[LEAK] NEW USSR Destroyer Line! | World of Warships

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Thank you, Im_The_Seeker2 for your extended tech tree mod, and MajorRenegade for your “clear vision” mod, both of which made these videos possible!


(1) Orlan – 0:04

(2) Storozhevoi – 0:32

(3) Derzki – 1:09

(4) Izyaslav – 1:51

(5) Gnevny – 2:45

(6) Ognevoi – 4:01

(7) Kiev – 5:12

(8) Tashkent – 6:35

(9) Udaloi – 7:45

(10) Khabarovsk – 9:26

Leaked stats & in-game models of the upcoming German cruiser line, arriving officially on October 19th, 2015.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: According to this showcase, all of the ships are premium. This is NOT true, as all of the ships in this line are non premium ships.


“Katyusha” Red Army Choir
“The Red Army is the Strongest” Red Army Choir
“Oh Fields, My fields” Red Army Choir
“The National Anthem of the USSR” Red Army Choir


  1. Russian power

  2. Uh, isn’t the second song about how strong the Red Army is? It’s even sung
    by the Army choir. Not enough Navy songs?Also, thanks very much for
    putting the video together. And I loved the music.

  3. Great music, thank you mate!

  4. Thanks !
    Love the look.

  5. great music, Russians love to make anything and everything tuly EPIC


  7. will the tier 4 russian prem ur talking about b available on oct19? and
    when will the gremyashi tier 5 prem b available???

  8. Too short torpedo range :/ nice guns, but USA DDs are better than this
    ships :/

  9. So Grem Reaper gets longer range torps while the regular Gnevny gets more
    gun range?

  10. You forgot the timestamps in description

  11. Any new prem ships?)

  12. Thanks for the preview.

  13. Perhaps i am oversimplifying it but it seems the Soviet DD’s are about long
    range gunboating with flat trajectories, IJN DD’s are all about the torping
    from stealth, and the US DD’s are about close range knife-fighting with
    their fast turrets and rate of fire.

  14. Nice nickname ingame. ;-)

  15. If those things have the shell arcs of the Gremy-thingy they are going to
    be pretty awesome gun boats, I’d love to play these against american DDs
    that’s just going to be really high speed action!

  16. Torp ranges are just awful.

  17. How did you get them in colors? Mine are just black and white cause I don’t
    own/unlock them

  18. A video is great and all, but why not look at them yourselves? Simply
    download this mod and place the files inside your res_mods folder.

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