Kremlin: 19 citadels in 60 hits || World of Warships

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  1. WarLorD Pubg Mobile

    Lol this guy is from the TASH fleet which is known for its 1 particular member, Eurobeat

  2. citadeleted^^

  3. 6:10 come on…

  4. Izz Stalinium comrade, izz balans *chugging vodka*

  5. Tiền Nguyễn

    Yuro clan member???

  6. Enemy: hmmm, the thickest armor is on my broadside? A’ight, guess I will defend by going perpendicular, that will show him.
    Kremlin: Here’s a citadel for you, and for you. Citadels for everybody!!!

  7. This guys is playing against bots, they all show their broadside wtf

  8. 6:06 starts cit

  9. Wish I had enemies like these guys, sailing broadside on to a Kremlin sub 10km, hmmmm what could possibly go wrong? 🤷‍♂️

  10. Krystian Chrupek

    Question for 100 pounds – why kremlin guns sound same like yamato? 🙂

  11. Ahh I knew it was me in that Moskva totally obliterated my team that game haha

  12. And the moral of the story is: if you broadside when you should bow tank, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  13. Dang Kremlin can citadel Kremlin broadside 9 hits to be exact

  14. That mino though

  15. Technically it was 19 citadels in 35 shots, that’s ridiculous!

  16. Beast mode

    I wish YouTube fixed the stupid comment section location

  17. off course comparing the later mid 50’s advanced soviet Kremlin to the WWII tech ships ? it will win
    or am I mistaken on this ship’s History ? correct me if i am wong
    I thought World of Warships was all about WWII era ships in this game
    still I do enjoy your lovely action packed videos Panzerknacker

  18. on the way to sail with Kremlin .

  19. This video needs to have an m rating. That was brutal

  20. Christian Senne

    No overpen on the insta salvo cruiser? But can hit on the Ship which was pointing on him with its front on about 10-12 km?

    Wargaming with their Putin proved paper tuned ships. Isnt it funny? Their Caliber is exactly made for citadells on mid range. And their Caliber has in stats a bigger spread than G.Kurfürst but looks so sniper like… AA is over 9k and their turret build let them nearly point at you and still able to shoot all 3 Turrets.
    It would wonder me, if its not capable to fight submarines with Bombs.
    Oh their deck is a bit more fire resistant. And plunging fire isnt that hurting you as much as a german BB.
    Oh… and for a Ship which has more Hitpoints as the G.Kurfürst its still lower circling and lower detection…

    This game got more and more taste from WoT… were russian products the top in the T8 and t10 Meta… :-/ (Most times)

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