Legendary Bismarck in 0.8.7 World of Warships

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  1. That was a pretty intense match!

  2. Top tier must be a nice feeling

  3. you don’t often see a tier viii german here

  4. Finally some historical respect for Bismarck’s well known main gun accuracy?

    • better than Tirpitz

    • I own the tirpitz and for some time the German ships are firing much better, obviously they are not comparable to the American or the Japanese but have become much more enjoyable and reliable with the primaries.
      plus the 105mm buffs of the secondaries have made the bismark / tirpitz and der goss much more fun to play.

    • @ArmchairWarrior pity that bismarck and tirpitz have the exact same cannons and the same dispersion, in fact they shoot the same.

  5. Vs tier 6 jajajajajaja

  6. So did they actually make the Bismark more useable now?

  7. Absolutely nasty

  8. A nice reminder of the Bismarck’s glory days at WOW!

  9. Sure bismarck as top tier is nothing short of brutal, but that was really nicely played.

  10. I am going towards Gneisenau right now but Bayern is definetely a keeper.

    • gneisenau is a brawler par excellence, above all it is very fast and has torpedoes.
      has the best secondaries in the game in its tier.
      it is a ship that must be played from the medium and short distance.

  11. Esse jogo eh melhor q warship blitz??

  12. King of the ocean he was made to rule the waves Across the seven seas!

  13. I remember the bismarck not being able to hit anything further than 10km away. The main gun shells would be on a 45° angle after leaving the barrel.

  14. Captain Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine

    The terror of the seas, the Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine!!!

  15. Top 8 level !

  16. well okay didnt expect my replay to show up here, thanks mate!

  17. The “official” response to a Notser video showing a “not secondary” Bismark build? 😉

  18. Very jika. Have seen ana seen

  19. @4:37 a wild Notser appears

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