Let’s Improve Balans – World of Warships

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Premium Russian tier 10, Balans…I mean Slava.

It’s OP, it’s broken, there’s not much to say, but even OP Russian ships can’t carry some teams.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. RNG always favors those soviet ships. Just modeling how resilient they were in real life.

    • You know that ship is actually pretty bad right? It’s a research bureau ship and yet it only has a 52.13% winrate. That’s pretty bad for a restricted ship. Ohio has 2% more and Bourgogne is straight up 4% higher.

    • @dzello Correct. But Flambass is sadly like Flamu with the whole “muh russian bias ((” bullshit. Try this ship in anything remotely competitive like clan battles against non-potatoes. Oh look, the ship suddenly sucks HARD.

    • @Drop Well, Flambass is even more into the russian bias thing than Flamu sadly.

      Especially considering its currently not much of a thing outside of Petro.

    • Dutch BIAS is about to become very real… And just wait till they add the all powerful Chinese navy, which will beat everything because a) its an emerging market and b) they will make lots of money.

    • @Martin Palmer Thats a lot of if and not a lot of reality.

  2. I’m kinda starting to give up on asking for Mutsuki.
    Do it, Flambass!

    • mutsuki useless as soon as you wil leave your self from it that much better it is unlock fubuki as fast you can

  3. That friendly Halland deserves a medal! =^[.]^=

  4. Let’s Improve – Slava -> good title
    Let’s Improve Slava -> Oh no

  5. Has anybody noticed how many videos he uploaded to YouTube when he is eating. I think it calms him down and gives him a edge. Any thoughts out there ?

  6. Title is ironically hilarious.

  7. That alaska really didn’t now how to aim above the belt

  8. Yes she has. most of Soviet ships have something like this. I don’t remember where you can check how it looks

  9. i think even montana look good in comparison with Slava.

  10. Hey Flambino, I hope your eyes are recovering well!

  11. Flambass. Watching you play the game lately is like watching a friend in a loveless marriage. lol

  12. Lord Runolfr Ulfsson

    (13:40) How do you get an over-penetration shooting a battleship from the front?

  13. I find that when I kill 3 or 4 ships in a battle, I have a 50/50 chance at winning. If I don’t carry the team, that number drops. I never get a good team.

    • What ships do you play?

    • @OttoK Lots of ships, but mainly Halland, Thunderer, Shimakaze, Venezia, Petropavlosk.

    • Ha! I’m regrinding the US DD line for RP and first game in the Clemson 6 kills and 100k damage but it’s a loss with the enemy team having 6 surviving ships. The teams I have had so far on this regrind I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  14. I don’t get to catch you on twitch so i don’t know but how is your cat doing?

  15. Слава Сахно

    @rys4k Gamemodels3d – that is the site, you mentioned. But IRC, without payment you can look only up to T6.

  16. Slava it’s just sniper ship, red team with brain and strategy can severely impair his performance by not having targets of opportunity.

  17. Feel so good to see the weege balans get smashed….. Even though I love flamba.

  18. Patiently waiting for lets improve montana

  19. secondaries battle, Alaska vs Slava, *clonk* *clonk*

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