Ladies and Gentlemen We Got Him! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. After seeing the stream I was waiting for this match to have its own video!

  2. The life of a battleship main; leaving people with just enough for someone else to kill lol. Great video 👍👍

  3. BaguetteManufacturer

    I unlocked the Iowa recently and honestly it’s one of my fav BB’s to play. It just slaps hard and gotta say, it is a very good looking ship!

  4. Yeah baby Missouri does not mess around with anyone great game Spartan

  5. I recently got the North Carolina and oh my God do I love the 16 inch guns love the content Spartan.

  6. 1:07 if the Spartan fashion was activated as usual Spartan would say the most famous trend of this channel “WE LEAVE HIM WITH JUST ENOUGH TO GET AWAY”😂😂😂

  7. I like that you are enjoying yourself! Got a decent team…some good RNG! Yah for a really good game!

  8. Tbh this game is every world of warships players dream

  9. Nice first shot Spartan 😂

  10. Spartan I’m a huge fan and watched your videos but i want to ask what you think about the titan that was found and that went missing.

  11. Still find it funny that this is the first thing I see when I joined the stream.

  12. seen your short before i watched this video and im glad i watched the video spartan, but the RNG gods played with you on this one, GG’s and keep up the good work 😀

  13. No matter the map, no matter the tier, no matter the ship when you dev strike off your first salvo nothing will wipe the smile off my face during that game, it’s even better if you manage a second unsuspecting victim

  14. Nice 👍

  15. Spartan should play Only Up live

  16. Hi! How does the Hood compare to the Collingwood? Firepower, survivability, ease of use? I love the Hood but it’s dispersion is occasionally atrocious even with a maxed Cunningham…

  17. Had a game last night in my Kansas and slapped another Kansas with 3 citadels and 45k of damage on my first salvo so satisfying when that happens

  18. Nice shot

  19. Today is a sad day for this channel and it took less than two minutes to realize what took place…

    For context, the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 pales in comparison.

    And it burdens me with great personal shame, dejection and immense sadness to acknowledge the tragedy that has taken place.

    A tragedy so overwhelming that it diabolically destroyed my faith in the mystique of SpartanElite 43…

    Spartan not only failed to leave that Chapayev with just enough to get away but… the deliberate action was celebrated by Spartan without a hint of hesitation or any ownership of remorse whatsoever. The fatal shot was fired with impunity.

    Has Rome fallen?
    I believe it has.
    That Chapayev shall be mourned.

    Say it ain’t so Spartan…
    Say it ain’t so.

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