Legendary Amagi || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Больше видео!

  2. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    when on earth will WG provide a working and nice looking replay function? Like one were we do not see ships cut in half and see what the player saw.

  3. Uchuu senkan Aaaamaaaagiiii

  4. What a load of mouth breathers…

  5. Fun match. But recorded during a weekend I’m thinking.

  6. Dat turret rotation speed tho …

  7. Great map awareness and positioning – good aim too.

    • cccooooooolllllllll

      Good Positioning? Broadside most of the time, going C on this map on his side at the beginning of the game…
      He has a good aim but most importantly really good RNG (7 citds is very rare on an amagi, even for a unicum player ) and a lot of luck not to be focused and burned to dead .

  8. I have a love hate relationship to this ship. Most often I find myself kicked in the nuts by bad rng and terrible dispersion. Would love to see a bit longer secondary range on it though. An insanely fun brawler when given the opportunity.

    • +N W Nah. I think its extremely over praised. Guns can be extremely trollish. Either they rip everything you aim at apart or they dont do jack shit. I honestly have better overall succes hitting with Bismarck or Monarch than Amagi. But it at least pretty good against similar tiers. But in tier x games it is a piece of crap.

    • Gundolf300 it confuses me so much that a yamato can actually citadel it with every single salvo that it fires.

    • +Jojo Divas Yamato can overmatch any armor plate inte game with exception for angeled torpedo belts. That being said though, the ass of the amagi is absurdly difficult to pen (pun intended) so if your overwhelmed, turn the amagi around and treat it like a myoko. Suddenly it’s one of the tankiest ships in the game.

    • Gundolf300 lol I get what you mean. But what I’m trying to say is that, of all the tier 8 BBs, once entered a Tier X match, amagi is the easiest to citadel. It’s ridicilous. Every damn time if I’m at either the Bis or FDG, and then there’s amagi on either side, and then yamatos, I will always observe amagi, and then yamato will shoot it, and then boom, 14.8k-20k hp gone.

    • +Jojo Divas Not so strange when you come to think of it. Both amagi and NC has square shaped citadels so when given broadside they are gonna attract a LOT of heavy shells. Bis, tirp, monarch all has turtle back citadels and are very very hard to reach with guns with flat arcs. Hence, people rather shoot a amagi than a Bismarck.

  9. Yea, 200k when uptiered,and I sent you a 222k Atlanta game against t8,you ignore

  10. I don’t see 60fps option 🙁

  11. Why did the fireworks go off? Didn’t think he had Yamamoto on there without the tracers.

  12. iskandar the great

    excuse me, wtf enemy team?

  13. Nice Shoot ?

  14. Love the amagi !
    Already get some 1v1 fight vs a Yama (both most of hp still remain) and won them with.

    But something weird though, I also have Kii and have such more dissapointments with, yet both are very close and Kii even has torp asset for very close range dogfight… but nope, much less success in Kii, dunno why ?

  15. Frustrated and unsuccessfull? Tired of overskilled players? Cant get a monster dmg round even on weekends? Better call Saul! (also high time to create a russian server account… )

  16. It is so sad when tuis happens

  17. Had a one shoot kill of Edinburgh with Amagi. I will buy her back in the future. Amagi powerrrrr!!

  18. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    And that is why DDs dominates in the battlefield

  19. not enough to win on Russian server…

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