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10 Soviet Battleship on display with unique damage control, radar, gun accuracy mechanic, etc. Hope you enjoy first look and hope you have a wonderful day!

Soviet Battleship Kreml Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I see Russian BB I click like

  2. “This is to encourage players to push forwards” lol

    Wargaming clearly does not understand the meta they’ve created with the new CV’s.

    Step 1:Gather your team into a death ball (They’re moving in herds.. they do move in herds.)
    Step 2:Lemming train your death ball into a corner of the map
    Step 3:Kemp island
    Step 4:Snipe from maximum range behind your island
    Step 5:???
    Step 6:Lose

    • +Aleksej Orolicki The bow armor will be hard to overmatch for even a Yamato because of extra strips of armor. So, if angled properly they’ll likely be hard to cit. Even the October is nearly impossible to cit from the front. If you get cross fired and can’t angle well then it’s kind of your fault.

    • Those moving balls are broken by torpedo walls. In addition, ships moving in a herd get shot from all sides so i think WG knows what meta they have.

    • zekugem/ゼックンゲーム

      +Tacit Blue in your metabolism

    • This is how it goes:
      Battleship pushes forwards to objective
      Gets shot at by 2-3 HE spaming cruisers
      Battleships shoots back but cruisers dodge the shots and loose little HP
      One closer Battleship gets torpedoed by an invisible DD

    • Did you just start playing yesterday? Thats how at least 50% of the player base has always played, campy snipers or tucked behind islands immobile.

  3. Any ETA on this? Shame I just spent 100.000 free XP on Moskva…

    • for what??? stalingrad is better in every way except reload, and donskoi is a good fun ship to play

    • +cobrazax Stalingrad is pain in the ass to unlock, Moskva has more manoeuvrability, while Stalingrads 305mm cant engage DDs, I find 220mm just as fun against cruisers and DDs. Donskoi range is pathetic

    • Moskva is a good bote.

    • +Alexander
      cant engage DDs??? LOOOOOL
      these guns can easily hit DDs at any range. HE wrecks them so easily.
      donskoi got good range and u can always use the range upgrade if u want more. i never really needed more so i go for reload.
      stalin is the only steel ship i bothered to get. its AP is insane with its super pen angles, fast speed, good accuracy, and high pen.
      no one takes Moskva in CW anymore…only stalin

  4. Vodka powered battleship.

  5. lol 20km range but at ranges up to 15km it has cruiser accuracy. So basically most of the time you have awesome dispersion… STROK RUSSIA, GREAT BALANS!!!!

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Toshihiko N1bbA u got 5 and this thing turns better than GK. ( This is personal but i dont find it hard to dodge torps in the GK when im NOT using hydro… When I am its insanely hard to get hit by a torp.) Kreml is stronk dont defend it lmao. It has the citadel but that requires the legendary module called *Angling module 1*

    • Spineking Jørgensen saying this as if players know what is angling. Cant remember how many times i have citadeled ships in T10 game giving me perfect boardside.

      And Kermlin has 40m more radius than GK. With only 5 dcp in a heavy HE spamming, CV flying meta. Have fun claiming its Russian Bias mate.

    • +Toshihiko i dont think you use more than 5 dcps per game anyways.

    • +Ivan Buncic depends on your play style really. I have no problem burning thru 5 of these. Especially in a BB.

    • +Toshihiko Not even to mention that they have the largest above water citadels of all BB’s. These Soviet BB’s look totally shit if we are perfectly honest.

  6. Russian BB= wargaming will make it OP because its russian. just wait and see^^

  7. nice video notser…

    how about Krmln Impression Part 2. with two CVs each side ?

  8. Having a GK and Kreml division would be so much fun. GK could get people’s attention and have secondaires causing chaos, then the Kreml could use it’s much more accurate guns to really blap what ever target they are both on. 😀

  9. I’d be more excited to see navies that in fact existed and fought in WW2, such as the Italian cruisers and battleships, than this nonsense.
    IMO it was largely useless until the battle was decided. There were about 5 enemies alive and you’d done ~35k damage, which hardly seems an advertisement for “get in people’s faces” to me.
    Having said that, I imagine you’ll have some more interesting battles where you try to use it in the way WG seems to want you to.
    Given they dropped citadels on most BBs (one might argue a direct nerf to German BBs), and you see German BBs hanging around at long range being useless, I’m not sure WG’s wishes have much in common with their players’ ideas.

    • TBF Notser WAS pushing pretty hard the whole game, he just chose the sparsely populated flank and the red team ran / went bow in / got eviscerated by the Shima before he could sink his teeth into them.

    • I agree. I think it’s ridiculous that the Soviets are getting a paper filled, 3 branch tech tree, with an extra DD branch in there too, before we get anything from Italy.

      And where are the German and British BCs? They were real and they actually fought! They could also do a 2nd USN BB Branch up to tier 8 with all real ships! And a USN DD split… And a British CA split… Like good lord man this is just ridiculous.

    • +Max Saviano All Russian BBs till teir 6 are real, so is the teir 9. Real. Gneisau never had 15 inchers, and the last 2 German BBs never existed. But I agree we should’ve gotten italian BBs first TBH. They did it for their Russian fans, considering they’re the largest player base.

    • +Anglo Angloson Gangut was the only Russian BB in the line to set sail. Every other one was either a hull, plans, or made up. A hull that never touched the ocean doesn’t count as a real ship. They were real ideas, not real physical things.

