Legendary Kurfurst – World of Warships

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Playing with the Legendary on my GK, game starts out bad as I find the enemies flank but turns out pretty good. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X German Grosser Kurfurst Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. Notser is my dad

  2. legendary republique next?

  3. “deal with the issues” enemy team has a division of issue clan haha

  4. nice video but it felt as if you forgot about legendary upgrade after 3 minutes of the video 😛

    • He was playing with strats, not tanking, since there were only like three ships (well two if both DD’s count as a cruiser). so retreating is better in that situation

    • I agree. Once he took that 17,000 damage from the Yamato and then he thought it was a bad build I though, what build would have prevented that 17k? I know if he was bow on at that same range he would have been less likely to take that much damage.

    • Jaroslaw Krassowizkij

      Any build that allows him to stay at further distances or be safe, like range and concealment. Both of which he had to give up to take the secondary Upgrade. (Captain & Module). And finally Kurfürst, like all of their bbs i famous for its bad accuracy and bad AP pen. Instead it has huge survivability, seen by no citadel and HE resistance. Though it still eats a lot of AP pen on superstructure from BBs when he tries to shoot all his guns. The way it is supposed to be played is as a huge tank. Living is the main goal, just by beeing present you give your team, cruisers to be exact the freedom to win the game, as noone will push into you. That is how you win games in Kurfürst. By taking the legendary your impact is less, since you need to be front guy, cannot disengage (concealment and lack of range), so it is a full commitment dead end push you sign for. Does this explain the connection of taking 17k and forgetting the module?

    • Konahrik Dezwahrel

      Jaroslaw Krassowizkij
      Correction: if you can fire all of your guns in GK, most of the enemy battleships can pen your hull with little chance of bouncing, which is why he took that damage from the Yamato. (Since the Yamato DID hit his hull, after all, not the superstructure.)
      The superstructure can take a lot of damage from enemy battleships from basically any angle, at least when it isn’t damage saturated.

  5. I tried full secondary build on Friedrich for about a week. Went back to my hybrid build and it was instantly more flexible and useable.

    Now that I’m in the Kurfurst with my hybrid build, I’m kicking the crap out of people who don’t expect a Kurfurst to be able to land hits at range.

    9.8 km secondary range is FINE.

    Put aiming systems mod in that 3rd slot instead of secondary mod, keep BFT, AFT and Manual Secondary, and you have an incredibly tanky, flexible superheavy BB.

    • I don’t understand the hate you’re receiving. Sounds like a good build to me, keep on keeping on OP

    • well i prefer a different hybrid…i use AFT and secondary range upgrade, but i go for main gun reload, no manual secondaries. then i got the range to shoot anything, as well as buffed main guns. also my secondaries shoot any target from both sides and i dont have to select target for them to work.
      accuracy is about 10 but with manual is can go to 20%. dont think its worth it…secondary dmg is usually low

    • >Kurfürst
      >Trying to land hits at range instead of getting close


    • better to do the chip damage and stay alive than yolo in and maybe do some good damage then throw away a very tough T10 BB…against that many enemy ships getting close would have been suicide.

    • I use a similar build (litte differences here and there) on my ranked Bismarck skipper. My KF is for having FUN and balls to the wall secondaries is fun (to me at least). I never noticed a real difference in thos 7% less dispersion on the KF so i stay with sec module and 406mm main guns. About surviving though, that is less about staying at range all the time and more about making the right choice on when to get closer. If you want to survive, go full tank build and the KF gets nearly unkillable.

  6. was grinding my self gk legendary (last 15k base exp) thus this video has made my day. thanks!!

  7. Looks fun!

  8. A little bit of chip damage a day keeps the DD away… 2:38

  9. Not a big deal for me too the less range…these german guns have the worst penetration at t10…..and crap accuracy too boot.

