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Taking the legendary module of Henri IV for a spin, discussing strengths and weaknesses of the module. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier X French Cruiser Henri IV Replay

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  1. Hey hope things are getting better thanks for all your help

  2. I love my Henri legendary mod! It let’s you play HE spammer really well at first using the extra range, then move in with AP mid game with even better reload. Don’t forget to use AP on cruisers and broadside BBs!!!

    • I am so tempted by that better reload with legendary, but i am afaraid it will be a big dissapointment to me. I already noticed every time when i take out my Henri i get heavly focused as soon as i am spotted, and it’s with concealment mod. 2-2.5 mil dmg tanked is nothing unusual with Henri, and i don’t find myself targeted so hard in any other HE spammer. Dunno what is up with this ship, but i dont even want to image what will happen if i will get spotted from 16km.

  3. I want to grind to it now but I’m grinding so many other things and I only have the des moines 😐

  4. one of my favorite ships

  5. Can you share your opinion on the Montana legendary mod?

    • I’m having difficulty finding much use for it, but I’ll definitely share it when I do

    • When you combine it with the right upgrades, skills, and flags, you have a fast rudder response and the ability to shrug off multiple fires.

    • Commander Nightingale

      +Notser : The only reason I can think of to really run that module is if you’re running a full fire damage reduction setup (Bos, Damage con 2, and fire flag) reducing the time fire burns by 65% with the legendary mod… I really wish they would just drop the rudder repair time and double the fire extinguish time buff, that would make her *very* enjoyable to play in my opinion…

  6. This upgrade is simply horrible, it completely kills the identity of the whole line as kiting cruisers. Henri with a double rudder shift build already struggles to keep the guns on target while dodging away, this upgrade both kills the rudder and the concealment. Yes, increases the RoF, but as your turrets are still stupidly slow, in order to fully utilize the better RoF you cannot maneuver too much. Hence, there you have: a big-bulky-spotted-from-the-moon cruiser with good HE which has to sit still behind a rock in order to really make use of the RoF… fucking awesome.

    If this upgrade was moved to the sixth slot, it would be perfect: You’d have the same RoF as from the current RoF upgrade, but in exchange of a much more useful turret rotation (as you wouldn’t have the -13% debuff on turret rotation) and a bit of extra range (instead of being able to mount the +16% one) but your concealment (which we all know is stupidly important in the game) would take a big hit (equivalent to 4 cptn skill points).

    I simply cannot understand why WG wants more HE spammers to sit behind rocks, I simply cannot…

    Btw, this sincerely looks like PTS. Those BBS were oblivious as the Minotaur, clear noob mistake: non stop sequential firing and sitting broafside…. simply a noob mistake.

    • +Grant Nelson it does in the sense that you mount it on the slot in which you buff survivability by either improving your concealment (-10% spotting And +5% enemy disspersion) or improving your rudder (-40% rudder shift and -80% rudder repair, which is very useful on all the previous French cruiser which can equip it because until the Henri all the previous French cruisers get rudder-incapacitated very often)

      So this module increases your concealment, and prevents you from either improving your concealment or improving your rudder, as I said effectively killing the whole idea of kiting cruiser.

    • +Eduardo Elipe You complain that the ship can’t keep its guns on target with double ruddershift build, and then say it’s bad to take maneuverability away from it to replace it with dps without the built :thinking:

    • +Woud Hulshof Yes, I did say that and you are right to point it out. I did not say that I am also using (was because no interest on Henri in quite some time and, there are many other legendaries to grind) the special french captn with improved expert marksman to somehow compensate…

      Nonetheless, I favour maneuverability in order to dodge better as this is not a tanky or stealthy cruiser no matter how you build it (but is fast as hell, hence you can do some “evasion tanking” just by batting shots and then dodging or running away). In terms of guns, it has a very decent alpha, so I do not personally value RoF that much. Expert Loader makes wonders on this cruiser in order to send a good couple of AP salvos on enemy cruisers, there having an extra 12% RoF is not noticeable as you just need to reload once or so. RoF is very relevant for non stop HE spam (i.e. Worcester) but relying more on the alpha, for me, suits better with a kitter cruiser which sends a couple of AP salvos at unaware enemy cruisers from time to time… If you were to stick just to HE then, yes, HE spam needs high RoF.

      But you are right that the extra rudder is a problem in order to keep guns on target. In any case you face this problem either by improving the rudder, or improving the RoF, the legendary improves the RoF, the extra rudder, well, obviously improves the rudder and demand more from the turrets. I would have loved to see a turret speed buff on the legendary upgrade… but nope: the legandary is just focussed on making this cruiser a sit-behind-the-rock HE spammer platform, sad.

