Kronshtadt Finale – World of Warships

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Crazy game in the Kronshtadt that came down to the very last shot in the very last second of the game. Hope you enjoy this thrilling game and have a wonderful day!

Soviet Cruiser Kronshtadt Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Early as I’ll ever be.

  2. You timed this Video well =)

  3. Two months to claim her or she’ll be gone

    • I allready have Kronstadt and i miss only less than 12k coal for (25% discount) Musashi, thank Azathoth…

    • Save your free XP for something better. You will be disappointed.

    • i got all fxp ships AND almost 2.5M fxp…so i am saving the fxp but there is nothing to spend it on anymore…they barely release new fxp ships!
      even the grind is over as i miss only 2 ships to unlock…everything else in the game is done.
      yes they remove musashi AND kron from coal AND fxp purchase. i think its wrong and they shouldnt remove those ships, same as missouri.
      they should avoid releasing CLEARLY op ships so they wont be overused.
      wish they made ALL premiums into FXP ships! then i would have to think before i spend it! now only Nelson is for fxp wtf?

    • +cobrazax, you’re not supposed to collect fxp so fast. 🙂

    • +Yavor
      they give me the tools so i use them.
      i now focus my fxp grind during clan wars as u get bonus fxp, AND you get 2500 base xp PER WIN no matter what. this is perfect for fxp grinding, and if done correctly, stacking all xp AND fxp boosts will earn u 20k-30k fxp PER WIN.
      without the most rare boosts. u can still earn 10k-20k fxp per win.
      without clan wars, u can still earn good fxp during good first win events, if u play well

  4. Always had a hard time with this ship. Its hit or miss on the guns. one shot will do good damage and the next i’m lucky is I do 900

    • Same for me.. in my opnion it is a difficult ship to master, easy to citadel en trollish dispersion..
      When i encounter a kronstadt in my yamato my guns always go towards it because it’s easy to kill..

  5. this ship is a joke , you get games like this 1 out of 10

  6. I hope WG is going back to more free-xp ships in the future….it seems like they are shifting heavily on the Arsenal or directly to the Premium shop.
    And to me the Arsenal feels a bit too grindy, especially the steel required ships, and well the premium shop…is the premium shop 😉 I’m sure you know what I mean there…
    Free-XP feels more like rewarding both player types, the ones who will buy doubloons to convert xp to free xp and those who did actually play the game enough to gather enough free xp, so there is no reason to move away from this model imho.

    • I agree with you. The Arsenal does feel too grindy.

    • Coal is way easier to grind for non premium players than free xp. Because of coal, I was able to get Musashi while using FXP on the grind towards Des Moines. The Arsenal was a god send for us free players

    • i hate arsenal because u can barely grind it…your grind is VERY limited as you can only get 3 containers per day and 2 missions for coal, unlike fxp which can be insanely boosted.
      thats why im currently swimming with fxp and got nothing to spend it on…while i can never really swim in coal and have nothing to spend it on :/
      they should keep the fxp ships as its a GREAT idea!

    • +cobrazax It’s an awful idea for players with less than 5k games. You need at least 5k games, a premium account, and to spend money on containers with the special flags to ever hope to have enough to reliably gather enough free xp to buy a ship like Missouri. And on top of that, you have to be a very good player too

    • +Mwi O
      i got less than 10k games and i got all the fxp ships in the game, twice over.
      i got a lot of flags and camos that i dont even use for fxp because it seems useless. i also got almost all ships in the game unlocked (except 2).
      a good player can get all of that in less than 10k games, even if he doesnt ever pay…just as i never paid.
      of course early on fxp grinding is hard…thats why they always let u convert fxp so u can have it earlier if u pay! their whole reason for adding fxp ships was to limit the number of new players owning them, as u either need to grind the xp to convert it, which takes some time and a LOT of money, or grind the whole or part of the fxp price so u can get it for free, but it will take way more time! this was the purpose, so it takes time and a lot of games to get some experience before u buy them!!
      new players should NOT get these ships quickly as they should NOT be in T10 games so early!
      however…they should NOT remove those ships, so new players CAN have them as a long term goal and save the fxp for them!!

  7. Are they pulling this ship when they release the Alaska like they did with the Missouri/Musashi?

    • so they should stop making those ships OP…then they wont be as popular!

    • +cobrazax well they are not OP yet

    • +hi hi
      for its tier, Musashi is clearly stronger than other BBs. same as missouri which is clearly better than Iowa.
      Nelson is mixed as it has a HUGE citadel but also has a superheal, so thats fair.
      Kron has a pretty big citadel so it can be punished and isnt that OP. cruisers can usually angle to avoid being penned by it.
      the OP ships for now are the fxp T9 BBs

    • +cobrazax I like Nelson but wow, she’s a fragile snowflake. Can’t brawl, very slow, mediocre AA, and soft armor with a huuuuuuge citadel. Was she worth the FXP? Not sure but it seemed like a good idea at the time, lol. Always figured I had plenty of time to grind for the Musashi but clearly I was wrong. Looks like they’re phasing out FXP high tier boats with no replacement since Jean Bart is $$$ or coal only. I bet Alaska will have the same pay model.

    • +azraelswrd
      well i enjoy Nelson, its pretty strong but SO easy to citadel…u cant get too close, and u can easily be overmatched,
      still u r practically immune to fire so u dont care about any fire dmg…
      u can tank like 160k dmg 😛

  8. The kron…..her guns can be trollish…either glorious or vodka fueled gun crews.

  9. The Kronshtadt feels similar to the Scharnhorst. Both are really unique in their playstyle of high maneuverability and the in-between gun caliber of BB’s and CA’s

  10. If I’m not mistaken, someone says WG would put Musashi, Missouri and Kronshtadt in supercontainer in Try Your Luck. I don’t know if this true or not.

  11. The comments are out of the content of the video, nobody cares about the battle. By the way that was an intense battle Notser. I have that the same game but still we lose.

  12. Wow! What a buzzer beater! Congrats! Cats contributed as well :p

  13. 2:29. Citadel at weird angle.- COMRADE, DA STALINIUM WORKIN AS INTEND.

  14. Notser! You need to learn to switch ammunition types depending on the target type, angling etc. Or are your cats in charge of the ammunition magazines? If they are, tell them I said mjau.

  15. Love my Kron and really looking forward to the Alaska!

  16. 7:30
    shi…citadel xD you nearly said sh*t Notser

  17. Holy cow. that game was downright incredible!. well played good sir. well played.

  18. Ladies and gentlemen with less than 10 seconds left he takes the shot, it looks good, SCORE!!! HE KNOCKS OUT THE GOALIE!!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN this roller coaster of a game is over. NOTSER was able to take what we thought would be a saddening defeat and turned it into a Cinderella story.

    You are welcome

  19. I strongly think krone needs an accuracy buff to be worth it. Not a lot just a good nudge…

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