Kreml – 360K DMG AND 7 KILLS – World of Warships

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Kreml — Soviet Tier X battleship.

A battleship project developed at the end of World War II (Project 24). She was the evolution of the Sovetsky Soyuz-class ships and was designed to counter American Iowa-class and Montana-class battleships.


  1. Wellinton Goulart

    what is the name of this camouflage?

    • I believe it is the silver camo (type 10?) with -3% detection +4% dispersion, using the alternative color scheme acquired through the Russian Collection.

  2. You kicked ass like a “Big Dog”

  3. That Georgia lol

  4. why is it kreml and not kremlin? am i missing the punchline here?

  5. 00:17 what an ass…

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