KREML first Gamplay all Stats and Armor – its a BEAST ^^ World of Warships

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  1. Los geht’s ^^

  2. ein erster schneller Blick ^^ werde alle russen BBs ausführlich testen so schnell ich kann =)

  3. Limited repair kit. Noooo

    • I feel like I only use damage control 1-3 times every single battle even without fire prevention builds, IDK why people think its so bad

  4. Дмитрий Дмитрий

    CykaBlyat Ship. Montana ist viel besser.

  5. I don’t see anything ‘beast’ here :-/

    • Not exactly the best gameplay to judge by. The guns are said to be very accurate at up to 15km, so Ocean is basically the worst possible map you could get for this ship.

    • It’s powered by vodka engines.

    • It’s Russian. Belive me, they will find a way to make it stupid!

    • +Gundolf300 like 30mm superstructure and main guns 457mm with better pen than Yamato. Bow deck armor 65mm and stern deck plating 39mm. Also 457mm guns rotate 40% faster than Yamato with 4sec faster reload, or increase HE shell velocity. AP should be accurate as hell but slower shell velocity than HE. HE maybe pen 40mm of plating, only deck and superstructure.

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The turrets turn better than some cruisers The HP is bigger than Kurfürst Only drawback?? Map is ocean kek

  7. Clickbait?

  8. Doesn’t look like a beast at all tbh

  9. What caliber guns are those?

  10. why 4 heals? it has a limited damage control give it a normal maximum of 5 heals like any other t10 battleship!

  11. I know it’s only a game but unlike the German navy, this ship never existed and to give it 457’s is taking the Mickey. Russian bias confirmed if anything. shame on you wargaming

    • +fokion leile And even Conquelol has optional 457mm guns but only potatoes use it so… No one does really care. The Kreml 457mm guns will not be so terrifying at all. And reload time of 457… meh.

    • This is a Cyka Bylat ship, made from stalinium, forged in the cold deeps of Hell by Stalin himself, given by the wargaming gods with RNGeusus aim, and powered only by the most valued vodka.

    • It’s only bias when it has the same armor as GK and 900 m/s guns at 457mm and a range of 25 km, but it’s not

    • You haven’t heard of the Projekt 24 design study?

  12. Whoahh, what a fail lemmings !

    • How dare you insult Russian winning tactics. Send enough meatshields and eventually some will push through. Just like how the Russians beat almost everybody they faced.

  13. Well the pyro shooters are gonna love this thing.

  14. It’s like GK and Yama had a weird son…. looks bland and uninteresting, unlike it’s parents.

  15. Such a bad gameplay by the featured player…. OMG! Poor right flank! Enemy ships hardly move at all and they are not being fired at by the featured player …. could have helped the right flank but decided to follow that walk of death like a lemming. That poor destroyer in C knew how to play.

    • Knut Ritter the lemming train west caught my eye quick, some on east flank pulled back when they could. But it’s early battle play it should improve as cc’s get there hands on these ships.

  16. Annihilation Official

    This guys style of playing makes me so agressive, cant watch it….

  17. makes no sense on showing vulnerable broadside to a dying montana in such a close range and taken 37kdmg

  18. Have you seen that 95 AA def? Is ashame… Ships that had 100 AA def pct now are nerfed… Why they want us to leave the game?

  19. this was just my very first game in it ^^ so chill and dont tell me it wasnt my best gameplay 🙂
    have to learn the ship a bit for better games . the Accuracy is good until 15 km after that it gets very bad – its a new aim feature in the game for the russian BB – again keep in mind this is very early testing – best regards

  20. BTW. Mein letzter Hit auf dich, hat mir immerhin 37k ermöglicht- wenn du genau hinschaust, konnte ich nurnoch meine beiden vorderen Türme nutzen 🙂 War ne gute schelle^^

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