Legendary Ships Stats! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. The range of the secondary arrmemant on PC is 11km

  2. It would be cool if the big secondary turret had a longer range.. where did this data come from?

  3. Yes!!! Finally!!! I was waiting for this video so long!!! You are first who create something like this on YouTube. THANKS, Spartan, THANKS!!! Question: How these ships present versus other cruiser/battleships?

  4. It’s unfair to give the gkf 5k secondary range as the point of German bb is to be tanky and have good secondary’s

  5. I love your intro everytime. It sets a great mood for the video (“AND TONIGHT”)

  6. Gk whit better sigma=nice
    Still I would like a little more secondary range than 5 kilometers

  7. Koolcatwithahat

    The Alaska looks like a baby Alabama

    • Historically it’s like a fat Baltimore. Little to no torp protection unlike a BB. Looking forward to it though 😮

  8. I hope they add more range to the GKs secondaries


  10. I really like the Alaska but I know I can’t even make 50% of the bureau..

  11. Yamato biggest bb in the world gk a fake ship hold my beer

  12. GK will overmatch 30mm front plating from memory once you slap on the 420mm guns, 32sec reload base a little rough In comparison to yammy’s bigger guns but meh lol, still going to punch big holes in yammy cheeks lol.

  13. Be pretty cool if they put out the USS Montana instead of the Alaska.


    It’s ridiculous that the maximum range is 17.7 kilometers

  15. I’m disappointed they gave the GK secondaries a 5km range. The Bismarck has a base range of 7.5 on it’s secondaries and they are still only mediocre thanks to their poor accuracy. Tirpitz, Gneisenau, and Scharnhorst have even less secondary range but at least they have torpedoes to compensate. Most of the ships that get close enough for the GK’s secondaries to open fire will either be destroyers going for a suicide torpedo run or a ship that is going for a ram. Given the GK’s size and poor maneuverability, you’ll going to want to stay at medium range in order to avoid these scenarios, which will give the secondaries very little use. Statistically, GK has a bit more HP, more main battery guns, and a Sonar when compared to the Yamato. Otherwise, Yamato is looking to be the superior choice in battleships. Yamato has bigger guns with better penetration, damage, and accuracy. It also has better concealment and maneuverability, not to mention a much better torpedo belt (55% damage reduction). We won’t know just how effective GK will be until we can actually play it, but judging by it’s stats, its looking like yet another mediocre German battleship that will struggle to compete with it’s peers. I honestly hope WG will re-balance secondary batteries in Legends so that their effectiveness will reflect their counterparts from the PC version of the game.

  16. Read an article from ww2museum.org and they said that “The Alaska’s more modern 12″ guns are a lot better than the 14″ guns on older US battleships.” If that fact follows in game, it will be interesting.

  17. Iwan Timmermans

    “Can’t have one without the other”?!
    What you’re saying, is that you’re forced to have both of them at the same time…?

    Oh Spartan…

    What you meant to say, was that you have either radar OR a catapult fighter. NOT both

  18. Honestly was looking forward to the secondarys of the GK. Kinda disappointed. Ngl

  19. M̲a̲d̲i̲s̲o̲n̲

    I’m looking forward to the Grosser Kurfürst.🥳

  20. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest

    “Oh boy here it comes!”

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