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British tier 9 tech tree ship, Drake is next on the menu.

Needless to say, I don’t have a high opinion on british heavy cruiser line.

I played them when they came out and was disappointed, but going through them again, some do tend to shine more then I expected.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. ORKS_Media_Relations

    I find Drake to be very strong.

  2. “We Destroyed their Destroyer”
    200 IQ line right here Wargaming 😀

  3. Noname Nameless

    Lol, the speech at the end…WG Head of HR: “Hire this guy immediately!!! It usually takes our senior level PR employees 3 days to come up with that statement and he just does it on the fly! Oh and before I forget, send our old PR guys to the development team, they ll find something to do for them…maybe submarines or whatever!” 😉

  4. “If only this ship was better at setting fires”… gets “Witherer” 10 mins later… never change Flambass <3

    • Thought about the same. Especially the statement, that “half of these fires are extinguished immediately” … well, that happens to every fire.

  5. I understand why Drake needs fixing, if playing it is as boring as it is to watch Flambass play it – DULL.

  6. Dominate K-Poper

    That was a flawless speech.

  7. Ib Erik Söderblom

    Lets find a bunch of friendly torps, and sail right in front of them !

  8. That’s the wrong attitude. “Better than many” it is. Take the stats. It has the second worse stats by dmg and the second worse by wr.
    When u talk about specific parameters u need to consider it relating to what u want to do with her.
    Sniper? Compare her to Yama and Slava. Not enough penetration, bad shell velocity.
    DPM? Compare to Thunderer, Conquerer.
    Brawler? Compare to GK and Ohio.
    Iowa for instance has a point. She has concealment and can surprise people. Etc.
    Any ship would be better than Monty. Sorry.

  9. End was pretty accurate except that when the Dutch ship fiasco “dies down” is when they’ll introduce subs.

  10. @[BFs]Karaya 1 I think she’s a bit of an all rounder but just lacking something extra.

    She has a lot of guns and they are accurate, but that doesn’t really mean much when you can’t overmatch. High tier cruisers are so manoeuvrable that Montana can feel anaemic sometimes.

    In terms of tankiness.. she’s okay. She has an easy to hit citadel if she shows broadside, and if we’re completely honest, against fires it really doesn’t matter about 38mm plating. Superstructure just makes her susceptible to big hits as well.

    For speed and maneuverability, she’s not great. She’s got decent speed but her acceleration is bad and he rudder shift is incredibly slow.

    Her AA is better than most other BBs but then all AA is pretty crap at the end of the day.

    Basically you end up with a fast-ish battleship, which is easy to citadel, not particularly tanky, relies of broadsides to pen, but isn’t particularly stealthy, and its bad at maneuvering.

    It doesn’t really have a role.

    I personally think all they have to do to make this BB good again is improve stealth to the best in the tier X bb in the game, increase max speed by 2 knots, and improve manoeuvrability. It would be great for a Montana just to stealth into forward positions and catch people’s broadsides, and have the manoeuvrability to dodge dd torps (being in the forward position). Of course it would still have it’s bad bow armour and huge citadel, so if you play it wrong, it would go down quickly.

  11. That rant at the end…so true!

  12. @[BFs]Karaya 1 I played Montana in ranked a few months ago and then switched to Iowa. The Iowa was so much easier to play. The 12km detection meant I could stealth into crazy positions and decimate the enemy team

  13. Is it just me or had the RNG and Dispersion gotten so bad this game feels more like luck than skill anymore?

    • David Carpenter

      Yeah, recently it seems that way.

    • Yep, I find myself yelling at the screen… how the F did that miss as all 16 shells splash either side of the superstructure and some apparently so close they went *through* the enemy ship to get there.
      Probably a desync issue … but its frustrating nonetheless

  14. Just another fine example of both the value of early cap control *AND* securing kills. It’s not enough to damage the enemy; you have to *SINK* them, or they will happily continue trying to sink *YOU.* =9[.]9=

  15. WG: What kind of sorcery is that? How does he know, what is our plan, when we don’t know it ourselves?

  16. David Carpenter

    “I hope the whole server get nuked” Yep, especially after the subs come too.

  17. Flambass : “Blue lining is bad”
    Also Flambass :

  18. If they wanted to fix drake, they’d have given her an icebreaker bow, or improved the reload, or made the bow 27mm and the freeboard 30mm

  19. Ronald Matthews Sr

    Love these “improve the stats videos”

  20. Brother, every one wants to be able to say ” I sunk the great Flambass “, I will sign the petition awarding a new medal to those that can show they did it on your original acct.

  21. 16 inch guns have been power crept by 2 things.
    1) Overpen mechanics/AP fuse timers. Smaller 380mm guns are more effective than 16″ due to more forgiving/optimal fuse timers…

    This makes 16s feel bad.

    2) New battleships with hidden plates and “spaced armor” that often take full pens but get 0 damage. I consider that to be a game bug… but it impacts 16 inch guns more than anything. 18 inch class guns tend to have enough pen to punch through the spaced armor and hidden plates, smaller 380mm guns dont seem to penetrate far enough to get to the bugged zone, so usually still deal damage.
    Gamebreaking bug that 16″ is optimal at inducing. Wargaming doesn’t seem to want to fix it either.

    Basically all of these changes and the addition of so many ships with 18″ guns,as well as the artificially improved 380mm and the absolutely stupid fuse timer causes Overpen thing means theres a lot of changes that hurt 16″ ships like Montana a lot more than alternative ships not armed with 16s.

    Try fighting a Jean Bart with Montana AP.. then try again using Yamato/Musashi/Ohio/Colombo/Lepanto.
    You quickly see whats wrong with 16 inchersm

  22. thederogativeworld

    @alcel24 The stats aren’t always a great indication of ship capabilities, only what the playerbase did with it. I recall Des Moines having horrid average damage compared to other tier 10 CA’s because so many people played it for radar and DD hunting rather than as a DPM monster.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong necessarily, but it’s definitely something to consider.

    And she does seem to have a place in clan battles, at least with how I’ve had her used. Fantastic at creating and punishing crossfires, and unspecialized enough to get things done decently in terms of tanking, positioning, and throwing her weighty shells into people. Also probably the best BB when it comes to those quick clutch AP shots at DDs, which seems to happen a bit too often in CB.

    Also this is all a nice way of saying I have no clue why he didn’t say GK instead of Monty

  23. Dương Quang Tài Anh

    Drake is a really good Ship. I have many good performance on her when playing rank 😀

  24. well i had 230k aa dmg in clan battle with petro gues what cv i had 😀

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