Le Terrible Fighting Off Nemesis for Victory – World of Warships

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Sharing a game where I fight SeaRapter, a NA CC, in my Le Terrible and try to do anything to win the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Destroyer Le Terrible Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. Finnqly sub box is working and not reminding me an 1h after vids upload

  2. i think it’s a good idea to reduce detection time to french DDs to about 10-15s after firing..
    that should help their survivability even without smoke

    • Good, good idea

    • +sebastian arley No, not really. If there’s any change in the gun bloom penalty, it should be for all DDs. Also consider that some of these French DDs have bigger guns than many other nations’ DDs. So, logically, their gun blooms should be a little longer not shorter than a DD with smaller guns.

    • +crucisnh tell me about that, The Kutuzov detection in smoke is the worse of all the cruisers despite their small caliber.

  3. Is the video flickering or is it just me?

  4. flickering video ugh

  5. he popped smoke so you wouldn’t ks

  6. Going to have to not watch notser until his videos don’t try to give me seizures…

  7. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Gotta play it just like a khaba… the french dds are like the kiev, tashkent, and khab.

    If these russian dds aren’t your jam.. the french dds won’t be..

    • Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

      +Das Boot while true, its still the style of play the french DDs demand of the player. Move fast, shoot fast, dodge, dodge, dodge.

      If its your jam, you’ll do great. If its not, its not your line.

      I love the russian dds, and am great withem, but put me in a ijn ship and I suck. Different strokes for different folks.

    • +Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds nah, le terrible atleast has good concealment and big guns. Not to mention the tops are actually good. She is way better at a stealth approach and then kill an unsuspecting target. With the torps you can take out BBs and with the AP you can destroy cruisers in a single drive by. But at long range gunnery she isn’t good due to her shell velocity and dpm. Take that from someone with 1k games and 60%+ WR on Khaba

    • Yet they have HP and heals

    • Yeah but the French dds compared to the russian, do look like they could do a better job in defending , like notser did. Fast destroyers who hunt enemy DD’s and CL’s (light cruiser) near friendlys so they wont die easily, the main battery reload does help doing so even more. It think it’s going to be fun.

      Edit: If you think more about it République and Herni IV can do a good job in close quarters combat, but the Armor is build so you cant do that in the first half of the battle without getting a broadside from somewhere due to the amount of enemy ships after the start. All of the french ships are more useful near allies first and get a better result of pushing while the risk of getting punished is lower later on. So the French DD’s should be equal

    • The real issue is without smoke what’s the point… between French cruisers and Russian destroyers this line seems literally redundant and useless.

  8. Had flickering on this one and another video where Notser spoke about the dev blog, too.

  9. The enemy didn’t exploit several occasions to damage you … and underestimating dd’s is a crucial mistake. Well played on your side.

    Initially, the Mogami could’ve sent 2-3 salvos. Later, the Kagero only used his front turret. And the Leander was just always out of position. Each of those could’ve dealt at least 3-5k damage to you.

    • The Leander person was playing it like it was a cruiser instead of using it like a over sized DD which I’m surprized didn’t get him killed early on

  10. Easy solution for the French DDs: Give them both smoke and gun reload booster in the same slot. So they have to choose between one or the other. Play like Le Terrible or play like Aigle.

    • Karl,. that defeats the purpose of having a DD line without smoke. Personally, I think that the Terrible isn’t nearly as bad as people claim. I have it and greatly enjoy it. The problem is that I think that most of the complainers are used to playing DDs a certain way, a way that requires smoke, and they’re unwilling to adapt to a smokeless DD and would rather just bitch, whine, and complain about it. Personally, I wish that they’d give the French DDs repair parties though.

  11. Notser games are terrifying. SeaRapter deserves credit for keeping calm in the face of this monster of the high seas.

  12. 1:00 You had TWO fires on that Nelson! They happened so fast you missed it!

  13. Le terrible..got one, played a little and was missing something…Smoke! So i bought a Lenningrad, and boy thats not a real differnce between this 2 ships. 1 tier , some health (terrible got more), same concealment , same dorky gun-angles , same torp range , almost the same speed , lenin got beter AA for what its worth.

    But man that smoke is something i don’t like to mis on a destroyer , hiding , helping friendlies, its just a real nice tool.

    So they can keep theyr french baquetteshooter line.

  14. Notser, can you please reupload this video? The flickering is just unbearable

  15. Boy, these subliminal flickers are great! I’ve watched two Notser videos and now I want a Pepsi a cigarette and a new car!

  16. Never knew that searaptor was a CC just always thought He was a super awesome player everytime I’ve been against him

  17. Your Built for this ship is all wrong…. try to use it as a dd (and carriers – later in the game if you get to live that long))) – …hunter – killer…. and set it up accordingly… Radio location, fast rate of fire, invisibility, and so so… fighting Cruisers or BB’s is useless on this ship, especially if you UP tiered… And yes, you need a special french commander for this ship as well, for fast turret rotation & adrenaline rush, this ship is very demanding …(( definitely not for everybody

  18. Notser, always a thumbs up for effort and entertainment however, imo you’re not maximizing everything that your DD’s have to offer. It’s small beans in the grand scheme but your regular viewers truly root for you and hope for you to put on the best showing possible, especially for a video that you specifically pick for upload. In contrast, we realize that streams are different and expect a good mix of highs and lows. You kind of salvaged things with some late gun accuracy, 11 fires (two of which you landed on the Nelson in the first minute of play) and a cap but overall, it felt like everything was reactive rather than proactive. 1:45 Dude, you’ve got speed & bitchin’ guns and instead of firing at a 5km Sims, you instead think.. “maybe I’ll chuck some torps in that general direction.” The rest of the game you almost ignored your torpedoes and when you finally stealth fired them on the relatively slow and unmaneuvering QE you opened up 2 seconds later with guns as if to say, “heads-up” QE… I’m over here and probably fired torps at you!” What happened to the Notser who would skillfully work the edge of detection and torp range, so well that it almost felt like an exploit? 7:55 Yes, the smoke gave you later detection of the Nelson than you would have hoped for but it has no main armament in back, your ship does close to 50kts and you’re already within torp range… use your imagination to execute a viable torp attack. I mean, this wasn’t a radar or hydro saturated game yet you only fired 12 torps and landed none of them. Again, I acknowledge the 100K damage and the win but this felt very two dimensional. You play every other class of ship so well, so to see you play DD’s this way makes no sense to me.

  19. I strongly feel this line will NEED heal or smoke…

  20. REALLY? counting on FIRE dmg on a Nelson???
    he can laugh at it and just be happy that he can finally use more of his repair parties…

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