Let’s Improve – HMS Blowtorch Devonshire – World of Warships

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This ship came as a big surprise to me.

I had very poor stats in it and I fully expected it to be crap. I was wrong.

Hopefully this will help YOU improve with it as well.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. i liked the devonshire, its challenging to play but it was fun
    though id rather play something else with range

  2. Like these new episodes. Shows you can have a good game even in an underachieving ship.

  3. I like the Devonshire, just because she gets heal.

  4. Sad thing is one potato nullifies all of this.

  5. How often will he overlook the torps XD

  6. Need new glasses flambass it has torps.
    Tried to grind this and hell no 3 ises and a CV gg

  7. Once again requesting the Mutsuki.

  8. When Flambass look at the equipment and he said no torps and i see the torp launchers.
    I was 🤦🤦.

    • i was like Jingles syndrome is spreading

    • @hardkur exactly xD

    • @Kyle I think you’re worring about shit that doesn’t really matter.

    • @Larry Kenobi Yeah you’re probably right. I always liked flambass because he seemed like a level headed dude, more relatable. But recently it seems like he’s letting the unicum part of his gameplay get to his head.

      Like I said, nothing personal. Just an observation.

    • @Kyle I’ve noticed it too. I respect the HELL out of his skills and game knowledge, but I stop watching sometimes when he starts calling people noobs or reports people for what he feels is poor play (instead of say, team dmg or deliberate assholeness). He’s better than this ^_^

  9. 21:20 that poor guy use the democon to estinguish 1fire and get insta triple permafire, two by 2 vollies od flambino. That’s illegal

  10. try to start here and there an AP salvo. AP is strong as fck on this ship.

  11. 12:35 That fire was from a secondary, ahahahaha. Blowtorch indeed.

  12. A 19 point captain on a tier 6….

    Not verry realistic. This will not help New players paling the ship as it should.

    • Having played Devonshire quite a bit starting with a 3 point captain up to (iirc, been a while a 15 point captain) the captain skills help a bit, but it’s still a pretty decent ship even with a low skill captain. She requires good planning and careful playing but can put out quite a punishing amount of damage if you get her in a good position even with a low skill captain.

  13. GreyKnight's Realm

    I really like Devonshire, she’s one of my favourite T6 ships.

  14. ”apparently this ships gets no torps” 3 signs in the screnn show that devon has torps 😀 if you dont wanna see it, its not there

  15. British HE is amazing, I once had two fires in my neptune

  16. “This game is weird. The team in the middle is winning.” So what you’re saying is I can shoot in all directions now?

  17. Damage is good, accuracy is awesome, fire chance is brutal, its got torps and matchmaker is trash tier

  18. You got all the RNG there. I never set that many fires with way more hits when I play it and manage to live long enough to see the end of a match because carriers make life miserable for this thing. You get spotted by planes and then nuked by ships you cant even see.

  19. 17% chance of HE starting fire with those guns. 0_0

  20. flyingphoenix113

    I hold the current world damage record in the Devonshire at over 210k. This ship is vastly underrated. I quit playing my Leander after I discovered how potent it was.

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