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out the main line tier 8 French Destroyer the first time, brings the high tier to tier 8. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Destroyer Le Fantasque Replay

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  1. Does this plus le terrible make le average?

  2. They really need to get rid of Ranked battles. These tier 10 battles are absolutely stressful and unenjoyable; there are so many players who get rental ships on my team or opposite and they have no idea how to play them. Yeah, yet I still lose because my team goes full broadside, in a tier 10 battle. I just don’t like the 12th season, Notser.

    • +Patrick Hughes Immediately lost credibility when you referred to the Alsace as a T8

    • Hanniballz: sorry I made a mistake I’m not infallible. I went ahead and since edit it. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      +Patrick Hughes Potatoes are going to potato, its just going to happen. Even with my time in the game, i still pull a stupid maneuver time to time. But you have those people that just want to whine when the stars dont line up for all their games. This is one reason why i scenario and co-op more than random.

    • Silentwolf Sherman: well I went ahead and rented to ship and started to play some ranked battles. And all in all it is not been a very pleasurable experience. I mean seriously it’s worse than random battles. The last game I played about two hours ago the entire left flank retreated to the back of the map. They just pulled up back where the CV was located. And everybody on the right flank was left holding there dick’s! And it’s been like this all day. I guess people don’t realize if they don’t work together you don’t win the game. So between last night and today I’ve been on a total of three winning teams. And that’s probably out of 20 battles. That’s pretty pathetic. Luckily, I have the rented ship for a while, huzzah!

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      +Patrick Hughes admittedly I’d like to get my clan large enough to do clan battles for the steel, cause I feel that will be much more enjoyable. But since the CV rework, 3 have dropped out. So I gotta start recruiting, since I’ve spent a fair amount on oil for my clan.

  3. Le Fantasque are Fantastic.. :v

  4. tho why aft, i see barely any use for it?

    • I’m definitely considering dropping for another skill

    • I get it if you want a ‘Russian’ openwater gunboat playstyle, tho you use it more like an ambush animal. Maybe rpf or torp reload or even demo expert isn’t a bad choice to follow up on DC’ed floods.

  5. None of the CC and tester videos made me think the FR DD line going to be enjoyable like this….

    • Honestly I don’t think anyone (myself included) expected all of the pretty mediocre stats would synergize as well as they have with this line

    • I sure didn’t think they would work so well together

    • well it helps that this thing is packing insanely fast T10 torps on a T8 boat. If it’s too good to be true, it will probably get nerfed into the ground sooner or later. Remember what happened to the Yueyang, so anything is possible.

  6. RNG was trolling you hard at the end there.

  7. early i guess. pin me

  8. Notser Notsering @ 14:13

  9. So, when are you going to review “Le Baguette”

  10. “The Mogador got nerfed” hahaha yeah, “nerfed”. Amazing guns that can melt cruisers in 5-8 seconds with reload booster, stupidly fast (a ship that goes 110km/hour), stupidly agile, fantasticly fast and fast reloading torpedoes with good damage, lots of HP. Yeah, “nerfed”.

    • SinkkingTurrtle

      Harugumo kitakaze and akizuki can melt them just as fast, but don’t need to use a consumeable, have better concealment and smoke to disengage. Khaba is only 7 kts slower and has a heal plus some 50 mil plating. These things aren’t crazy overpowered. They give up a lot to trade for their speedy guns and torps.

    • +SinkkingTurrtle The Harugamo pays for it by being a slow brick with slow reloading torps.

    • SinkkingTurrtle

      +Whytebio harugumo also can pen 32 mil armor and crap out more damage than these things even with the booster active and while those torps have a slow reload, you get 12 of them. Kitakaze and akizuki are much less brickish than haru and have much better concealment so they’re better examples. To be fair haru is also a bad example because it’s not a dd, that thing is a CL under a triangle shaped icon. French dds trade smoke, that’s huge, every time they want to go undetected they have to wait 20 seconds under focus fire, if they get caught in a bad spot, they will simply die. Carriers can also just keep them spotted as long as they want without the dd having counter play. They also have 6.5-7+ concealment, and very few (rather good, but short range) torps. They aren’t broken overpowered, they’re good, but not broken.

    • +SinkkingTurrtle And it pays for that by being a lumbering, slow, clumsy brick. If you’re a Harugamo and get caught without smoke and start to get focus fired, you’re dead. Even with smoke there’s a 90% chance in today’s meta you’re going to get radared anyway, and you don’t have the speed to get away nor the maneuverability to avoid incoming fire.

      The Mogador/Kleber does, in excess, and on top of that they still get reload booster to give them even more firepower for the window of time that they need it.

  11. You streaming anymore? Haven’t seen you live on twitch in ages?!

  12. MelancholicThug

    I am hoping for a french Sanic captain. “Gotta go rapidement”.

  13. well played notser, there were some stupids in BB’s not adjusting course once you were spotted.

  14. GG, nice to hear about the parallel and such with regards to air attacks, that sort of thing is always helpful.

  15. That torp reload time and speed =.= Is it another laugh in the face to the famous Type 93 long lance ?

  16. Well played. But I don’t like this DD.

  17. Thank you so much for pointing out the Rental issue, it is very frustrating to be on a side with all the rentals. Best of luck.

  18. “Just drive away from the CV” Notser 2019

  19. Very nice torpedo work considering how often the enemy CV was keeping you spotted at the end. Good to see you working some solid torp tactics!

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