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Testing out the updated version of Leone, first version had worse shell arcs and was a real chore to play right. Updated feels much better, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!@

Tier VI Italian Destroyer Leone Replay

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  1. Early …

    Really early

  2. Italians and their floating pizza design

  3. the duca de abruzzi and arosta are better italian dds

  4. But the aigle got buffed to the torps from 7.5 to 8km making it usable 🙂

    • It was usable before the buff, you just had to play more cautious. If you saw a Belfast smoke. Sneak slowly up on it before sending torps but if spotted use that speed boost to get away. Also fire at your 12km range at targets.

  5. Wargaming has got me by the jewels on their Italian ships. I’ve got all four, so far, and even though they all have flaws I still love them and play them the most. I’m not a DD driver, but I’m still getting this ship.

    • well they ahistorically modeled the roma for balance reasons giving her ap that is supposed to work as her he(despite them not giving it’s irl pen) instead of her actual he (much higher he filler). also using her super ap that was literally only used on battleships instead of her normal ap^see above. oh yeah completely modelling the armor making the citadel worse. but yeah other than that. ?well and not putting the puglise system modifier on the guilio cesare?

    • +Angelo Barker I mean, I get that they’ve had to fudge the numbers for balance reason, otherwise I think the Roma would have been more impressive if she was modelled more closely to the real thing.

    • +Gripen047 yeah it’s a shame they got their misguided accuracy ideas from the idiot admiral who was trying to cover his ass for his defeat at matapan. All tests by allies and italy both show comparable dispersion with other battleships of the age. If they gave roma her actual high explosive or just gave her two forms of ap and no he it would be better.

    • +Angelo Barker I think giving her the two AP rounds would have definitely upped her uniqueness in the game.

  6. If you think about it this way; T-61 has only 4 guns to Leone’s 8, but T-61 guns reload in just FOUR seconds stock, Leone guns reload at 8.5 seconds stock. So with or without BFT the T-61 will always have a shell per minute advantage AS WELL as her torps, Hydro, and oddly better speed! I say oddly because T-61 is kinda slow at 35 Knots base, but Leone is only 34 Knots! Also Leone torps do LESS damage as well!

    I can see nothing redeeming about this ship. And I LOVE the Cossack! Which is a similar style but at tier 8, that said everything about Cossack is SIGNIFICANTLY better, even tier for tier! Hell even her 4 torps are more useful by far! They reload in the same amount of time (Leone’s twin launchers take a full MINUTE to reload! Compared to 47 seconds stock on Kamikaze/Fujin which are far more deadly and fast torps as well as having 3×2 launchers!)

    This is a solid FAIL design for WOWS, maybe at tier 5? Maybe nerfed a little for tier 4?

    • LOL AND T-61 TORPS RE ARM AS FAST AS LEONE’S HAHAHAHA! Okay, they do take 8 seconds longer – for TWICE THE FISH!

    • +DysphoricSmile T-61 is overpowered, or at least as much as it’s possible for a Tier 6 DD to be overpowered.

      The real issue is that every other Tier 6 DD is also better overall than Leone. T-61 really stands out because it’s better at *everything* than Leone, but there isn’t a single DD in the tier that I would choose Leone over.

      This is a Tier 5 ship that Wargaming for some reason wants to shoehorn into Tier 6. I’m not sure what it is with Italian ships getting overtiered. It’s as if after undertiering Giulio Cesare, they’re paranoid about making another Italian ship be overpowered. Duca d’Aosta and Duca degli Abruzzi both also ought to be a tier lower than they currently are. But with Leone, if they moved it down to Tier 5, it would basically be a bigger, badder version of Clemson. But without the sealclubbing potential, since it wouldn’t have the protected matchmaking of Tier 4.

    • Yeah. I’d not compare any similar tier DD to the Kami sisters. They were removed from sale for a reason. 😀

  7. It seems very bland and just medicore overall. I wouldnt have used the  torpedo accleration though, the 12KM slow torps of the Aosta and Abruzzi come in really handy as people dont see them coming due to how slow they are. Either way, I hope they do a little to spice the ship up, not to be OP but to seem a little bit more than just another regular destroyer.

  8. Even with the improved velocity T-61 shells are faster to the target beyond, like 3 to 5 kma! And yes Leone has twice the guns, however – they take OVER twice as long to reload, so T-61 has the shell per minute advantage as well as a MASSIVE AP DPM advantage, 8 torpedoes that only take 8 seconds longer to reload than Leone’s 4 Torpedoes total! Also Kamikaze/Fujin with 3×2 launchers, yeah they take just 47 seconds base to reload their tubes, and they are FAR more potent torps too!

  9. Anyone else starting to wonder if we will have to pay for ALL the italian ships?

  10. Why do I have Liberty City vibes from hearing that name.

  11. So next year will this ship be nerfed to tier 7

    • It would have to be overperforming a LOT though ^^ .

    • +[BFs]Karaya 1 I was being sarcastic as their are many dd’s better than this one, but on a real note I want what I pay for and will wait and see what happens with a other ship before I open my wallet for a while.

  12. Still think Leone in T6 is not a good idea

  13. Hey Notser! I really enjoy your content and your voice! 🙂
    Can you please make a video on République ??? If she is good with the CV rework or compare to the other tier X. 😀
    Thank you and keep up the good work :)))))

  14. t6. = pre or early WW2 designs. Before CVs were even a real thing. The trait the Italian, Navy, Ship designers, actually “labored” over was SPEED. All Italian ships should have a built in better then average TOP speed in WoWS. They ran their ship trials with stripped down and not fully loaded ships to, give the world the impression their ships were the fastest. Hence why some of the French ships are “fast”. The two countries thinking the next war would have them fighting over African colonies. I was sad to see the speed boost consumable given to the French ships. Yet still holding out hope for SPEED being an Italian ship trait. Always Remember the Italian Ships are/were actually Good. Their Admirals, and most Italians just had No will to fight and Die for the Fascists. Being American and mostly from my own ww2 research I am sure there are, mostly, native Italians, that will be happy to agree or disagree, and I welcome such discussions. After all Jingles just posted a WoWS video about a WW2 naval historical writer playing WoWS. SO not only is WoWS doing something right. It seems to me it invites historical discussions on the topic. Minus Sky Cancer of course. LOL

  15. From the looks of the thumbnail thought it was a cv at first ??

  16. Urhgg I still remember this ship since the 1st round on its WiP… its like shooting the enemy ships with fireballs using a catapult system…

  17. I’m wonderinf if/when we’ll see the two italian carriers: Sparviero and Aquila

  18. Soviets more or less had NO BBs in WWII. Italians had several. Same goes for cruisers.
    WG “logic”: We need the Soviet BB line before the Italian. We’ve already done the cruisers and DDs.
    Yes, I know they’re pandering to the Russian player base.
    Would love to know which player bases spend the most money on the game, however. Is it loads of Russians, or the more Western nations, that provide most of the income?

  19. Italian DDs: Pizza and mediocrity.
    IJN DDs: Torpedoes and “not the face!”
    Russian DDs: Gotta go fast! “nyooom!” (~^3^)~
    British DDs: Tea steam for smoke, and weak dakka at any angle.
    USN DDs: Guns, forever smoke, and “oh god they got radar!”
    German DDs: Schnitzel and hydro acoustic hax.

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