KYR SP33DY Loves My Torpedo! The Worst Teammate Of All Time? World Of Warships Gameplay

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  1. yes i would to see the crew dick each other killing all your allies costing
    the battle and possibly your friendship ?

  2. watch Jangles hes a freakin expert

  3. Play war thunder much better game comrade

  4. lol u shouldn’t use torpedoes

  5. Yes please

  6. I’m hyped to see more of this it was funny and a very entertaining video as
    always hova! :)

  7. More!!!!

  8. Turning your side to the enemy is no-no #1

  9. Can crew pixelmon be a thing please

  10. Use AP shots when using battleships

  11. Rekt them. Wrecked dem. Rectom

  12. Play World of Tanks

  13. Moreeeeeeeee

  14. If you want to know how not to play WoW then this video is for you

  15. Sailing broadside on to a battleship?…
    That’s a paddling

  16. World of tanks is Bettur

  17. more of this u absolute legend

  18. Wow! You guys play this game?

  19. we definitely need some more of this

  20. They need a game like this for the ps4

  21. More of this and maybe tanks please, these are fun to watch

  22. I really like this. Is this made by the same people that world of tanks is
    made by?

  23. Hova i think you were firing the weakest shots possible…thats why you
    were getting wrecked one on one

  24. Why does speedy look like Ryan Reynolds in the thumbnail?

  25. is this not on steam?

  26. More plsssss

  27. More world of warships get sidearms and g18 to play

  28. Lol 1v1 vs phlydaily , great video hova ! Love this game

  29. “rect ’em……… rect-em………..rectum”

  30. more i really like this game

  31. +Jahova you need to watch =THEMIGHTYJINGLES and learn some things about
    ships seriously

  32. You guys should play war thunder

  33. this shit was HILARIOUS and yes the whole crew needs to play it

  34. you two should play this with the crew :O

  35. WT>WoT

  36. war thunder maybe?

  37. World of warships is dope more with the crew

  38. god good, the golden rule to this game about torpedos and you brake it

  39. This is one of my newly favorite videos of all time. thanks for making my

  40. This game actually looks fun as fuck lol

  41. just a note for people wanting this game it takes a frigging age to install
    im on 2 hours now lol as it has to download it all and do loads of
    different stuff for some reason

  42. lol youre using the Montana with HE, AP is the way to go

  43. I wanna play now where do I get oy

  44. Do with the entire crew do more keep up the amazing work Hova

  45. this game look awesome!

  46. This probably requires a good computer right? It looks like a fun game

  47. press R to repair your turrents and turn off fires etc. use HE when you’re
    a destroyer and keep under the rader when you’re a destroyer as well,
    people cant see you unless your within a range. Use torpedoes sneaky and
    send them up front of the enemy

  48. VAC

  49. you HAVE to play war thunder with the crew or at least with one other
    that would be amazing! ?

  50. Please more

  51. is this game made by the “World of Tanks” people?

  52. this was actually a lot of fun 😀 keep it coming ! 🙂 OPOvaMaMaPlesata

  53. Plz more


  55. seems like a fun game the whole crew should all be in one team

  56. Hova please more videos on this game it’s really fun to watch have sidearms
    play as a suicide ship ?????

  57. Play this with the crew

  58. Sweet game. I’d like to see more videos of this

  59. now you gotta play world of tanks!

  60. Rectum

  61. Jova check out phlydaily, he’s a good world of warships player

  62. haha wow, it’s hilarious seeing how badly you guys are playing xD I guess
    this is what happens when u stick two newbies on fully unlocked accounts.
    Still, it would be awesome to see you play more of this, such a fun game,
    keep it up? pleeeeeease :D

  63. im honestly loving this vid

  64. World of tanks Hova

  65. Mr.ChiCken NugGet

    play more

  66. PLAY WORLD OF FUCKING TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. PLAY WORLD OF FUCKING TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Rectum,rectum, rectum…………rectum

  69. Did that thumb nail not look like Ryan Reynolds

  70. Can you keep playing this, this would be awesome with a lot of the crew

  71. Jaafar Al-Shamari

    At first I thought, meh its just an indie game or something probably not
    fun but after seeing the vid you should totally play this with the whole
    crew every now and then.

