Lenin Impression – World of Warships

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Checking out the Premium tier 8 Soviet Battleship, Lenin, in a fun match. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Battleship Lenin Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj R; Warships Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. Ruski shoe used big nose

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Welcome Comrade Nelson!

  3. I really hope this comes out before the tech tree line is released. It will be nice to get a taste of what’s to come.

  4. 3:00 target above 15km will hard to hit, 11:47 happen, 6/9 hit

  5. Meister Wunderfart

    It’s not the Lenin… It’s the Nelski, Notser 😛

  6. So….. you’ll present only tier X and premium? I beg you. There are other tiers. I’m waiting for next Russian BBs 😉

    • Just a random Horse.

      Tier 8s don’t matter anymore, well haven’t for a long long time… premiums to most of us don’t matter, and I am quite curious about the tier 5,6,7. Maybe even the 9. (most likely I’ll stick to the t6-7 if they’re good.) Shame no one is showing those ships off…

    • Saw a few last night, pyotr or something and a ?? I forgot the other name… Sinop? I think.

      They were meh in the battle, Sinop was above average put the Peta bread was not very great. The 3rd one I seriously can’t recall any thing at all about it (shrug, maybe it died early or something)

  7. When you use Russian BB you no fear for dispersion comrade. Let the hand of Stalin guide you.

  8. Well it’s a better Nelson I believe since ppl can’t overmatch the nose, and I’m glad you can hit the citadel on these BBs because it feels more and more that a broadside BB is just fine and won’t be citadeled

  9. Russian BBs are so ‘grand’ and unrealistic that the only way they’d really fit into the game is if every action (repair party, firing, steering, etc) has a 50% chance of not working properly.

  10. Yuri Kanbaru 神原 駿河

    can you shoot your own superstructure with your second turret ? ?

  11. Who would win,
    Capitalist Nelson vs Weeb Nelson vs Communist Nelson

    • I love my WEEB Nelson lol

    • Aleksej Orolicki

      +Tom Yorke In the two battles I played, my team won both times, in the second one I sank four ships and I didn’t get sunk in either of the two battles. (I just got the ship) So yeah, about the ship being fun, I can only confirm it.

    • +Aleksej Orolicki ? The Lion doesn’t have forward mounted guns. It has a 3×3 layout.

    • @Yamato obviously, he is talking about the Izumo. Guess what is after the Amagi?

    • Still I love all of the Nelsons
      If I want to lose my weight I played Communist Nelson
      If I want to earn money, I played Capitalist Nelson
      If I want to Ruined People with tons of Poi, I played Weeb Nelson
      If I want to ruined people day, I played downgraded Yamato

  12. Once again a paper BB that is way faster than its structure allows…

  13. That’s pretty nimble for such a huge ship. Does the nose house a nuclear powerplant? Or is it a gulag with oarsmen?

  14. Why dont the Nelson and Izumo get that same 360?

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      +Andrew Turnbull Your definition of existence is wrong. For a ship to be implemented in WoWs, it does not require that the ship was built in metal. But that it was EITHER built or designed, has drafts, specifications or minutes written down, completed plans and so on. The logic “it was never built so it is fake/didnt exist” is a fallacy. May I remind you that this game is an arcade. It is PRECISELY the perfect place for ships that dint see the light of the day. Not only that but said ships are NECESSARY to fulfill the lines and mantain logical progression among the tiers. Lastly but not less important, what do you know about naval history in order to claim which ship is fake or not? Get over it, son.

    • +João Pedro Couto Cruz don’t recall using the boundaries of wows to ascertain if an object does exist or not my friend ‘ I simply use the logic of physical existence ‘ e.g I once drew a warship when I was 9 and I think the cannon on board fired elephants at the moon ‘ now even though it was perfectly draughted on paper even I as a 9yr old suspected that in all honesty it didn’t really exist except in my mind and also as a crayola picture, now maybe you should take a deep breath and think about how your going to stop making stupid comments, oh and I actually own my own battle cruiser castle and space rocket ‘ yeah you guessed it only on paper ha you clip bye bye.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      +Andrew Turnbull Thats why I exactly talked about the existence. See, WoWs is an arcade game, so far so good. It is the perfect place for ships that were not built. They only brings benefits:

      1) Players are able to play ships neglected by history, giving them a feeling of curiosity and interest
      2) Branches are filled properly and are given logical progression. Remember that most paper ships are preliminaries (preliminaries are several design under given specifications of a ship class, in which one is chosen to be laid up i.e. Myogi – Kongou)
      3) WG can create what if modernizations easier, although, of course, sometimes they tend to fail in the balancing factor.
      4) Branches that contain well known ships can come to life. The USSR BB line is the main example. Everyone knows Soviet Soyuz (the tier IX, aka project 23) and the community was eager for it.

