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Premium IJN tier 7 BB, Ashitaka.

Definitely not the ship I enjoyed playing last time I played it but it came up on stats page so here we go.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. really like this series, helps me to improve within my current progress, thanks Flambass… still we need some more “Hans” Games 😉

  2. Ib Erik Söderblom

    RNG says “NO!”

  3. Wow that Fletcher player at the start… That was so braindead.
    Oh my God that whole team

  4. Nice ram between the friendly Asashio and the enemy Benham, one chose to charge to the other one’s side knowing the other have plenty of torps, and the other one had plenty of torps while still letting that happen

    • Well, the Asashio tried on numerous occasions to torp other dd’s, so I think it can be a bit so so to consider a thought process on the Asashio’s part, at least beyond the “I can ram, so why shoot”

  5. i just saw ashitaka average dmg in EU being 50k … my average dmg with it is 71k while getting matched with musashis every second game XD Nice 153k flambass

  6. 14:28 – the best moment in this game lmao.

  7. Benham : “your torps cannot hit me !”
    Asashio : “dodge this you filthy casual !”

  8. Your fletcher at A smoking up the enemy team and your asashio at B ramming the benham….wtf people?

    • Benham was too close, and Asashio won’t outgun a Benham. The ram was probably his best chance to kill Benham. It worked. It may have been possible to sneak past Benham and go torp Minnesota, but then Benham would still be very much alive and an even greater threat to Flambino than both Atago and Minnesota combined.

    • Shawn Christensen

      @lunsmann Aye, Flambino made a big deal out of it, like it was a bad play, but in all honestly it was probably the best play at the time when surrounded by a Benham, an Atago, and a Minnesota while being detected. The real tragedy was the Roon also dying to that other DD.

  9. I need to improve on the Flint, just picked it up and and Im 0-3 on wins with ok average, just need to learn how to make the thing work.

  10. @Jojo Divas I already saw Flambass driving the Montana in Youtube. First time was his hp dropped suddenly to 3k from full health because he was blapped by enemy Repub and Montana. Second was he drove a Montana in the middle of twin brothers map and blap a Richellue to death in single salvo.

  11. Benham: No torps of yours can hit me
    Assashio: Then fuck the torps, I am the torp

  12. 5 min before the ram, the Asashio torped at him. @11:30

  13. I see I am not the only one whom RNG has not been nice to lately. BB guns are all over the place currently.

  14. Once more requesting the Mutsuki.

  15. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Teammate RNG makes it unplayable. More fun to watch uputubers suffer while playing more fun games like holdfast

  16. “Never correct your enemy when he is making a mistake”

  17. Keep doin this Flambass… this is damn nice to look at and u are helpin poor ships (u r goin to heaven 🙂 ) I think top tier battles are boring as hell bacause all players are sailin Minas, KG, Zao and so on. Long live the odd ones an low-mid tier battles 🙂

  18. 99.99 percent of bb players in asia server would’ve ran to centre of the map and get rolled over.

  19. That Asashio went back to port in style.

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