Kunming The Super Yueyang – World of Warships

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Super Yueyang is in the game and its has a lot of deadly torps, but they are deep water torps and it is a decent gunboat. What it does not have, are decent teammates xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. i’m kunming

  2. where is TARKOV content HANS

  3. 80 x Monti games 😂😂 Hans does not approve 😂

  4. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    Got to love being Cross dropped by CVs….WG cv devs must all be into S&M in their spare time its the only answer 😂😂😂

  5. 4 min into game, 3 total kills?? Your carrier lost long time ago.

  6. Well, lets get started 🙂 LOL 😋

  7. ufff, this is an old game, like from a month ago. How do I know? I was in it xD

  8. So, 49,200 matches, let’s be generous an say they all last 5 minutes, really quick matches, yeah? That would be ~171 DAYS, playing non-stop.

  9. Would be that hard to allow people to set what they want to show about their stats? I mean a little box that once checked would show a year only of stats, or two! Perhaps another for tech-tree and premium ships. Even better, each ships would have a tiny box for themselves and only the checked would be public.

    • People choosing which stats to make public renders stats entirely useless.

    • @dzello Well, just for show. Wargaming could use them to whatever they want like balance.

    • @bravalloy That would still be useless.

      If you can choose which stats you show, there’s no value to the stats you show.

      The person viewing the stats knows you chose them, so they are devalued.

      My 60% solo winrate at tier X has its value because they are not tampered with.

    • @dzello Would be useful. It is always useful to cut portions of a timeline to better understand the information you are looking at. Makes no sense saying that a year timelapse is tampered information. That is exactly what people do all the time in economics, demographics, average players in severs. To tamper data is to change it not slice it or filter it.

  10. Not jealous, not jealous at all!😉. Another sic session🤙🤙

  11. 22 planes. Double the number of the next highest. In a destroyer. So what were your other players doing while you were monopolizing the enemy carrier’s attention? A couple of them actually doing useful stuff, the rest stopping at an island resort for a sauna and massage, perhaps.
    Glad you can finesse win rate with actual damage, from time to time.

  12. 290 hits and 2 fires..good boat

  13. What a cursed game. Games like this are why I had to stop playing.

  14. I played enough games in all of my ships to show up in the leaderboards, which takes 20 to 80 games depending on the ship (plus at least 100 games in each premium, for a review I wanted to post on the forum and finished at 75%. Now it’s in the trash can…)
    I only play one nation, and it already was a chore. I can’t imagine ALL of the ships in the game.

  15. I worship Cassandra… a Guardian would be nice…

  16. Hey, only 49199 matches to go now. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Imagine if they do homing airdrop torps. O no I shouldn’t have typed this.

  18. Imagine credits to be used for 80 games in superships?

  19. That CV, who beached and died, calling somebody else a noob- That is why CV’s stay the way they are.. only glueys play them so they need to be op to make it average out all the glue eaters.

  20. The Carrier was the first player to get sunk on your team. How? 😐

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