Lenin with Accuracy and Damage Control Nerf – World of Warships

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Checking out the updated of the Soviet Battleships and the nerfed duration Damage Control. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Soviet Battleship Lenin Replay

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  1. Who in charge nerf this prepare to go to gulag

  2. Accuracy is still beastly even with the change. Getting 80-85% shells on target at medium range. I’m def playing these as I like brawling and the German BB’s have been irrelevant for a long time now.

    Really should give each nation’s BB a accuracy buff within a certain window. Would really help with the passiveness, especially high tier. Such a snooze fest at the top.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +GintaPPE1000 Invulnerabulity. Dude she can citadel HERSELF. At close range if you aim waterline and got guns stronger than the french 380mm you can definitely get 2 citadels or more. Republique can citadel annihilate an Alsace from 14 kilometers away. They should buff Alsaces accuracy and you cant change my mind. Im pretty hypocritical since when I was a lot more noobish I tought the Alsace was OP and deserved the nerf but now shes okay but. Id prefer Iowa turrets in everything expect point blank.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Craeshen German BB’s need buffed secondary accuracy like the Massachusets and while this isn’t 100or neccesary they could really use this close range accuracy boost.

    • Ussr BBs have more accuracy than Yamato :3
      Dont believe in Weedgaming, they are lying you. Slightly nerf, strongly buff

    • +Craeshen For sure for finally getting some good guns and a decent amount of them, GK is still hindered by it’s innacuracy and it’s size/clumsiness.

      Slightly more accurate secondaries would be nice. But I would take a accuracy buff within a certain range instead any day. Dispersion has trolled me too many times at medium and even close range. Not having a decent amount of guns just compounds the dispersion issue at T9 and lower. Having a faster reload doesn’t really help when your lucky to get 2 or 3 shots on target at close range broadside targets.

    • Ty for keeping everything civil btw everyone. If only the WoWS forum would be like this, lol.

  3. Hey Notser, will you post a vid show how a player sailing other lines counters a pushing Russian BB? Let’s assume “whole team works together to focus” is no more likely tomorrow than it is today. What does a French BB do? American BB? German? Will open water cruisers still be viable with one of these ships pushing? It feels like the nose-in super-accurate Russian BBs are going to cause more hiding and camping with the existing lines, and (oh joy) more HE from BBs.

    • the only Nose in russian BB is the Lenin. the rest have to show an angle to bring full firepower to bear. Also, we already deal with nose in BBs alot. I doubt this will change much, except maybe you have to be more careful about them shooting back( although be real, against any BB, if you arent careful about them they are gonna wreck you)

    • The Russian BB repair party makes them very weak against HE spam, and their armour falls apart very quickly if they are caught broadside. The main counters are therefore 1. Spam them with HE from long range or 2. Push the other caps and crossfire the Russian BB to hit the exposed citadel.

  4. I don’t like it, 15km accuracy was good, I want even that change for my Germans…

  5. Christopher Jonasson

    Very balanced, u can get 6 out of 9 on target while the guy at the other end gets 2 out of 9 on u

  6. I really enjoy Nostsers videos, but sometimes he confuses the hell out of me. He made a 15 minutes rant the other day, because the T5 Giulio Cesare was not going to be pushed to T6. Here, he give us a 14 minute fap feast over the Lenin, stating again, again he’s love for it and its unquestioning Mother Russian OP features and how its a good thing……

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Lukos0036 To be fair Moskva is fine. Henri IV is so overtuned tho.

    • +Spineking Jørgensen Henry is not nearly as dangerous as a Des Moines. In the matches I have been in it isn’t nearly as common as Zao, DM, and Moskva ether.

    • This coming off his last video? Very Notser. Very different story when it is something he personally plays and likes. Not sure it’s worth watching this channel any more to be honest. He doesn’t add any additional value or point of view over more levelheaded CC’s out there, and is a shame because he used to bring objectivity and the like to an analysis. Now? He seems more a crying-man baby WarGaming shill. Done with him now.

    • +Lukos0036oskva is still mediocre with the buffs

    • +Lukos0036 I cant imagine a yamato with 640m turning radius and faster rudder shift… Because is a russian game ?

  7. All I see is a BB line that takes every other BB line’s main strength and just puts it all into one BB line. Basically just power crept IJN and American BBs out of existence over the last year.

  8. They should do something like this for all ships to tighten up engagement a little. Camping on the moon and lobbing shells and/or setting fires is crap.

  9. heh, this was an accuracy nerf? Looks accurate.

  10. People must be self-conscious when you’re in-game because you always got someone being a total twat in chat.

  11. Glorious stalinium battleship with long beefy nose will make meat pieces out of enemy puny paddle boats…

  12. Wow this line is not overpowered at all!

  13. Lol 12 km…. yeah like much games happening at this ranges especially at start…. so at start this ship is useless no damage control to tank and no accuracy to shot from far. And see how Notser started from last part of the game

  14. This is not a nerf, but a buff. The lower the accuracy the more Stalin will guide thy shells.

  15. GC players have already said that they don’t want game balance, they want pay 2 win.

  16. Spineking Jørgensen

    Noster complains about Giulio Cesare but thinks the Russian BB’s dont deserve nerf’s. Personally i felt like Noster improved his content a lot but his a sellout for WG’s new content.

    Edit: May I remind they got the best rudder and for the tier 10 the second best concealment + close range cruiser accuracy and insane survivability. Turret traverse too. Personally id say nerf their insane rudders and a little like 3-4 or 5 second nerf to their turret traverse. Atleast 3. For the love of god thp give Kreml 15.9 km concealment with the concealment upgrade like kurfurst. Either shes as visible as kurfurst or shes 15.8 km beacuse its abselute bullshit if she gets better stealth than Montana and Republique.

  17. Ussr BBs have more accuracy than Yamato :3
    Dont believe in Weedgaming, they are lying you. Slightly nerf, strongly buff……..

  18. How do you not just blind fire a shot there at the end instead of just letting the game end?

  19. Huh…. WG said it Premium ships will never get nerfed…..
    WG: Hold our Vodka

  20. This strength of the ship is good. This strength of the ship is bad. This strength of the ship tastes like chicken. Nerfs in WoWs are so confusing

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