray everytime before he shoots.

  10. ” Speed Demon ”
    Lmao nice one

  11. Kansas like a burger BB

  12. What is a speed daemon? Matt Daemon on speed?

  13. Kansas the Halsey’s Moving Castle

  14. I have yet to take the Kansas out of port. I looked at it for a minute to check specs and thought they mislabeled it. This should be a tier 6 ship, 7 tops, but it has zero business fighting tier 10. I cringe when I see one on my team, an AFK ship lives longer. I am sure folks get lucky in it now and again as this video shows but it seems the new US BB line is just laughable. WG ” We need new ships with stats that were power crept and made mostly ineffective 3 years ago” Like the smols don`t have enough to farm. They are super easy to troll in a DD, just wait for subs!!!

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