    • +Max Saviano guess Montana doesn’t count, or most of the British teir 8-10. Also no, the teir 5 and before will probably be real ships the Russians actually had. Naval designs do count. What doesn’t count is the Made up BS designs like khaba and conqueror

  10. The Germans could use that brawling accuracy themselves

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Why can’t German BBs get that kind of accuracy? I mean, they too have problems at long ranges, it could be great if they did the same as Soviet BBs

    • +CloneD Anon, please shut the fuck up if ur literally brainless enough to even listen to donuts and WG. German armour take normal pens which hurts much such as citadel/s. They can be citadelled at the aft and bow at 45 degree angle which is firing all 4 guns at close to angling will leade you to get citadelled by the enemy infront of you, dont believe? Go search or watch. German secondaries are pointless against 38 MM and up without IFHE but there are better points to spend than IFHE. ~70% of german BBs in game have no torps and hydro. Due to HE spam and high tier AP cancers, german BBs cant fucking last long. Players complain when ships like BBs/Cvs/DDs got sunk. Stupid ass accuracy which still makes no sense at 5K. If you u play german BBs for more than 2000 battles, then i have the right to shut up. Don’t go out trash talking when ur just as brainless as WG….

    • I can’t see why some of these weaboos complain about other nation ships when IJN in game is just gay. I havent hear any french cruisers complaining about their ship other than weebs complaining that their t10 are weaker than a fucking erie

    • WG is not a German company…a Soviet Battleship? WTF

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      CloneD Anon The armor scheme is historical and suits their “optimal” gameplay style The guns may load fast (which some of them don’t actually) but who cares how fast they reload if you don’t hit?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Loo Wang Cheng
      i need to call for bs.
      German Battleships takes lots of normal pens for having thick upper belt armour.
      The Russian BBs use an Italian Armour scheme – having thick upper belts like Roma.

      My point is- Russian and Italian BBs are bound to also take alot of pen dmg too.
      And last time i remember no Italian or Russian BB is citadel proof – all of which have citadels well above waterline.

      The 45 degree bow and aft weakness. – applies to every single ship.

      Who needs lolpen ijn 46cm guns – when all you have to do is strike the bow or aft below 60 degree autobounce (hence 45 degrees for those who do not know). Which lolpens the bow and can potentially citadel through the front, given enough penetration.

      Yammies infamous angled cheeks – plus huge citadel above waterline – puts her as the most vulnerable to this.

      The fact that German BBs cits are so low on the waterline and narrow, puts them as one of the hardest targets to pull off the 45deg weakness.

      hence why i called for bs, you stated a weakness that universally affects all ships – and German BBs are actually the least vulnerable to it…

      “Pens that hurt as much as citadels”
      bullshit – im sorry.
      lol – id rather eat 20k pen dmg – then heal 10k back – since 50% of pen dmg is healable. – certainly a far far far better option than being in a Kremlin and get 1shot with 7 citadels.

      I’ll be honest, i hate the citadel proof turtleback meta. I blame German BBs primarily for this, for most of the line has citadel proof turtleback, but i equally blame low tier dreadnoughts of British and Japanese nations equally that have them too.

      Even a T2 Mikasa that has turtleback can resist a point blank shot from a 46cm shell and protect its citadel better than a Montana. I find that completely retarded…

  12. Mm they look pretty much… meh 🙁 i was expecting more..

  13. I don’t really understand the logic of the radar which can only detect BBs and CVs on this ship. Neither of those classes have smoke screens, nor are either likely to be inside a smoke screen for any amount of time, so the radar will tend to be used to find ships without line of sight to the Kreml. That means LoS blocked by islands. But then this is supposed to be a brawler with poor accuracy past 15 km? At less than 15 km (or even less if the radar range is < 15km), how likely are you to be able to get your shells over that island? For some low islands that'll be true So, the radar helps DDs and cruisers to aim torps and keep eyes on concealed BBs not firing to reduce their visual range? Seems REALLLLY niche.

  14. I understand not having DDs included in that radar but cruisers….. I don’t

  15. Spineking Jørgensen

    “Tier 10 playerbase is more skilled”

    *Press X to doubt*

  16. So the russian bbs are almost training ships
    -only good accuracy at closer range so you need to be closer to front lines
    -need to angle armor to avoid citadels
    -limited damage control to teach people to not waste it on single fires
    -high health so it is more forgiving

    • Its the complete opposite to British BBs lol

    • Its not a waste to use in on a single fire. If somebody shoots at you once then stops and you run away there is no reason to give him Free damage and loose HP

    • +Max Saviano the radar seems op cuz of the range and it lasts very long but it only gives u enough time to get 2 salvoes off if u look at it that way it doesn’t seem as op

    • If it works out like this we get two types of BB players in the end. highly skilled ones and utter garbage tomatoes that we then have all right to report … love it.

    • +Max Saviano only in cyclones though and only against cpital ships … DDs will still eat them.

  17. So, Soviet Target computers or range finders work best under 15km, otherwise the spotter drinking vodka calls out the shots…

  18. over powered russian BBs no bias there just like wots

  19. Can’t wait for the Guatemalan battleship line!

  20. I don’t know why, but I feel like the cv rework has kind made me forget how to play the game. Everything just feels so different

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