Le Terrible / “The fastest guns in the West”

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I realise that, though I pretty much said everything I wanted to about Le Terrible in the last video, I didn’t really show much in the way of gameplay – so it only felt fair to rectify that.


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  1. jeeeediii……and he sailed the fastest DD`s in the west!

  2. I feel that it not being “the fastest guns in the ouest”, is a missed PointyHairedJedi pun title… 🙂
    So a smokeless T8 Aigle it seems. But GG, that was well played within the limits of the ship.

  3. Yop pointy nice vid, btw the e at the end of terrible is silent ^^

  4. Yes, Jedi, I found this video to be functional, yet decorative. Thanks!

  5. I’ve seen a couple in battle now too and I’ve yet to be impressed. Best performance I saw was someone chased down my Jutland and managed to do a bit of damage but the trade was still very much in my favour.

  6. Heal or smoke would make it a lot better, aye? Would it make it OP? I dont think so.

  7. +David Ferguson so far those I’ve seen have the problem that they seem OK until spotted. The idea of running away doesn’t seem to work as people have learnt to lead them already and they just get wiped out or so badly damaged they’re rendered useless.

  8. If only the devs had give it a choice between smoke and heal like on the Russian DDs, then Le Terrible would be a more fun ship to play in Random battles.

  9. Only 2 futile consummables like her ! no smoke no heal no sonar no radar no AA , the faster target of the game le Terrible is too hard to play is again a french bashing . 45 knots is enought she dont need boost for to be the faster DD Why to add futiles warships ? execpt the speed what is the advantages no one ! this is a DD for nobody !
    no fun no buy !

  10. Going over 53 kts means in 1v1 against a BB if you are full HP, you can rush torp^him in most cases. Also don’t forget the AP against broadside light cruisers… I sunk myself a Minotaur with a few citadels hits with this thing, I was not alone mind you, and still died, but taking out a Minotaur is in most cases worth it.

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