Kronshtadt super close win || World of Warships

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  1. Goodbye Kronshtadt I’ll never have. ?

  2. Nick AlexuseesuxelA

    No … why do they take it out of the game?

  3. Great ship, Kronshtadt, my favourite. You can’t long-range snipe in it. You have to work flanking moves – then 3 salvoes, at medium range gives you 5 citadels into the broadside of a full health Yamato. Nothing like it!

  4. ah krostandt i love this ship super powerfull at close range with ap. I have citadeled to death yamatos and musashis and iovas.

  5. I had to look twice to see the Gneisenau chasing the Kronstadt.

  6. A fine vessel she is

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