KRAKEN UNLEASHED – 160k Annihilation (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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KRAKEN UNLEASHED – 160k Annihilation ()


  1. Wow, under a minute, and someone already disliked it.. sad

  2. 1st dd priority CAP!!!!!! love you to death phly but you’re lucky you won

  3. phly! play with tier 9 USA BB MISSURI

  4. Phly, are you planning to go down the gunboat or torpboat line of the IJN.
    I’m curios about your opinion about the two new branches.

  5. Торпеды- это самое интересное оружие в игре.

  6. 18:41 “Fuck you carrier!!”, Trump got triggered XD

  7. Phly, do you have a card reader on your computer? If so then install your
    OS on a flash card and run it off there.

  8. Did he deleted War thunder.

  9. Get a bit higher tiered and see how “easy” Japanese destroyers are. You’ll
    get your butt kicked so hard!

  10. ssd for OS instead of hard drive, much faster ;)

  11. You are getting better, but you got to use your guns. Like those low health
    furutaka. You could have gunned them down. And same goes for the CV. You
    should have opened fire after you unloaded your torps. It wasnt like you
    would give up detection range or anything by doing it. And no reason not to
    use AA after you are spotted by the planes. Its crap, but it you are losing
    nothing by using it. BTW, tashkent with the steering module 3 is just
    awesome. But different style, full steam and never stop firing. Keep the
    enemies at 8+ km and hammer them non stop with your guns. But never stop
    and try to sneak around.

  12. No soo easy since the last update

  13. Oh Phly don’t forget to activate your AA guns when the Carrier attempts to
    attack you! I know the Japs don’t have much AA but maybe you’ll get lucky
    shooting one down :)

  14. I’m having a good time in my Nassau, König Albert and Scharnhorst lately,
    but the Kolberg is Frustrating like hell. The Karlsruhe is a lot better,
    but grinding to it took forever….

  15. bring out the Belfast as, i am from belfast

  16. #Attempt17 M551 Sheridan and the B-57. M551= Improved Kv-2

  17. OK, I’m going to treat this like you came into the shop off the street with
    your computer problem, so if you’ve already done this, go ahead and
    disregard. If these work, you can save yourself some money.

    0. BACK UP EVERYTHING. Any save files, settings, videos, etc. Step 3 can
    destroy files, although the chance is kind of small.

    1. Assuming that it is a standard hd and not an ssd, have you checked to
    see if it needs to be defragged?

    2. Have you run an anti-malware program, such as Malware Bytes?

    3. If those don’t work, go to your DOS prompt and run CHKDSK /R. This will
    take some time to run, but it will find bad sectors and mark them as

    4. Go to the HD manufacturer’s website and download their HD utility. Most
    of them have some sort of utility that will give you detailed information
    on the condition of your hard drive and in some cases, an estimated time to

    NOTE: if it is making strange noises, disregard all of the above and go
    with the replacement.

  18. Install your OS onto an SSD

  19. This is what a low tier DD can do if the enemy team doesn’t have a clemson,
    if they do then they’ll kill you easily

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