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Premium tier 8 French BB, Champagne.

It has 406mm guns which are supposed to be accurate, especially at range.

It has very poor armor and it’s most definitely not a brawler.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Guns are shit until you expect them to not do shit. good game flambass.

  2. Borodino also has 406mm Guns. The Tier 7 Poltawa has 356mm

  3. When the Champagne is on, she can devastate ships at range, but here is the kicker, even when she is off, where most ships are doomed to the pits of RNG hell, she will still consistantly get at least one hit in.. to top that she is super fast..

  4. HappyJoyKill Last

    As soon as you launched that last salvo, I started thinking to myself the angles were not good on that CV…..unless you found a weakspot at that angle, then the shells might slam into it nicely. Low and behold you watch teh shells fly in right under the flight deck. The first one registering on it’s own then the next two within a single frame. For my 2 cents also Flambass, you were not citadelled at the start of the match. You took 12.5khp then a couple of 3.5khp’s and the amount you healed was half of what you took. All numbers approx =P

    • Ranger has really thin armour, so it was probably the overmatch mechanic coming in to play there

    • Sometimes you see your volley and your feeling tells you right the moment of hitting the target : yeep that will spank him xD

  5. Yukon beasts NC angled perfectly. Believe me this.

  6. That ‘O’ face at the end kekekekeke

  7. Love this ship. The thing about Champagne is that it has the second highest AP pen of all battleships of any tier. Only Slava is higher. That can make the shells a bit difficult to use at close ranges.

    • @Le_Potate see reply above.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 and the biggest contributor to the amount of pen issssss? Shell velocity. Champagne has some of the highest shell velocity of any BB. Soooo, while you aren’t wrong you are confused.

    • @Le_Potate Im not confused, im technically correct.
      Using your logic, Stalingrad (which has waay higher Shell velocity btw) should have similar overpenning problems.
      Heck even GK has close to Champagnes Shell velocity.

      The problem Champagne has is that its a T8 and can face T6 cruisers a lot.
      They simply dont arm the shells in some cases. regardless of how fast the shell is.
      Same with the US dreadnought All or nothing armor scheme as seen in the video.
      While yes Speed is an important factor in pen values to be sure, The pen value itself still has no correlation to overpen vs pen.

    • @Le_Potate No actually, you just don’t understand how WOWS works. In WOWS, like the other guy said, you cannot have ”too much penetration”. 10 000 meters of penetration is a good thing in WOWS, you just don’t know WOWS mechanics basically. The other guy is actually right, you are not.

      And for added info, I’ll tell you your mistake: you have no fucking clue what penetration value is.

    • I meant you literally just said that the lowered fuze time is why.
      but its nice to see that as soon as there is an interesting discussion you go straight to namecalling… Good job. I hope you feel better now.

      I guess its hard to accept that someone else is technically correct. I get it.
      The original assumption was that higher Pen resulted in more overpens, which is simply not true. The high shell speed together with Fuze arming threshold and fuze time are the reason.
      The fact that higher speed shells usually have higher pen (but nowhere near always) is completely irrelevant to disprove the original assumption.
      I meant you literally just said that the lowered fuze time is why.

  8. I love how I just covered this ship myself for the legends version.

  9. wows doesnt have anything to do with where you aim or which caliber your shells are, you’re basically just playing a lottery every time you fire

  10. It’s always great when testers dont even use camos. Had a 3 ship div yesterday at T9 say they don’t use them because they save them all for clan wars. Cool. I get it. I barely, barely play this game and have hundreds of them. Come on, man.

  11. undertakernumberone1

    13:42 CV buff incoming. Citadel removed. Automatic Shell deflection system added.

  12. It makes me emo, that you were able to 100-0 a light cruiser and didn’t seem happy about it lol. That always improves my day.

  13. Flambass: Complaining about how his ship can’t do damage.
    WG: Triple citadel and deletion of a cruiser.
    Flambass: Quiet

    • that’s RNG for you, the more you complain in front of others, the more it’s inclined to give you good hits.

  14. This game just sucks too much random bull and super inconsistent that’s why people don’t play this game. One week I’m blasting everyone the next week it’s overpen, shatter, one pen. I shot a broadside Nelson in my Sinop from 11 km half the shells fell in the water all shattered that hit. So I aimed a little higher and all the shells went over the target.

  15. Nice to see Yukon out there and having a good game.

  16. They call it Champagne not because you celebrate after you play it, but because you need a fucking drink.

  17. 4:30 he didnt citadel you tho. he just got a bunch of pens.

    Kinimod did probably similar things to you, except he was one tier lower 😉

  18. First salvo: I hate this ship.
    Last salvo: oooooof.

  19. cant wait when this ship will be on sale again… Do you think they will make T9-10 version of it?

  20. Look on the bright side, the game gives you plenty of excuses to complain since that seems to be your favorite thing to do, you should be appreciative of the fact the games developers are idiots!

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