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Discussing the Legendary module for Shimakaze, provides faster torpedo reload with different traits from the universal module. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze Replay

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  1. 0:29 Finally! Textbook Notser lol

  2. oh yes :3
    Finally some Shimakaze love <3

  3. You pulled four Notsers trying to get your tubes on target. We can see you like it. 🙂

  4. I don’t think getting 10% reload worth the traverse drop. It feels this makes shimakaze even more emphasised passive play than she already is.

  5. Man what is it with you and that first island…get a room or something.

  6. sooo… 20 sec torp traverse for 20 sec torp reload, i will take my quick scope torps X)

  7. Four Notsers pulled, nice!

    • @Notser, I know it’s a big cute joke but your ship driving really ought to cause you to examine your situational awareness and or overall skill progression. Nothing beneficial comes from putting your ship in unintended, compromised positions, where the only option is to reverse, in a maneuver that might take 20-40 seconds. I might just be a weirdo about competitive games but part of the satisfaction I derive is when I see incremental improvements in my weakest areas. It would be hard for me to imagine you are any different based on the competitive mindset you share with us in game.

  8. Proposed Change to Shimakaze:

    -50% base Torpedo Reload
    -50% Main Artillery Reload
    -75% Main Artillery Traverse Time
    + Additional Charge of Consumables, either Def AA or Radar or Heal
    There you go guys that’s all shima needs to be come Competitive again

  9. Shima never needed a gun buff. She needed her torpedoes to have a concealment level more in line with other dds, so her main weapon isn’t getting spotted from space.

    • +BlitzTaifun / DragonScales BULLSHIT you have 90 games in that DD you know JACKSHIT about it and your WR is totally average 54% , your survival rate in shima is just the same, your average kill rate is 1 ship per game ,these are all stats that are achievable WITH ANY FUCKING SETUP YOU USE , even with 20 km torps. Just because u had what like 10 or 15 good games with ur setup (totally RNG btw) u think u found the gods end? Play a few hundred more and im pretty sure your winrate will plummet below 50% in that ship.

    • +The Infidel jeeez that hurt…. but i guess theres something right about it

    • +The Infidel i agree especially with the buff radar range of lots of cruisers…they need to decrease shima torpedo detection range…it is its primary weapon…I played shima many times and it hard to land decent torps without being radar by cruisers the moment they know they got spotted they pop their radar then you are scrambling to get out there because their guns are aiming at you…poor shima needs real buff.

    • +BlitzTaifun / DragonScales To have either 60kts or 81kts torpedoes doesn’t change a thing in this game since every ships are able to dodge Shima’s torp. Notice how often BBs and cruisers that have just started to move and turn are able to out-accelerate 81 kts torpedo launched at 5-7 km range when they are limited to 30-36kts themselves. Do you really think you could easily avoid a 93mph ball thrown at you when the max you can go is 40mph? Now imagine 15 x 93mph balls and tell me how you can evade all of them all the time. More often then not, you would get hit right (by more than one), well strangely, in WoWs, it’s the reverse which doesn’t makes any sense – you barely get 1 hit (that’s when you’re lucky) with 15 torps…

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales


      This was 2 days ago, its difficult to dodge these even if they know how to. You just need to learn the positioning to launch torps

  10. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    10% improvement to reload is not worth -80% traverse speed. I demounted it after 3 games. In a ship where turning away is essential, this is a trash legend mod, especially if youre using f3 torps.

    • Agreed 100%. I’ve tried it with many builds, I’ve tried using free look to try and have my torpedo tubes ready to aim but nothing works. It’s a useless mod. The only way that anyone could get it to work well is if you had great support from your team but how likely is that going to happen, almost never

    • yup…ruins all flexibility. reminds me of the 8km torps that give u great reload but makes you VERY unflexible when torping. cant target enemies that run away really.

  11. I couldn’t stand this module, it’s nice when your team is pulling their weight but when the gunboat DDs are scared and it falls on you the shima to get things done it’s a nightmare.