      Edit: Also, worth noting: Buffing the rudder shift does not tighten your turning radius, and what really demands from the turrets is a tight turning radius (i.e. Warspite) or high speed (i.e. this Henri), so yes, buffing the rudder can make the turrets feel more lazy when changing curvature (moving the rudder) but it is not going to affect the relative speed of turret vs hull under full turns, so no matter how fast the rudder is once it gets into full rudder the relative speed hull vs turret is the same. At that point whether you outturn your turrets or not is not determined by the rudder shift upgrade. On the other hand a higher RoF is always going to reduce the angle you can turn your turrets while reloading the guns, hence, higher RoF require always faster turrets in order not to lose targets within a certain range (depending on speed, turret speed, turnign radius). Whenever using a RoF buff just check whether you always manage to fire upon reloading, if you do, great, but any time you have guns loaded but not on target, you are not fully utilizing the upgrade, and due to the high speed of this cruiser (unless you sit behind a rock slinging HE) it is very easy to approach that point.

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      People said the Des Moines legendary upgrade was horrible, too. Then, after actually using it, they realized it wasn’t. 😉

    • +Nathaniel Hawthorne I said nothing about DM. But what I did say is that this upgrade completely changes the nature of the whole tech tree playstyle. I have already stated that if you just spam HE from behind a rock this upgrade is perfect. But that is neither what these French cruiser were meant to be, nor what the game needs.

  7. Its popular in KOTS because there are CV spotting, for CB though….its not great.

  8. The difference between the LU and a standard Henri IV is -1,29s reload (with reload in 6th slot) and +1,5km range. However the concealment goes from 12,75km to 15,59km, that’s a 2,84km difference. The trade is not worth it for people playing in randoms, as they will get focused. Same goes for CBs and Ranked. And the argument of countering Moskva/Stalingrad, Hindenburg does that too without being spotted from the moon.

    • Not only that, but you lose the 5% dispersion too so incoming enemy shots are way more accurate hitting your ship!

    • And you lose all your maneuverability

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      For CBs and Ranked I would agree, but not necessarily for randoms. A lot of other builds work just fine in randoms because you’re assuming things to happen that don’t necessarily happen. I mean, looks like Notser did just fine in this video.

    • Notser did ok, but he’s a unicum player. The average player is more likely to over extend or make a mistake, and due to high visibility eat a broadside. It has to be taken into account that a build that works for a unicum or better player might not work for an average tater.

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      +Marcin Skupnik He’s definitely a great player, no doubt, but otherwise I disagree entirely. The WoWS player base is very, and forgive me for being blunt when saying this, narrow minded when it comes to builds and play styles where ships have to be played a certain way, or else they suck. And, I’m sorry, that’s just wrong, and the recent server clash battles highlighted just that. I will definitely agree that the concealment loss is pretty rough (not arguing with you there), but what this module does is taken an otherwise open water cruiser and pushes its engagement range further back in exchange for higher DPM. That’s not necessarily a bad trade-off. These legendary modules were meant for either three things: A) Accentuate the current playstyle of the ship (ie, Yamato), or B) Provide an alternative playstyle to the ship (ie, Des Moines), or C) A slight combination of A and B (ie, Henry IV).

  9. Dat smooth maneuver at 7:30 ??

  10. I think “Enhanced firing elevation” means the guns can elevate more and also fire at the maximum elevation, thus giving the ship a wider firing arc. It basically just gives the guns a bit more range.

  11. 2:59 islands are very OP…

  12. I think I would rather have concealment.

  13. so all it does is help this thing spam HE

  14. The DPM on this thing is insane!

  15. I think I still prefer the Zao over the Henry (I have legendary module for both). They both have the long range HE spam thing down, but the superb concealment on the Zao is a lot more useful than the extra speed and rate of fire on the Henry.

  16. 6 notser xD its 1 2 3 4 5 6 it was 6 citadels on the minotaur 🙂

  17. Awesome work and a great mod demo. and hey, that DM was not your responsibility. I re-watched your earlier engagement and you cannot draw a direct correlation between doing or not doing something at the 3min mark to something that happens at the 10min mark. There are so many movements and decisions happening every minute that it just doesn’t make sense to try to extrapolate, if it’s not blatantly obvious. It would’ve been different had he the DM been at 1500hp and you didn’t fire because you were holding your salvo for another ship that didn’t appear. Also, it was a 829-481 when the friendly DM died and the goal of winning the game was essentially accomplished, regardless of the friendly’s, less that heads-up ship driving.

  18. Vive Henri quattre, vive ce Roi vaillant.

  19. That’s a really nice reload considering these are 240mm guns. But that concealment range sucks ass, especially considering you sacrifice CSM1 / SGM3, on top of even worse concealment. It’s fine I guess if nobody isn’t shooting at you.

  20. most of legendary modules make simply worst the ship instead to take an advantage.

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