Let’s Play – World of Warships

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The Gents take to the sea and set sail for world conquest! ‘Lay aft here, ye lubbers, lay aft, one and all!


  1. 4:17 Geoff I caught that subtle Full Metal Jacket reference, you thought no
    one noticed, but I did.

  2. What, no option for the Man O’ War? Fine I see how it is.

  3. Don’t diss the Navy. My great-grandfather was in the Navy back in WWII.
    Being in the Navy is just as dangerous as being in the army.

  4. Fun game! Perhaps play a bit more?!

  5. Jacks armor was holding up really well when he was taking those hits before
    the 1st game ended

  6. i dont care if its a sponsored lets play, this game looks like the tits,
    and the video was pretty awesome.

  7. Lol, let’s give a bunch of noobs the biggest ships there are, and see them

  8. You guys are not that good……I can train you if you would like. In game
    name is the same as youtube name.

  9. Geoff’s question about Star Trek ships identifying with Navy or Air Force
    always made me question why just about any sci-fi space vessels identified
    with the Navy. The stated mission of the USAF is “fly, fight, and win in
    air, space, and cyberspace” whereas the Navy’s is “The mission of the Navy
    is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of
    winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.”
    Based on that, I’ve always thought that it should be the AF taking control
    of the nation’s space vessels.

  10. if this was recorded before November 15th, then Don Vito is another victim
    of the AH curse

  11. Grace Hopper for famous admiral! (but Nimitz was also a badass)

  12. MORE!!!!!!!!

  13. 0:37 – I actually have a card with which I get a free dessert every time I
    eat at the Hard Rock Café in Hamburg. That would be really cool if I
    actually lived in Germany…

  14. Nimitz class air craft carrier

  15. I felt like this was one of the more intelligent lets plays

  16. More advertisements and “sponsored” vids on this channel than actual lets
    pays these days.

  17. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this.

  18. America’s navy is the best! proud U.S. Navy Sailor Ooyah!

  19. I have to say, Jack is pretty good at this game

  20. where are the subs I mean what’s battle ship without a sub

  21. Jacks bam margera reference

  22. battle stations looks better to me. but this game looks alright

  23. Play more world of warships it’s very cool

  24. Hate this game so much. Lawl. So. Fucking. Much. e3e

  25. Heartfelt Gamers (Hartian)

    26:19 I call bullshit.

  26. 7:51 RIP Don Vito

  27. does the code work?

  28. AH/RT thanks a bunch for sowing me this awesome game!

  29. Jack: I’m switching to my second weapon.

    …Those are ammo types. HE and AP. Fuck sakes Jack.

  30. All you need is a St Louis.

  31. Wow, surprising how good Jack was at a game that involves killing people
    compared to the Mad King and Drunken Bastard.

  32. Ugliest game i’ve seen in awhile. That water and sky combo does not mix

  33. Nimitz class warships are aircraft carriers.

  34. army not as good as usmc

  35. well I found a new game to buy

  36. Can u do a lets play in cod black ops 3 nightmare mode

  37. So the new guys get tons of free shit, but the old players like me (Alpha
    Tester), don’t get anything? I want free gold!

  38. Would like to see them play EVE Online

  39. Jack has the Montana. I’m so jelly

  40. christopher tangcoy

    Do you need a decent computer to play this?

  41. I’d like to hear more army stories from Geoff, they’re always always really

  42. does this game have the USS Alabama? I was expecting Geoff to use it.

  43. Christopher Hamilton

    At 14 minutes Jack was taking fire from a destroyer while in a battleship
    and was saying he was getting annihilated. Not even close those rounds
    would have been barely enough to scratch Jack’s paint

  44. Did they do war thunder yet? They should.

  45. It’s moments like these, that I’d love to be with the AH Crew. The times
    when you get to play a game to promote it, and it is a great game that you
    can enjoy with friends.


  47. When Jack said “What are we playing with Don Vito” I couldn’t help but
    think. “Geoff is a Sex Offender now?”

  48. Hector “MineyGameKing” Rivera

    holy crap this is good! the whole team should join up and make this a new

  49. I was born in 1993…..

  50. RIP DonVito

  51. You guys should do a StarCraft two let’s Play, lads should Protoss and
    Gents should be Zerg

  52. reminds me of reading In harms way

  53. Does anyone know the size of the download for it? And Nimitz is an aircraft

  54. This game is actually really fun, I played it during the closed beta and
    had a great time but haven’t played it since :(

  55. Somebody desperately needs to explain the concept of a citadel penetration
    to these guys.

  56. The Land of the Free and home of the Brave. And also the land where the
    Army and Navy is taught to hate each other even though we need both of them
    to be safe and shit. But…Uh…Did I already say this was the home of the

