Legendary Yamato 460mm – 460K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Wham Bam Thank You Yam, Just Like Good Old Uncle Sam.

  2. dat 13 second reload on the main guns though

  3. Favourite ship of all, my first T10 🙂

  4. Gk running away from yammy? Thats a lul

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      I mean if the GK was going to run away, why even engage the Yamato in the first place? If running away was the priority he could have done it under the cover of the cyclone. Going around in circles in front of a Yamato isn’t going to help against anything.
      Of course the optimal move would have been angling in and blapping the ever living shit out of the Yamato at point blank range.

    • My GK barfed a little in its mouth during that maneuver :0#

    • Plus, giving constant broadside! Well played! LOL

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @Gehtdir nixan Bad, bad, unrealistically, inconceivably bad players…the game is full of them…

    • I thought you guys were being harsh, but then I watched. Ya, poorly played. Gives full broadside twice!!? For long periods of time?!

  5. That shot between the 2 island’s doesn’t get any better.

  6. 17:00 when you dont deserve the mighty mo: get outta here man.

  7. He played a good game idd, but he had 5 BB playing like sweet potatoes at point blank range to farm dmg. Apart from the Vladivostock that was relatively far, that was just farming dmg out of clueless potatoes.

  8. 460k is awesome indeed. But any other (non retarded) gk would have crushed the yammy at min 10….

    • complete potatoes in both teams made this game possible and honestly i am not impressed with what i witnessed here

  9. Christopher Nguyen

    sir im afraid you’ll never be able to walk again, you carried too hard

  10. oh cmon, really good player, im impressed…but damn…wish i had such poor players on the enemy team

  11. SuperRararasputin

    Astoundingly bad play by that GK captain. He was in the dream scenario for a GK, with the cyclone blocking detection until he could close to 8 km from the Yamato. All he had to do was sail in at an angle, letting the 50 mm section of his bow mitigate the damage from Yamato’s guns, pull up beside him, and send 12 shells into the citadel. Instead, he did just about everything wrong, as if he was begging to be sent to the bottom of the ocean as fast as possible. On the other hand, incredibly well played by the Yamato captain, a remarkable achievement!

  12. 460mm=460kdmg
    Math comfirmed

  13. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    This is Japain power ???

  14. the poor GK barely scored any hit with his guns…

  15. Well done, this player knows just where to aim; weak spots to overmatch . GG

    • Except where aiming with the correct lead during the first 6+ minutes of gameplay was concerned. Everything else was great!

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