Lets Play! – World of Warships – Live Stream

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  1. Living the dream 🙂

  2. facial supremacy

    cool love the channel Tech Deals.

  3. serious money put into that ship no grinding for mr tech deals

  4. Wifey Deals looks good today!

  5. Can i use the same account on WOT and WOWS?

  6. Nietzschean Ideal

    Damnit CVs get no love. 🙁 Your wife’s a cutie btw. Kyle has some competition.


    Wow I watched this and you didn’t haha

  8. Zaatar Bouchaib

    I hope you play world of tanks too its so funny

  9. who’s that hottie in the background?

  10. How old are you and your wife?

    Nice you have this thing together where you can enjoy games with eachother! My favorite channel atm. Keep it up.

  11. You should play some battle royales, it’s fun.

  12. Lets play someday!

  13. saved up money and just bought the alabama and it’s so fun, now i have to grind to get the iowa lol love the vids

  14. You should use AP shells in BBs

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