Lenin Gets Revenge – World of Warships

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Fun game in my Lenin where we hold the flank and then push forward through the enemy. Hope you have a wonderful day and IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Soviet Battleship Lenin Replay

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  1. It wasn’t a citadel tho, max ap dmg of amagi is 12600 you took cca 9500.

  2. Your friendlies were not too good, they all sat back

  3. wouldn’t be a Notser video without pulling a Notser

  4. “If you target low health ships, and kill them they will be happy…”

    Never have i ever gotten so much hate for “Kill stealing” cause i tried to help by taking down low health ships…

    • viet hansguigens

      I don’t mind if someone kill my target as long as we win that game. Except someone do nothing and try only get the kill, go to the chat and say all my teammates useless.

    • well i dont mind, especially its a 1 shot DD that went away from team to cap our caps…
      easy 1 shot when no one but the CV can finish him…without overcommitting to that side

    • General Cartman Lee

      The enemy does not even have to be low health. I recently got reported because I rammed the last bot that had nearly full health in a co-op battle…

    • +General Cartman Lee

    • Michael Murillo Boudewins

      yeah Kind of have to agree

  5. Ohhhh maaaan . . . must have been SO satisfying to one shot that CV for the Kracken . . .

  6. Maikeru Uchiha90

    Bismarck player clearly played to much WOT.

  7. So many aircraft carriers in this game and too many ships in my port with weak AA. So much that, I have taken up golf. True story.

    • Even the good aa ships aren’t that good now my Massachusetts cant stop t6 cvs not that they do much damage but having them constantly buzzing around takes the fun out of the game I to have stopped playing and have taken up guitar again

    • +Danny Fisher I’ve been playing the Perth (maybe 5-6 games max versus my 10-12 games/day) and other mid-tier ships with smoke or good AA. As long as the CV leaves me alone I have fun. However, when you survive most of the battle and it you and your one CV versus two enemy CVs hiding behind an island across the map and you still need to cap, you’re dead as soon as they see you capping. It’s a nice slap in the face “reward” for playing the objective while two derpy, no skill, camping CVs throw everything they have at you.

    • +johnny b I have not try the Perth since the rework may have to give it a try ,objective play is a joke now for the reasons you mentioned my main gripe with cvs is they are not fun to play against there is no real counter play just rng roll of the dice if they hurt you or not and I hate that they can just keep throwing wave after wave at you with very little down time . The sims is still fun it trolls cvs with its aa but only so many times you can play the same ship without getting bored

    • +Danny Fisher Try it out, as long as there aren’t two CVs, it’s fun. Plus at tier 6-7 you don’t usually have a lot of radar making objective play even worse.

    • And When you play a schip with good AA its a game without CV.

  8. 14:45 Notser you speak for every player lol

  9. There is holding damage con, then there is never using it. If you have 5 with 10 min left I think it’s fine to use it when not detected (even a single fire)

  10. @Notser You have the same camo for purchase for the Lenin.

  11. Sebastian Wargny

    Notser they’re not grouping up to defend from the cv. A lot of players do this in hopes that enemies will shoot at different ships in the group, keeping any from getting focused since a lot of players aren’t great at mitigating damage

  12. Another fine display of patience and experience! You’re a really solid BB player, Notser. Thanks for the show!

  13. So, the Lenin is not much fun to play in most games?

  14. i play the lenin like a musashi in close, turn around and kite away slowly with working with the guns

  15. Welcome to my world of luck with WoWs containers… opened 11 premium – one Tier 5… opened another 50 to 60 standard – nothing…

  16. poor carrier. i had ´the same problem, UNTIL I UNLOCKED THE LEXINGTON. Well i still have that problem. help! HALP!!!

  17. The Lenin = Pull trigger and watch dispersion so bad your own shells hit the water behind you. Shotgun surgeon at its fines…….worst 🙂

  18. Do you need only premium soviet containers for this ships, from tech tree, or any soviet container ?

  19. “There’s too many CV’s in this game”… one t6 CV per side…. Alrighty then. Stopped watching right there. GG

  20. Just getting ready to finish the mission to unlock the Vladivostok and was going to ask how you liked playing it. Opps, that’s right you don’t have one! ? Ok that was mean. I do like the Lenin, my only problem is that I am always in T10 matches with CVs and that is brutal.

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