L’ets Improve – Nikolai I – World of Warships

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Nikolai I, Russian tier 4 premium BB, which most consider OP.

I honestly didn’t like this ships and didn’t have fun playing it before.

Then again, I don’t like most Russian ships.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Two wrongs don’t……… wargaming thinks what wargaming wants. Thats why I stopped playing

  2. I stop watching F1 back in 80’s when ya had 2 drivers from 1 team won all the race for 2 or 3 years. Specially when ya only race 16 times a year back then 1 day I watch first 3 laps I made bet if I win I stop watching the races. When I watch last 3 laps and it was same at start I said how is that racing. Then You had that Ferrari specs in another car maker house safe and F1 didn’t do crap. F1 to scare fine teams .Top 3 teams basicly rule F1 and not F1 and if F1 has that kind politics and not for fans why watch F1.

  3. 2:51 my headcanon is that the sound was made by the cat

  4. Colin McRae was literally the first name to come to mind when you said they die in weird ways..

  5. “listen here you meow meow meow meow…”. I lol’d

  6. Goasgschau Gustl

    Tier 4 carriers and tier 4 AA are just such a broken shitshow…

    • Martin “K1W1Pyro” Palmer

      to be fair Nikolai never had AA… it is incredibly overpowered vs everything at T4, except CVS.

    • Martin “K1W1Pyro” Palmer

      @Goasgschau Gustl Yeah in that theres almost nothing that has AA at that tier….
      Nikolai just never did.

      What annoys me is Tier 5 TEXAS was sold as an AA Battleship, that was worse as a Battleship because it had all this extra AA, then they nerfed the hell out of its AA with the CV rework and now its barely effective against Tier 4 cvs..and not really good at all vs T6s.

      In general though having ships that are OP against ships, with no AA , is ok.
      I just wish they’d double the AA on most of the others.

      T4 CV is basically a shooting gallery.

  7. First Vid of the day you watch about WOWS and the first thing you hear is they break something
    made my day

  8. I bet Wargaming uses a mallet to put jigsaw puzzles together

  9. Nikolai predates the russian BS line by several years. They had not thought of the gimmicks yet

    • Martin “K1W1Pyro” Palmer

      Yes she was the original Seal clubber.
      Incredibly broken compared with every other T4 at the time, except against CVS.

      The Russian BB line does inherit a lot of the gun qualities though.

  10. Lol the dark mode thing was hilarious

  11. A Google User anonymous

    Geez cat cuddles in the middle of a brawl. And I thought I was the one with interruptions.

  12. Tier XI- limited ammo/torps/planes.

  13. Please_Change_Username

    It’s not in WG’s interests to create a balanced game! A balanced game relies on a players skill to do well, and the majority of WoW’s players are pretty awful. If WG balanced the game well, they wouuld alienate the majority of thier player base, as the scrubs would go from having some great games and some bad games to consistent ‘meh’ games.

    Far better to have highs and lows (created by unbalanced ships and ridiculous MM) to keep people coming back (see also: Gambling) than someone being reminded game-in-game-out that they are awful and they stop playing.

    • Don’t know if I fully agree. If they launched ‘Wows Classic’ with the meta from four or five years ago, it would be their most popular product. For old players and new.

    • @Matthew10950 It really wouldn’t. Anyone with any game knowledge knows nothing attracts people more than constant content release. New champions in League of Legends, new ships in WOWS.

    • WeeGees goal is to make money not make a fun and fair game. The more painful the grind, the more they can monetize it. Period.

    • @dzello i get that, but do you think the majority of wows players are new? There is a solid core that keep playing even after wuidge breaks the game in more and more outrageous ways. We arent here for new content, the opposite in fact.

    • @Matthew10950 Actually, it means you don’t understand how gaming works. Both new player AND old player enjoy new content much more than a previous patch. Actually, old players are the ones who like new content more because they are the ones who want to get it since they already got a lot.

      So it is a simple reality that if they were keeping this game and having an old version as well, the old version would do awful and this one would do great.

      It’s just how things work. Even if you read complaints about WOWS, people fucking enjoy new content like hardcore.

  14. I missed that long stream, but here I am again, requesting Mutsuki.

  15. Kuznetsov to the rescue!

  16. Love this series and this vid was especially funny…

  17. agree!!

  18. Best series ever!!!

  19. Also agree. Lol

  20. Nascar and F1 lost my interest when they developed into “controlled competition” out of the “saftey standards.” The bits of “Woke” I see related to NASCAR means I am not going to be interested in returning anytime soon.

  21. Does PR care about where the Damage came from? I just looked at the formula yesterday and just saw average damage, kills and wins being taken into account. Which means shooting BBs is actually far more rewarding in terms of PR.

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