      I wont discuss your other points since I see no gain from doing so, both for you and me. I clearly talked about ships designed by official naval engineers, under certain circustsnces. I never mentioned ships drawn up by people like you and me, students from the Naval college, or anything like it. To end my response, I shall repeat myself: if a ship was not built in metal, if it didnt exist phisically, said ship IS NOT less relevant under any aspect aside from the historical one, which is not relevant for the implementation of any ship into WoWs.

    • +Andrew Turnbull It’s a real design , Project 21 yeah , but i’m sure it didn’t had the 360 guns. It would have got angle that allows it to fire into the back with the best angle , but not 360.

    • Dunkerque also should have 360 number 1 turret then. Same goes with Richelieu and Jean Bart too i think.

    2 base instead of 3, 4 max instead of 5

    • +Vic does gaming
      It’s a major disadvantage that is identical to superintendent advantage.
      It seems no one ever notice or mention it, even when using caps lol.
      They still keep focusing on dmg con no matter what i write

    • +cobrazax reason they aren’t noticing could be becasue yuor saying damage repair not heal (also excuse my spelling there)

    • +Vic does gaming
      im saying repair party, not damage repair. and repair party IS the name of the consumable.

    • +cobrazax But most refer to it as the heal or in the case of the brit BBs print a new ship button.

    • +Darks63
      When someone used dmg con I say he used dmg con, not repair party.
      I’m sure someone can actually notice less repair party finally…
      1 less heal is a major disadvantage that is one of the MAIN disadvantages for duke of york for example, its always mentioned. its at a similar level to reload speed of that ship!

  16. The soviet battleships do seem a bit too strong to me right now, despite what other people are saying. Everyone says that the citadel placement as their only weakness keeps them balanced, but people forget that the Giulio Cesare has the exact same setup: good everything except citadel placement, which isn’t a weakness as long as you angle. For a decent player who knows how to position, these soviet battleships are basically never going to get citadelled and are resistant to HE, so you have battleships with cruiser accuracy that can basically tank anything as long as you aren’t a potato who gives full broadside, or else sits at 20km where they lose their accuracy buff.

    • Cesare also has superior long-range dispersion, unlimited DCP, and a much better torpedo belt. All of those make her easier to play than Soviet BBs, who need to be up close to be effective – a move that simultaneously makes it harder to avoid being citadeled. With the way Soviet dispersion scales, they’re even less accurate than the Germans at 15km+, and the dispersion only gets good at under 12km, where it passes the Japanese. You can get good dispersion rolls at long range, yes, but so can the Germans.

    • +GintaPPE1000 Cesare has better dispersion at range but its range doesn’t reach very far past 15km anyway. 15km is the range where a lot of the more skilled bb players will be sitting anyway, especially in a ship this tanky. The damage control thing isn’t that much of a weakness, how many times do you actually use your damage con in battle anyway if you are intelligent and only use it on double fires and floods? And the Russian one gets a fast cooldown. And Russian battleships have strengths over cesare too. Currently, as long as you are angled and reasonably close to the front line in a Russian bb, you have the most accurate guns, the most armor, the most hp, and an instant-win-in-a-cyclone button against all battleships. Saying that the raised citadel is a massive weakness is like saying Belfast and Kutuzov aren’t overpowered because “you can always mess up and use your smoke incorrectly or not at all, and get spotted while firing or torped”. In order to take advantage of the citadel weakness on a Russian bb, he either must play extremely poorly, or you need to rush across the battlefield into the enemy spawn and get right up on his broadside, by which time he will have killed you with pinpoint accurate AP salvos into your superstructure. And remember that Russian battleship citadels still aren’t as exposed as yamato’s, which has the section which can be hit frontally with minimal penetration. You need a perfect broadside on a Kreml and 410mm+ actual penetration to get those massive hits.

    • Dont forget. All the Russian BBs have probably the strongest mid-range AA guns in the game. Moreso than even the USN cruisers.

  17. I still think the unique accuracy the russian bbs have should have been attributed to the german bbs to make them better in the game meta.

  18. So the Soviet BB “traits” are Limited repair, shitty accuracy at range, above water citadel, basically worthless radar consumable. Sounds like a fun line

  19. Notser: “(…) It’s also a unique experience”
    Nelson: “GET BENT, MATE”

  20. You forgot the Dunkerque, Richelieu, and Jean Bart, they also are part of the forward mounted guns collection.

    • They are have front facing guns, but the layout of French ones are superior to the ones in Nelson and Lenin.

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