Let’s Improve – HMS Lullaby Tiger 59 – World of Warships

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This ship is one of the most boring ships WG ever released.

Looking at its consumables you would never say so, but I’m yawning just while typing this, no joke.

Enjoy watching while trying to stay awake. I bring you premium tier 8 British cruiser, Tiger 59.

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  1. Look how borred Flambass is hahahaha

  2. Just play radar Edinburgh, four times as powerful(and as fun) as Tiger 59.

  3. Václav Posledník

    Well there was probably a typo in Wargamings spreadsheet. Tiger 59 is not a threat. It’s threatened by everything.

  4. I love how everyone was freaking out about this ship when it was announced and how broken it would be 😂 it would be more fun to use a Yudachi as a gun boat

  5. Iwan Van Der Hut

    You didn’t enjoy that game ,I can tell,in that you had to wake yourself. 😴

  6. Let´s Improve is a great Series- GG mr Flambass

  7. A ship completed post war as an AA defence cruiser. It has no place in a game where main batteries are the key. If it needs to be represented in game then give it long duration and range AA and radar. Why is it no good? Not Russian.

  8. Jesus that ship is a snoozefest , needs torps and hydro or just beef the armour and flatten the shell trajectorys so it is more versatile.

  9. it is amazing how bad this ship is against destroyeers, mainly due to AP only and having overpens and riccochets the whole time, but also because it has no guns..

  10. Fun and engaging gameplay 😂

  11. Guns never stopped firing the whole game and still only managed 98k damage. Woof.

  12. The Cornish Knight

    The Tiger 59 is the physical embodiment of WarGaming’s attitute to the British tech tree.

  13. The incoming torpedo’s are most likely the most exiting thing that can happen to you when you’re playing a Tiger’59. Like Jingles says: “Smoke screens are torpedo magnets”. Especially when it’s a vulnerable cruiser going full broadside.

  14. Wilmote Beuscart

    Vermont playstyle is way more interesting to watch honestly

  15. WG: “Let’s take everything fun and cool about the Minotaur and throw it out. What do we have left?”
    WG: “The Tiger ’59”
    WG: “Premium ship?”
    WG: “Premium ship.”

  16. The best thing about this ship is not owning it!

  17. LOL that ship has lots of great tools & absolutely no way to take advantage of them. No wonder you nearly fell asleep.

  18. It’s almost historically accurate. Except for the stupidly broken AA mechanics, ignoring that pretty much all oil-fired ships could create smoke screens and all the other “balans” mechanics. I enjoyed the absurd torpedo spamming when I played, but stopped after the CV rework broke entirely too many things. Tiger, in fact was a cold war AA cruiser and intended to escort carriers. So, if it’s feeble at Tier 8, think of it as Tier 10.

  19. I feel bad for everyone who spent real cash on that thing. It’s so hilariously bad it should be at tier 6. Tier 7 max since it has a radar and WeeGee decided radars at low tiers are evil.

  20. It’s OP because it’s so weak that the enemy team ignores you for most of the match most of the time though….. It’s like having plot armour as a minor character in an anime, because your character is meant to die in the next episode and not this one 😛

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