  72. More please hova

  73. tip: aim for the water line on the ship to try get a citadel hit, does a
    lot of damage
    also press alt to get an aiming thing when zoomed in, much easier to hit
    shots, tells you flight time of round and also the speed hes moving, just
    match up shoot and youll get a hit. more info about that here:

  74. Wargaming, is getting creative. Next they will want you to do WOT.

  75. Yas! This is my favorite game! Play more!

  76. This makes up for the
    Minecraft boat war

  77. Please word of tanks!!!!

  78. I like seeing new stuff

  79. looks fun

  80. he sunk his battle shit

  81. Who wants to see the entire Crew play this together?

  82. was that first ship a battleship or destroyer idk tho the battleship is
    giant and slow like that but

  83. Really enjoyed this haha

  84. Idk why but when I saw the thumbnail for like a second I thought it was
    ryan reynolds

  85. this game is fucking badass

  86. I love this game! Just advice for the future, play as the lower tier ships
    to master the basic mechanics. The game matches you with similar tier
    ships, when you play 5 or 10 tier ships you are up against players with
    200+ hours of experience.

  87. You guys really need work through the lower tiers to build your experience
    in the game rather than diving in the deep end with the higher tiers :)

  88. This honestly looks quite good! Any chance of getting more of the Crew on
    it? Just grabbed it myself ‘CaptainSwegBeard’

  89. Hova I may not be the best at the game but if you ever want tips or help
    I’d be more than happy too

  90. Moooore

  91. I’ve been waiting for the crew to play one of wargamings games….was
    really looking to see the crew play on World of tanks on console but they
    converted to PC 🙁

    Hova 8===D

  92. Wish they would play Rust

  93. you should play world of tanks!!!!!

  94. Jahova you should try world of tanks

  95. More of this!!!!

  96. Lmao too funny, torps for the win ??

  97. crew on crew private mathc pls! +jahovaswitniss

  98. This game is a lot of fun. Suprised to see you playing it just like World
    of Tanks awhile back haha. Hope you are having a good time with it!

  99. fun game! definitely playin it

  100. you guys should try playing world of tanks its way better and funnier

  101. I’m amazed at the pure lack of ability to lead torpedos that speedy and
    Hova show off in this video

  102. wot is good too 🙂 world of tanks that is

  103. This is hilarious to watch :D. honestly, you two are terrible… If you
    ever want some tips from a vet of this game, hit me up.

  104. get the whole crew on this please so you can have the “pirate ship” battle

  105. Thanks for the code hova <3

  106. dan “proximacentauri” black

    Ebay account?

  107. Jahova u know when ur using a battleships if u push the t key it gives u
    health back that u lost


  109. If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the worst people to ever play
    this game.

  110. I think you shouldn’t use torpedoes.

  111. Ballplayer Breezy

    Sick gameplay! Y’all should definitely play with the whole crew!

  112. It would be so awesome if the whole crew played this on a private server or
    something. Like ShellShock but on another level!

  113. dimitri gourgouris

    Jesus hova go look up the mighty jingles, who not to suck at world of

  114. You need to play more!

  115. Make a series of this please!

  116. Try World of Tanks

  117. mooore

  118. hovie when you use torpedo the line up the green with the white when they
    are together FIRE!!!!

  119. more of this

  120. OMG, I love this game! Can’t believe you guys are actually playing it!

  121. battle Shit!

  122. That was actually fun to watch!

  123. Code works :D, but you’ll have to create a new account

  124. this shit looks fun as hell

  125. Play with teh whole crew

  126. christopher lujano

    Looks fun

  127. Post more of this papi

  128. This game is so sick.

  129. Hova do a crew on crew private match

  130. Waiting on the verification email so I can get my freebies!!


  132. SPEEDY SENPAI!!!!!!!!!! XD

  133. Teh SuPaFstSeAsTaR

    I have been waiting so long for you guys to play this, this game is fucking

  134. I love your torpedo daddy

  135. so early o. o

  136. Luv up

  137. yay 3rd like maaan..i came early

  138. first

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