Legendary Mod Spotter Plane Des Moines, 3.3 Base XP || World of Warships

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  1. the definition of des memes

  2. A des moines with a 10pt captain and fighter plane could have accomplished this. He had no long range engagements and his spotter was inherently worthless, netting him 10k damage.

    He fought ships that were literally incapable of damaging him (bismarck), and was never even shot at by more than 1 ship at a time. Every ship he fought just lined up to die.

    This win has nothing to do with his Des Moines build, and everything to do with the enemies he fought being nerve clusters.

  3. Love the Des Moines Class.. actually building a 17 foot long model out of Lego. Hope to have it mostly finished by May. 🙂

  4. This guy was lucky that he wasn’t fighting a Midway

    • Why? Because he carried hydro instead of DF? I always operate a DM with hydro. On NA, CVs at tier X are rare, but DDs and their torpedo strikes are almost guaranteed. Even if there is a CV, there are two typical CV players: those that stay clear of DMs (in which case DF is useless), and those that level devastating strikes against DMs (again in which case DF is useless).

    • DM against AP bombers is a dead DM

  5. Андрей Морозов

    Де Мойн без РЛС, без “заградки” и с корректировщиком? Сразу дизлайк. Видео о том, как НЕ надо играть на “Де Мойне”.

    • Ща модно с корректировщиков. Кто-то рекорд поставил по дамагу на евросерваке

    • Андрей Морозов

      +Duck Duckov , ну судя по низкому количеству лайков и по количеству дизлайков, иностранцам это тоже не особо нравится (нормальный уровень дизов – 5-10% от лайков).

  6. He certainly showed dem T8’s😉

  7. So i remembered how i met Demoins head to head last month playing Minotaur. About 8 km. I just broke his 2 towers on the nose. That was really funny. He had no guns

  8. my salem doesnt have spotter plane 🙁 and i dont want to play the american cruiser line

  9. I’ve had better matches than this that were never posted on this channel…. 🙁

  10. SUPER !!!

  11. des doesnt need SPlane… like u ll never survive from pros when they ll be able to see u from 20 km away..

  12. Great game. I don’t agree with the spotter plane but it did you good. Most cruiser players wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have torpedoes. It takes a real man or woman to play the U.S.N. cruiser line. I have all them and they’re the only ones I play. Oh yeah

  13. Awesome game, the Amagi at the end of the game with almost full health really pissed me off, why did he take off??

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