LE BOOM!! Bourgogne vs Yamato || World of Warships

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  1. First :))

  2. Yamato noobs everywhere, just not when I am playing against one

  3. Bourgogne VS HE shooting and missing at point blank Yamato. Ftfy

  4. Reload booster on a battleship……sigh! Try timing those guns to turn in a cruiser!:(

    • The Droid yup that’s the main drawback

    • +Underviv 12 x 380mm AP into your super structure will smart from any angle…..chances are those that have this ship, have pretty decent aim – you avoid the cits, but still take the 10-12k volleys every 14s with reload booster. Your right with angling, but how many times late game have you timed a BBs volleys to turn in a cruiser to kite and get some distance? Dodgy with reload booster!:(

    • Barry Hutchison have you seen the dispersion of this thing you will never hit 12shells and the superstructure is easily saturable
      I agree though with the fact that good players will do well in this ship with the reload booster
      But hey good players do good in every ship
      This thing has t9 hit points it’s kind of a glasscannon

    • Gunstar_ The_Legend

      Yeah but the amount of players each match that turn broadside in Hindes and every other type of heavy cruiser is so high. I have Dev struck several Hindes already with this ship on the first shot because good cruiser captains are far and few between all of a sudden. Someone needs to teach them to keep one eye on the BB at least.

    • Gunstar_ The_Legend well getting spammed by he is cancerous enough
      It’s fine if a bb is a threat to cruisers that suck imo

  5. quite a push taking it from 3 sides and coming out on top – gg

    • Gunstar_ The_Legend

      Thanks Gungnir…. Looking back at it i think that I may ditch the concealment build for a secondary build for a few games. I believe the ship has the ability to be on the front line (with help) instead of being in sniper mode. I know the ship was tested by CC as well as others but I like to put new ships through my own tests as well.

    • Gunstar_ The_Legend I have Jean Bart and really enjoy her. Her guns seems really accurate and tight for the range she has. I look forward to seeing your other sea trials with her. Well done ?.

  6. Gunstar_ The_Legend

    I felt like the Yamato was kind of ignoring me for some reason. This ship though has performed really well and It is so important to focus cruisers as much as you can in this ship. I am still getting a feel for the ship in general by testing its limits and abilities in all different types of situations for the first 50 games. After that I will have a real game plan for the ship each match. I have another video on WOWS Replays called THE COMEBACK KID. Download and watch how its speed and ability to work around the caps can help out when the matches come down to the wire. Also a big thanks to Panzer for sharing this Replay with all of his community.

  7. I was gonna say where the hell are these Yamato players in my games.

    But i nuked a few with my Alsace in the past couple of weeks.

    Probably the same players that think Yamato needs any buffs.

  8. Guys? How bad is thunderstorm in this game?

    • Seiju it effects dispersion and you can’t see clearly through it aswell, it basically kills the chance of devastating strikes when you are in there unless you are up close.

    • Gunstar_ The_Legend

      Which is why if Im in a BB and have a few ships push with me….. The best thing to do is get in as close as possible in the storm and punish anything and everything. But not Yolo you have to do it in a way that you are not just throwing away your ship.

  9. Hallo liebe leute ich habe eine frage an euch ich bin ja in wow nicht so der profi und wollte Wissen was es mit der Kohle auf sich hat ??? was kann ich damit machen ??

  10. Stalingard would be better choice I think.

  11. Next time say “Le viol”

    Also if you wanna write it french, it’s “Le boum”

    • Gunstar_ The_Legend

      Yeah I know, I just wanted to Have a little French in the title and a little American since I am from the NA.
      I was also worried half the NA would see “BOUM” and be like WTF does that mean lol

  12. 3:53 waste Time liké this to shoot

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