    • A secondary Kurfürst (wich is the fun one anyways) feels best at around 9-11km from the enemy … and at that range even german dispersion doesn´t matter anymore … 12 shells in the air and you WILL hit and hurt them. Though i do think the 406mm are better suited to this with the shorter reload.

  10. Nice to see the DD’s screening the BB’s.

  11. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    I’ve been noticing recently that when you show your builds, many of your captains have a 2/1/1/3 skill loadout (for the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4- point levels, respectively). I’ve been primarily using a 1/2/2/2 template. I wonder if you’d consider a video discussing the merits of where to spend your captain skill points to ‘get the most bang for your buck’?

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      Note that based on the question, I don’t consider this a commitment for you to make a video. My wife’s first husband asked if she would consider marrying him. He immediately took her ‘yes’ as an agreement to do so rather than what she meant it as – that she’d think about it.

      So if you never get around to it, I won’t be all that disappointed. But if you do, I will appreciate it. I play on the NA server under the nick ‘Fishrokk’. (If you frequent the WoWs forums, my avatar should be recognizable.) Don’t think I’ve ever seen you in one of my games, though.

  12. “Losing the range on your guns is a big downside”
    I’d have to disagree. Trying to snipe at targets over 16.0km in a German BB isn’t the most effective. Germans are known for being the worst long rage ships in the game. I don’t see this as that big of a deal. 19.0km is still a pretty good range. Besides random RNG, You’re not gonna be doing a ton with it. I’d much rather have much better secondaries if I had to sacrifice 9% 16% or even 25% if that meant the secondaries were that much better.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Having the gun range does not mean you have to stay at that range, it gives you the opportunity to shoot targets at long range if needed.

    • +General Cartman Lee I didn’t say you needed to. My point is that at ranges over 16.0km that most ships start losing their effectiveness and this is especially a thing with German BB’s./

    • General Cartman Lee
      What good is that extra range if you don’t hit anything, because german BBs have the worst dispersion of all?

    • General Cartman Lee

      I like the Massachusetts more than the Alabama despite the Mass having nearly 3 km less gun range.
      But occasionally it would be nice to have the range to get a lucky shot at a target at the other end of the map.
      I wouldn’t say it’s a big downside or that it isn’t worth it. But recently it’s more likely having to shoot at long range at enemies running away than being able to effectively use the secondaries.

  13. My favorite ship, I have legendary module equipped, so I can use my 420.

  14. Colonel David Davenport

    Nice video NOTSER! Working on my elite for GK now!

  15. “420 All Day”
    A man of culture I see 🙂

  16. That was one of the rare battles I’ve seen where the BBs were getting sunk during the course of the battle, and not just at the end. Frankly, I think there are still too many BBs. In the “real world” there’d be far more cruisers and destroyers than battleships in any given fleet or task force. Yes, I know … this is just a game, so I don’t take it (the game) seriously. But if I’d were to ask anything of Wargaming, it would be to limit the number of BBs to three per side, with the rest of the ships being cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers.

  17. I think 406’s would be a better pick for Legendary build. 406’s pen is better suited for <15km with light shells because it means less penetration which you'll need to punish cruisers. 420's have better advantages over 15km with Less penetration loss and heavier shells similar to the Montana shells.

  18. The Kurfurst was my first T10 ship. I enjoyed her a lot at first (the German BB’s were still relatively new then). In the current meta though, I have been finding it more necessary to abandon the secondary build and focus on fire prevention, concealment, and main guns. Concealment to get in close so that the guns can actually hit something, fire prevention because anymore these days, I spend most of the match on fire. Yes this was a good match, but on average, is a secondary build on this ship really a viable option? Or just a fun option? Once I’m spotted, I find that at T10, most enemies stay outside of 11km from me, and if they are within that range, they are hiding behind islands hoping I will sail in close enough to eat full torp salvo.

  19. Kurfurst is really inaccurate at its max range, and you shouldn’t be shooting targets at that range anyways. So the range reduction only really affects idiots who try to play Kurfurst as a sniper bb sitting in the back of the map.

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