KREML vs COLBERT and SMOLENSK || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Lol that ending 😀

  2. The guns on the smolensk has more range than the tier 7 RU BB xD

  3. LoL 🙂 worth watching till the end 🙂

  4. android kiquepa

    Yesterday i kill a smolensk in charles martel. If youre fast, fire AP and… Bye Bye. Also moskva or zao are good against this ships. I have my harugumo also and i dont think more rapid fire ships are good for the game. But in order to make daka daka morons happy….:}

  5. Russian Bias always protect.

    I approve.

  6. Very fun shot

  7. WG: “So, introduce new line of BBs with limited damage control charges. Then introduce two high tier Atlantas that can force them to use them all even faster. Between CVs and more HE spam I think we have sufficiently ruined the game for long time players. New players buy more shit anyway. They’ll buy T8 ships since they don’t know T8 MM is shit. Then when they figure that out they’ll buy the more expensive T9 ships. Then they’ll get so tired of the OP premium CVs they’ll say, ‘fuck it can’t beat they’ll I’ll join them’, so they’ll buy those. All the while paying for premium time and gold because high tier economics basically force them to. Our plan is complete.” Probably gonna get banned now. They’re Russian so they’ll be able to hack YouTube to find out who I am and ban my email. Oh well.

    • ” They’re Russian so they’ll be able to hack YouTube to find out who I am and ban my email. Oh well.” ROFLMAO ban my email -make you disappear, or something like…

  8. Colbert: Plays funny western music for whole match
    Smolensk: share my smoke with me, french comrade
    Kreml: Cyka blyat !

  9. Can u pls spare us the trash background music? Tnx

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