Let’s Improve – Kamikaze – World of Warships

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I know that this ship is considered one of the most OP ships in the game

BUT for me, in the few games I played, it didn’t really work.
Funny enough same ship, called Kamikaze R worked just fine, and there’s no difference between the 2 xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Holy shit, 3 hours? must be a hell of a lets improve game.

  2. Kiều Đức Anh

    3 hrs! This should be content for a week

  3. 2:57:48 for kimakaze game ^^

  4. That’s one long battle 🙂

  5. @0:00 Ise
    @16:50 Vermont
    @36:00 C. Columbo
    @1:05:58 Vermont…again
    @1:28:07 Shikishima
    @1:48:04 Molotov
    @2:03:08 Visby
    @2:21:28 Yahagi
    @2:34:08 Murmansk
    @2:57:56 Kamikaze

  6. —-who would have thought I’d watch a 3hr video on YT ^^. Nice one, since I missed the strem

  7. Flambass slowly turns into Old Man Jingles

  8. OMG a 3 HOUR video??!!!1 YES PLEASE!!!!! Flambino the great you spoil the shit out of us!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Editing failure, however I really enjoyed the longer show since I don’t get to watch the stream often anymore.

    • SteeltShadow Gaming

      if u just go to his twitch channel u can see all the Vods so u dont have to miss the stream entirly u can enjoy long gameplay just there 😀

    • @SteeltShadow Gaming I know, I just don’t have the time lately. The chat interaction is great fun.

    • @SteeltShadow Gaming trying to do that on mobile is a nightmare, my twitch only works 1/10 of the time and even then it freezes and crashes, it’s just easier to watch longer videos on YouTube

  10. My initial thought was ‘how on earth do you improve on the Kamikaze’? Well.. for starters, you start out with playing CV.. did someone forget to trim a video before upload? 😉

  11. Just upload 3 hours videos daily, and I’ll watch them. 3 hours gameplay.

  12. The ricchochets work pretty realistic.. i mean when a piano drops on you from 16 meter height and you angle a little forward, the piano will bounce right off your head! True story.

  13. Great waterpolo stories about your coach. He sounds like the kind of guy who would eventually extract the best out of you, even though you sometimes hate him and the journey

  14. Flammu used an eye-tracker, it was so distracting, don’t use one.

  15. Lolz, something weird happened with this one, but not much I can do since Im not home

  16. Dam, a whole stream to watch, good thing I’m on my first day off in 2 weeks, I can chill and enjoy watching this

  17. Can we get more videos like this please. I work during your streams so this is great

  18. I can’t wait till we get Tier X “Blueprint” “Year of Design” Battleships in the Bolivian Navy.

  19. Remember that the Swiss have the largest secret navy in the world, lol

  20. probably a pain for you to upload 3 hours of this but I love it!

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