Kremlin with a Radar Minotaur – 8 Kills ||| World of Warships

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  1. lol hetero

  2. Elisabeth Korhonen

    How does kremlin get radar? I havnt seen it sinse i got the ship

  3. i still don’t understand, what’s the difference between Kremlin and Kreml?

  4. Александр Скопич

    Нормальный бой на Кремле…

  5. Kremlin and NC bow in:
    Kremlin: Something hit me hard? Nah
    NC: Oh no I was sunk…

  6. those Tirpitz torps 5:55 THAT is the definition of Russian bias RNG

  7. WG : Nice one, time to buff Kreml with radar consumable

  8. Dat enemy Tashkent not a very bright player , rather optimistic I would say I mean what he ( she ) actually expected to achieve going full broadside in that close range to the Kremlin , very entertaining and enjoyable, thanks for video, peace out folks

  9. potato aim and dont know how to manage turrets. It only works bc its Kremlin. Any other bb you cant aim a turning Bayard like that and still dev strike.

  10. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    The comrade in the Mino is correct. The Musashi was really a malakas.

  11. sometimes you win not because you are good… but because you are lucky…

  12. 5:56. That game was a joke srly..

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