Let’s Improve – Slava – World of Warships

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Premium Russian tier 10 BB, Slava.

It’s designed to snipe with outmost accuracy, with its 406mm guns.

Imagine Thunderer that focuses on AP, that’s kind of what this ship is.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wow, this made my eyes bleed. What a team…

    • Happens sometimes when you are furiously jousting other dds plus others to contest a cap, manage to finish capping and then you realize 2/3 of your team is dead and the map is red.

  2. TFW when you play so much WOWs your nose turns into a rudder

  3. when you can’t slap the enemy faster than your team dying

  4. U cant win with an ITA-division in your team, u cant

    • @local horst bruh I just looked and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. A lot of people with 2000+ battles but has 46% WR. Nearly as bad as chinese bots in ASIA…

    • @angga WR doesnt matter, i have 5k battle with 51%WR. You can play ur best but still loose due to poor team choice in randoms. look for dmg numbers and frag ratio and avg experience gained because those are based on individual stats rather then team based outcomes

    • @S T WR DOES matter. Sure winning or losing largely depends on teammates, but if someone has, let’s say below 48% WR on thousands of battles, chances are that individual is the reason his team lost.

      45% WR for first 400 battle is tolerable because that is the noob phase and everyone experiences that. But we’re talking 4000+ battles here.

    • @angga Italian players are 99% total scrubs. Some even got into wows for some kind of fascism nostalgia induced by the tech tree.

    • @angga I’m inclined to think that a veery bad wr is kinda “suspicious”, but then again, we must take into account the class one uses the most and the fact that, all in all, you’re 1/12th of your team. If we add to it that teams became more and more brain dead at all tiers over the years, wr begins to lose its own significance imho

  5. NonAccettaNullah

    Flambass: “406s don’t work for me”
    Proceeds to have a better result than 99.9% of my games

    • @S T nah, I was just not interested in reading all of that while I was doing something else.

      Idk why you had to act all rude because of it, don’t know, don’t care, have a nice day.

    • @Kokichi Ouma then how about focusing on the thing u were doing rather than commenting here “Not interested in reading al that”. I just told you how u can counter them easily but guess acting like 13yo makes you think you are cool which you are not.

    • @PaperBag yes i agree, thats why i actually give a slow push against Slava and take island covers if they are to my broadside and stay aware about their position.

    • @NonAccettaNullah exactly lol, it’s because of these Idiots without total map awareness that get wrecked by these ships and then whine about being OP. Slava is great for punishing these idiots, but not all the time that’s the case, if Slava player knows what he is doing then he can easily exploit opportunities to get enemy’s broadside or he is stuck sniping from back on angled targets.

    • @S T and i know all you did was say how to counter the Slava, but it was such a unnecessary huge text to just say something I already knew. All you had to do was say “Just angle lol” instead you decided, for no reason, to write a whole bible about how some guns work in this game or something.

  6. Владимир Балашов

    Slava is outbalanced by Petropavlovsk)

    • And then out balanced by HE ships, and then the HE ships is balanced by another HE ship and then Halland comes in and then all ships get balanced by cv.

      And then cv get balanced by doubloons….

  7. When the team disintegrated down to 4 left I skipped to the end expecting a victory somehow. Alas, it was not to be.

  8. SkyRaider Eclipse

    I won’t lie I hope slava comes to world of warships legends as the legendary balans ship

  9. This team was so bad, I checked if I wasn’t on it…

  10. what do you think of buffing Montys penetration to make her more competitive? shes been heavily power crept. I feel a bit better pen and accuracy would make her much more of a threat

  11. Youre efforts are in vein – when the game itself does not want players to improve.

  12. got a game yesterday everybody died in 6 minutes not one enemy ship was sunk , tier X i was only tier 8 … very very balanced experience

  13. Flambass: “Let’s Improve.”
    His team: “Let’s throw.”

  14. WG introduce Slava
    European community: NERF it!
    WG sell nerfed Slava
    Community: shy you sell so bad ship?

  15. 2:14 I don’t even play this game but I’m convinced that he waved his had and did a Jedi mind trick on the torps
    This is not the ship you are looking for.

  16. “… did it have to be another flood? And the rudder too!” Bismarck flavor-pack for Russian BBs confirmed.

  17. I just like the way he says ship names lol

  18. Slava may be stronk, but at least one can see the Slava to shoot at it.

  19. Can’t wait to see you play Hayate, I kind of love that ship.

  20. I love how the top 3 player on your team is the one who getting ping by the legendary admiral who no one knows about

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