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Sharing a fun game with the Legendary module equipped on the Zao, which performs wonderfully under pretty much every circumstance. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Zao Replay

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  1. Funny how some ships that were already powerful get a win-win module, while other weaker ships get a win-lose module. Wargaming could have thought these out better.

    • +Dan Darling I’m not saying the module isn’t good, but you do have to give up something for it.

    • +Sean Crees since I never use range mod on zao anyway, I’d call this upgrade a win-win for me 🙂

    • +(A)8knots You gave up SOMETHING for it. Either 12% main battery reload, or 8% range, 15% torp reload, 25% aa dps, or 20% secondary dps. My point is its not JUST an upgrade, you gave up SOMETHING to get it.

    • +Sean Crees I mean, I’m not giving up anything significant to gain many upsides. Among all of the upgrades in that slot, only the range mod that has the most effectiveness. Since I’ve been using RoF module on my Zao, I won’t lose much since I’ve replaced it with adrenaline rush instead. Also losing RoF means I also gain the lost traverse speed back.

    • +(A)8knots lol reload mod Zao player.
      Also a veteran Zao captain really does notice the difference in a range especially with spotter plane up.

  2. I think this is a little much for the Zao.

    • Shut your dirty mouth. (Zao main 🙂 )

    • The accuracy is nice, but the Zao already had DD dispersion so its not really that big of a deal. I’d say that the biggest benefit is the rudder. But for competitive, I feel that the range is still needed.

  3. Hey Notser what ship do you think has the best legendary module? Also another great video and I hope you’re having a fantastic day today.

  4. Five minutes in and I get the subtle feeling, and correct me if I’m wrong, that Notser may possibly approve of the legendary module on the Zao.

  5. Leonardo Alexis Salazar Mittani

    People usually talk only about Des Moines, Yamato, Worcester, Montana, some premium ship, Memetaur, Des Moines again, Gearing, bla bla bla.

    So I love to see Zao’s content. In my opinion, the best ship in the game. And its legendary module totally worth it. Glad to see WG gives love to no-mainstream ships.

  6. Where is the Down the Line: RN DD’s video? >.<

  7. My favorite ship of all times. Got my highest DMG and kills in the Zao. Even slapped the premium camo on it.. And lets be honest… The blue premium camo just looks fly as f*ck! Future proof too, hopefully. It just never disappoints! Good for beginners too! Burn every BB, basically two shot every DD… What more do you want? Torps? K. How bout uuuhm.. i dunno.. TWENTY shima torps? Would that be ok? Yeah that would be ok 🙂

  8. Notser, not in public! I’m not one to judge a man for loving his Zao’s Legendary module but this is embarrassing. Get a room you two! 😉

  9. Shush don’t tell the plebs about the good ships. If to many braindead people find this out they will nerf it.
    Let them enjoy their pom pom worcester and wannabe zao a.k.a conqueror.

    I only have 1 premium camo and its on the zao and its my go to credit maker, as it is fun in all scenarios.

  10. So you need to tell us what you really think;?}

  11. I remember Wargaming stating they introduced the modules to offer a different kind of gameplay for each platform. Making everything better over the board is a complete change of gameplay indeed. Or is it? No no no, good luck offering a truly interesting gameplay choice next time.

  12. I’ve got every T10 cruiser in the game. Zao is by far my fav. The HE salvo’s are so satisfying, especially with double accuracy mods.

  13. Gonzalo Javier Gimenez

    indeed, thouse legendary mods, need a review asap.
    I got yamato, Hindi, z-52 and GK, and i really feel the z-52 and teh hindi dont worth it the effort for it.

  14. The Zao is without a doubt my favorite ship, but I have one small issue with your commentary. I wouldn’t call the AP “excellent.” It’s adequate, it’s somewhat effective, and it can definitely punish you if you make a mistake, but it’s so unreliable/situational compared to the HE that there really isn’t a good reason to pre-load it for anything. Maybe it’s just that the HE is so amazing compared to the AP that I find no real reason to use AP that often. Compared to how I fight my DM, using AP all the time, the Zao’s AP is just meh.

  15. Great marksmanship and tactics, Notser! Thank you!

  16. Where you multitasking there?

    Also, yesterday, you were singing the Alsace’s praises. Why? That is one of the least accurate ship in the game!

  17. Yep a brain dead ship that spams HE just like the US light cruisers only this is it cannot fire and stay sheltered behind island humping so no one can ever see it , It’s about time to NERF all HE on DD’d and CA’s vs BB’s ps i am a DD main player and even i can see its far to strong
    That’s why BB’s never push as they will just bet burnt down by HE spam from hidden DD’s and CA’s spamming from behind islands

    • AHH now i under sand why you are against a HE NERF as you only play ships with OP HE lol bet you just camp at the back every game as well.

    • Imperial Japanese Navy

      +Baal Correction, I only play Japanese BB line, where the AP hits like train.

    • Imperial Japanese Navy

      +Baal Majority of people here agree you spitting bullshit.

    • @Imperial Japanese Navy lol yeh right clubbin at t5 sure thats why i am all ways in a T10 game sure
      There is no point to trying to talk seance to any of you idiots as you have no brain to know whats right and only like passive play and camping

    • @Imperial Japanese Navy ok you dont want to try and talk about how its op and just insult people first you are a idiot so go get life

  18. I totally get the consistency. I c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t-l-y get about 3-4 % fire chance on my Zao. The ships has been such a frustrating experience for me although in theory I love this ship 🙂

  19. so.. .zao good, any comments on the ibuki ;)?

  20. when u love this dispersion then u have to play Moskwa + legendary module…this is accuracy

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