Kutuzov 303K DMG 26 fires || World of Warships

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  1. That fire RNG tho

  2. RAIN hax confirmed 😀

  3. Wow, one of the best game plays, but how did he see over the island without a spotter plane?

    • Alaa Ajaj Prediction,A player will know how to predict a approximate position of hidden warship after playing for a long time

      Or just mash M to see ships behind islands

    • Double tap the M key fast and you can get a birds eye view of enemy ships

  4. Worcester is going to punish this little thing

  5. It seems the Zao has a contender for the Lord Of Fire title!

  6. 26 fires, no arsonist “secure kill”

  7. a tier 8 at tier 6 and 7 battle … Really ??

  8. Wondering why he ran hydro instead of defensive fire on a ship with such strong anti air, if it’s ranked battle I could see that but random, just curious

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Mickey Holding because that helps spotting the torps that may be fired at his smoke? Think about panAsia DDs which have DW torps Maybe even with vigilance it can’t spot them till is too late

  9. 3:58 a dream position to kutuzov or cruising using smoke?

  10. thats some luck there with the fires and the MM

    i always get into t9 t10 match, so hard to even get a fire started plus up againt zao and hindy is not easy

  11. The carrier that stole that arson award when QE had less than 500 health.

    no comment.

  12. Top tier hax confirm

  13. the carrier needs some work on his target selection… not just because of the KS, but because he’s sending planes to the far side of the map repeatedly.

    That said, the other (few) surface vessels who were still around near the end sure did a good job holding the left, and evening the odds while the PoV finished the right and headed back left.

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