Le TERRIBLE – t8 french PREMIUM DD || World of Warships

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    This ships has *Terrible* concealment! HA!

  2. So it doesnt go past 50 knots?

  3. Waiting for Le Fantasque, MS 22, lots of 40mm bofors and french speed boost

  4. Mahan in t8

  5. WG forget the 20% french speed boost ??

  6. Pathetic turret traverse speed!

  7. 5:21 – 6:41 : – nice clutch smoke to farm 660 DMG.

  8. dont forget – stats not final and may ( hopefully ) change ^^

  9. um, a top tier part. With T10s, you can’t play it: wooster, seattle, stalingrad, & others. You take that, and you hope to be top tier every time. Otherwise, it’s a sure thing. lol, killed by fuso close-combat.
    -1 not for the vid, but actually it’s a bad ship. I keep my Akizuki
    WG can keep this “thing” in its drawer. I’m not likely to buy it.

  10. It’s like Khaba but in other way

  11. Is it faster than Khabarovsk?

  12. Worst of whoreships the most nerfed ships od the game ? or how trandforlmm the best DD of the world in bullshit

  13. This is too fast, the problem is that it is so far from being possible, historical, practical, believable, and it must be insanely hard to hit. They must tone the speed down

  14. DEJA VU !!!

  15. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Very slow rate of fire, short gun range, i think it needs at least AFT to be able to be a speed tanking gunboat like the Kiev and even then i’m not so sure, could understand if shell ballistics are good enough for mid range engagements. It’s concealment is not enough to be an effective torpedo boat.

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