  12. Amazing i was the kurfurst

    edit: I remember this game. it sucked. Super hilarious to see myself die in a video though

  13. something in current year

    32 seconds into the video you pull one in front of a Worcester with running radar. It’s just pathetic and not even a meme at this point.

  14. You are right… the reverse is so so bad.

  15. Traversal? Playing fast and loose with the English language again, Notser?

  16. What you’re actually seeing here is that the current Shimakaze in the right hands is still a strong DD. It has nothing to do with the legendary module, and in fact the legendary module is a major debuff that no one should take (except for 20km torp edge-of-the-map spammers, who we’ll ignore because they are evil and should not be encouraged). Pay close attention to the torpedo reload timers in this battle.

    With a fully torpedo-specced Shima and no AR buff, the reload on the 12km torpedoes is ~117 seconds, versus ~103 seconds with the legendary mod. The legendary mod subtracts 15 seconds at most, and only 14 seconds for a fully specced torpedo boat. In order to benefit from the legendary mod, one must fire their torpedoes in that 15 second window.

    He fires his initial volley at game time 17:09, which is well after the torpedoes would have loaded, so no benefit there. He fires his second volley with launchers 1 and 3 at 14:34, 155 seconds after the first – no legendary benefit. He then fires launcher 2 at 13:41, obviously no legendary benefit there. The next volley is fired from launchers 1 and 3 at 10:51, 191 seconds after launcher 2 was fired – again, legendary mod gave no advantage, and wouldn’t have even if he had fired launcher 2 (which he didn’t). Launcher 2 is then fired at 10:20, with no legendary benefit.

    Next, he fires launchers 1 and 3 at 09:07 – 104 seconds after the previous shot. In this case, he’s getting about 6 seconds from the legendary mod, because he’s down ~30% of his health, which means AR is granting him roughly a 6% faster reload. Launcher 2 is then fired at 08:29, which is 111 seconds after the previous shot – with AR, there’s no legendary benefit there, or just a hair.

    Finally, he fires launchers 1 and 3 at 07:21. This is 106 seconds after the previous launch, which means he’s getting about 4 seconds of benefit from the legendary mod.

    Thus, you sacrificed 80% of your torpedo tube traversal in this game for a reload gain of only ten seconds … *TOTAL*. And in that last knife fight, you lost ten seconds just getting the launchers around on target, even though they were pointed in more-or-less the right direction to start with. If the launchers had been pointed the other direction, you never would have been able to fire. And that, in the end, is why this module is so bad. Whatever gain you get from the reload, you lose waiting for the thrice-damned launchers to slew around to the target. The only thing this module does is make you pull your hair out and get you sunk.

    • This is exactly what i realised after the first 2-3 matches with this module and then replaced it with the regular module again.

    • Exactly. Notser always gives these kinds of questionable opinions that maybe mislead his viewers. Objectively speaking, as you have mentioned, this game does not demonstrate the benefit of the module, just some decent non-potato gameplay and a little bit of luck. It gives the impression that Notser is just being convinced that the module is good because he has it and just wants to justify his decision.

      That said, Shimakaze has been more of a gimmick ship with the constant power creep, may as well go build it ridiculously to get some fun out of constantly being radared.

    • not even mentioning the FUCKING GRIND you have to endure to get this PIECE OF SHIT.

    • +The Infidel This x 1000 ! Almost all DD’s Legendary module have more debuff on them then buff. The you check the Cruisers Legendary’s and they are golden.

  17. And I thought mine was the only one with the build-in island magnet.

  18. most of the legendary mods are shit and make your ship worst.

  19. What made me unload this buff and what he failed to mention is the traverse is so slow, your ship has to be perfectly still or your torpedo wont launch. Another 8 or 9 secs doesnt make a difference. Now i will say with the long range spamming torps, my torps are ready again before they peter out. But to be perfectly going in a straight line just to aim your spread was too much for me

  20. This is a garbage mod, the trade-off is not worth it.

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