Let’s Improve – Enterprise – World of Warships

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Premium USN tier 8 carrier, Enterprise.

It’s a very powerful carrier, but I apparently didn’t do too well in it stats wise so here we go.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Ah yes “Owari da”

  2. A fun and engaging experience was had by all.

  3. Play Mutsuki!

  4. When was this recorded? Because they changed how rockets are dropped didn’t they? 🤨

    • @AKUJIVALDO It’s literally the same topic. Guy above said rocket change is bad. Then you said that rocket change is only bad for CVs. I’m just explaining why rocket change isn’t good for other ships as well (besides DD).

    • @MattRocket change isn’t good for other ships. LOL
      Oh no…so anyway CVs collect less DMG from DDs and recouping it from BBs and Cruisers. Bohoo. They have Repair Parties.

    • @AKUJIVALDO exactly, so now they camp more. glad we agree.

    • Rick rolled bitch

      God bless the rocket plane rework

    • I mean, a few seconds extra lead time on the rockets will nerf this monstrosity right? Right?

  5. Ah this is before the rocket changes

  6. Kiều Đức Anh

    you actually did a cv improvement

  7. “Great! Let’s see how he does in a Cv for once”

    Makes it to the loading screen.

    “Nope! To boring!”

  8. Waiting for WG to give japanese carriers kamikaze planes that citadel, cause fires, and flooding

  9. Now then play a CV after rocket nerf

  10. What I would give to physically see WG’s spreadsheet…

  11. honestly, out of all the CVs to die to in the game, i think the one people would be least upset by is Enterprise, id consider it an honor to meet my end by easily the most famous US warship of WW2

  12. Improve Graf Zeppelin already !

  13. Next up: *Let’s improve – FDR!* “Still a little ways to go to that 100% win rate!”

  14. Ib Erik Söderblom

    WG: We need more planes !

  15. Much harder to play with rocket planes after the patch. Try that challenge.

  16. Enterprise has made many a DD rage quit, especially ranked when you have nothing better to do than focus them down in the first 5 minutes.

  17. Enterprise is one of those powerhouse CV’s.. I though refuse to use mine or any other cv.

  18. Oh look, surely a few seconds extra added to the lead time of the rockets will nerf this monstrosity once and for all

  19. Alexander Watson

    “That guy” sailed in a straight line with minimal to no varying of course and speed. Sure he wasn’t a Bot?

  20. I have been having a hell of a time in my T6 CV and its kicking my ass more than the enemy. Everything is upgraded so now I’m just slowly moving up to the T8 but the one and only CV line I’m doing is such a massive grind that I’m not sure I’m doing it right, lol.

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