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Italian tech tree tier 10 BB, C.Colombo.

Uses SAP instead of HE and for the most part, from what I saw, you should stick to SAP in almost all cases.

SAP will just do better than AP, unless you’re absolutely certain you’ll get citadels.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Italian pasta made better 🙂

  2. Reinhardt Maritz

    Damn I take ages to choose my captain skills. Flambass just smashes them like it was an inconvenient survey loool

    • it’s a survivability build BB captain with a couple of changes for switching shells and slow turrets

    • @アカイ And WG’s argument for the captain skill rework for that it would diversify the builds – yeah, about that – we are back to the traditional tank build for BB’s that just got more expensive. GG WG.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      Also, he has so much doubloons that errors aren’t an issue.
      I’m super careful because I can’t afford to experiment with builds.

    • @Stefan Pajung That is why we have a rework of the commander rework coming up, where you will get free resets… Don’t say they aren’t trying to fix what they broke

    • @Will Jolliff Yeah, they rework the commander skills ye again, which in effect results in the players having to pay WG more money. Gotcha.

  3. Oh Flambass, didnt know youre croatian.
    Have you ever heard of a survival game called Scum? If I’m not mistaken this game is made by a croatian team. Its on Steam, i recommend you check it out, its very good.
    Cheers from Brazil 😀

  4. “Never seen a Slav not in a track suit” you owe me a beer, and a key board!

    • you you you..you..oh yes. you croation you. yea, I remember.. all the cool spys got the Yugoslav postings. Night club owners were cleaning up! The stories I heard about the night life,, whow! You folks manage to keep any of the romance of it all?

  5. The Italian commander ate his vegatables.

  6. “Water polo is a dirty sport.” I am not trying to be funny, but I would never have known that if someone hadn’t told me. That being said, I don’t watch a SHIT TON of water polo, so……

  7. Can we get a match in the Lyon? I have tried using it for Ranked and it’s very inconsistent. Once match I’ll do 100k and get high caliber, next match I barely survive the first volley from enemy BBs.

  8. My only question about water polo is this: How do you keep the horse from drowning?
    (Standard disclaimer for the humor impaired: The above was a joke, and not intended as a serious question.)

  9. Today I learned that in water polo you wear swimming panties.

  10. Flambass: “You know I’ve never personally met an Italian that didn’t fit this oddly specific thing.”

  11. Soccer games should be 2*30 Min instead looooong 90 mins.

    • American Football could use a trim, too. Three hour game, thirteen minutes of actual action on the field. =9[.]9=

    • Nope, lenght of the game isn’t the problem. Problem is the number of games played during one season – usually you have around 40 league games, plus national cups, qualifier and cup games with your national teams for Euro or World Cup, then different European club competitions (not to mention pre-season and national friendlies). Top teams are basically playing at least 2 games per weeek whole season, so when you add them world or continental competitions during the summer break, no wonder you have players crashing on the field just like what happened to Eriksen.

  12. for some reason i heard Marco Polo when Flambass was saying about water polo and i was wondering what u mean by ‘Have u played Marco Polo with a Hard-core team’

  13. I stopped watching sports when they all disappeared onto pay per view.
    Sod off am I spending the same I’d pay for a movie i can watch endlessly to watch an F1 race or rug y game that MIGHT be good, ONCE

  14. Needs range over anything. I had to build for Aiming Systems due to Italian Shotgun tendencies, and the fact the gimped range isn’t even historically accurate is just daft.

  15. so… we’re just not gonna talk about that guy asking the venezia to radar in chat at 7:00

    • Well…. considering just about every ship in the last year or so, especially cruisers, gets a radar, can you really blame them?

  16. Vaterpolo is like a long distance swimming mixed with wrestling where almost everything is allowed (under the water) except straight up drowning the other guy. And somewhere amongst all of that, you need to find strenght to basically jump out of the water up to your wasteline and shoot a not so small and light ball. So yeah, vaterpolo players are a special kind of people.

  17. I like your “Let’s Improve” Series. This motivates me to not always play the same ships over and over again. 🙂

  18. Charles Machinist

    And now, back to warships with Flambass the moaning Croatian

  19. Italians with ‘higher’ voice tones tend to be ‘city folk’. Countryside people have more mellow bass voices. People mimic sounds they are accustomed to; think of the Italian car horns versus the lowing of bulls in the countryside. Do you see what I am smack talking about? (jk)

  20. Continuing to develop your dreams > watching sports. Agreed.

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