Legendary Module Conqueror 271k DMG || World of Warships

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  1. legendary cancer

  2. Genial

  3. There is just no way i am choosing this over concealment. WG should make more legendary modules in the reload slot so its actually a choice. Most of the modules does bring some seriousdisadvantages, not only that you have to give up something else.

    • yep, they kill the shima with -80% turn torps. But it’s cool on Gearing -15% concealment. On this vid, when does he need this module ? He played like a conq : max range, shooting in his back, 87k fire’s dmg. He turn once he’s in the border, with just one target in his range. It’s just a good vid for a conq, but “legendary module” ? Tittle is false.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      This is probably because many crybabies complain about a BB with better concealment than some cruisers. The same kind of crybabies complained about Japanese DD guns are useless, and WG released Harugumo which they also complain about.

  4. Please don’t mind me I’m just harvesting all the salt in the comments to come

  5. 🤔 ein oder zwei mal hätte man auch AP schießen können. Die ist nicht so schlecht, hab mit meiner Lion mal ner Yamato Breitseite eine 50k Schelle gedrückt.😂😂😂

  6. I’m grinding the lion, and can’t wait to get the Conqueror, and do some serious, HE spamming, and salty tear mining with it’

    Can’t think of a better way to relieve stress after a hard day of work than taking out the Conqueror for a battleship BBQ, and washing it down from with the salty tears of all those captains crying about how unfair the Conqueror is.

    I love playing cancer, and bully ships like Belfast, and Kutuzov, and really enjoy pissing off enemy players with them, and seeing their funny insults directed at me in the chat box. LOL

    • Take the time to enjoy the Lion. One less turret and a bit less range. Other than that, it’s basically a Conqueror. Still a very fun ship!

    • I see you’re a man of culture as well

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Lion is great improvement from Monarch. The 419mm guns are exactly the same as Conqueror’s stock guns.

    • Anavrin  I agree, and am finding the Lion a joy to play, and not really a grind. I was originally planning on selling it after I unlocked the Conqueror, but it will be a definite keeper in my port.

      I’ll just finish grinding my Nelson (another great ship) commander to full, and transfer him to the Conqueror when I get it.

    • weirdos, delete your t9s as soon as you get t10. the fuck is wrong with you

  7. can someone please explain to me what the conqueror legendary module does?

  8. I notice a common mistake alot of Conqueror players make, using the heal and repair at the same time!
    That can be a fatal mistake if the enemy team notices!
    Not sure I’ll ever go with that upgrade. Concealment is too valuable to lose for that ship.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah the mistake is too obvious. I only use repair for flooding since it lasts longer & slows down the ship. Fire can be ignored & healed completely after it’s out. It’s very easy to farm Dreadnought & Fireproof achievement, if you survive the battle of course!

  9. IDK what the legendary module is… can someone explain?

    • James Porter ruddershift -40% to 8sec with other ruddershift module
      Turret traverse so you get same ad without t9 module like reload

  10. Unimpressive stereotypical backline HE spamming for the entire game.

  11. boring. He doesnt deserve any praise for shooting max range. That is he very definition of bad bb player

  12. Ships like This makes the game really stupid…. But gamers

  13. conqerer dealth those dmg?
    don’t like anymore

  14. No citadel conqueror. With rep they are unkilalble with ap.

  15. Awesome match GG

  16. 0 skill needed to play UK BBs

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