  57. Geoff you spoiled it u son of a bitch

  58. The Nimitz class is a aircraft carrier

  59. AH vs Funhaus would be great in this game

  60. Lads vs Gents would be great in this game

  61. great and fun lets play, seems like a good f2p game :O wouldnt mind to see
    more lets plays in it 🙂

    jesus these comments suck ass, full of bitching and bullshit and stupid
    jokes/memes :O

  62. “Here comes death!” -Jack Pattilo 2016

  63. Liviothan_ productions

    a citadel is when you hit the most armoured part of the ship which can do
    thousands of damage

  64. After seeing this Let’s Play and their XCOM 2 Let’s Play, I would like to
    see Ryan play against either Jack or Geoff in Total War: Shogun 2(I say
    Shogun 2, because it is probably the best one in the series, and because I
    don’t know the state of TW: Rome 2 and I haven’t played TW: Attila the Hun)
    or Total War: Warhammer when it releases. I would enjoy that Let’s Play so

    P.S. Hate on the Navy all you want Geoff, the Army still get their ass
    kicked in football. So much for all the work the Army puts in to building a
    boat, just to burn it when they win.

  65. THE “Her0Gamer” Nuestra

    Cant redeem the code.

  66. lol code doesn’t work in asia

  67. GUYS! USE YOUR SIGHTS. the line is the middle when your scoped keep it
    lined with the water that’ll make your shots him them. and Geoff use your
    smoke infront of everybody or when your hurting lot.

  68. Kancolle for non-weebs

  69. I have to watch in low quality because I’m downloading the game rn ;-;

  70. Is this game only on pc?

  71. Never has the saying, “Be careful what you wish for” been more relevant. I
    have been wishing for them to play this but oh man I couldn’t sit still.
    Gents, I am available next week for some lessons, plus I have always wanted
    to see Texas.

  72. Navy is way better than army. 😛 Hooyah!

  73. “Are you green or orange?”

  74. completely unrelated to the video but what episode of minecraft did they
    completely cover Jack’s house in obsidian? because i never saw it and I’m
    just so confused lol

  75. go midshipman !!

  76. if everything in the world worked like ‘free to play’ then when you said “I
    love ice cream” you would have got all the premium flavours for one week
    and then after that if you wanted to keep eating chocolate you’d have to
    pay a subscription charge. And you guys already know this because you know
    what free to play and ‘premium content for 1 week’ really means so if you
    have to sellout and accept sponsored videos at least don’t bullshit us
    about it.

  77. Yes’s!!

  78. Thanks for the Navy shoutout. We appreciate it and we appreciate you for
    catching all those bullets

  79. you guys need to fire AP not HE

  80. Hooyah Navy. Too smart to be in the marines and army. Not swaddled enough
    to be in the Air Force

  81. You should play this game against Funhaus. That would be awesome to watch.

  82. Nimitz-class actually refers to the current generation of super-carriers.

  83. They should make a series of WORLD OF WARSHIPS

  84. Navy is gay that’s the thing I heard.

  85. Jack. AP. please

  86. They need to have a lads vs gents play of this game, I think that would be
    funny as hell.

  87. Do you think they knew they were playing against AI?

  88. Oh cool they made a video game based off that anime with all the boats you
    want to fuck

  89. I’ve watched a lot f WoW and I play a lot of WoT….and I think this, with
    2:06 being the time of writing this, will be the GREATEST TACTICAL DISPLAY

  90. “It’s like a game of chess…on water…between a dolphin and a shark.”
    That could quite possibly be my favourite Geoff quote. XD

  91. Is that code only usable if you make a new account?

  92. This looks really fun

  93. This game actually looks like it is fun.

  94. Anyone know where to enter the invite code at in game?

  95. Doesn’t look like a terrible game, but it is terribly boring for a video.
    Which is all that really matters, personally, because I’m sure as hell not
    gonna play it.

  96. 22:54
    “Good luck team! Together we can accomplish anything (Jack)!”
    “Except victory (Ryan).”
    Subtle humor. I like it.

  97. Gonna be honest. This looks way more fun than World of Tanks.

  98. More of This Please

  99. When this gets to the one I will play this, a atleast I hope it gets to the

  100. World of Tanks, World of Jets, World of Warships…

    What’s next?

    World of Mini Coopers?

  101. I know people have this irrational hatred of sponsored videos but this game
    looks like you’ll be f****** awesome for a six man let’s play

  102. And here I thought my day couldn’t be more boring really wasn’t expecting
    this. This close to falling asleep. don’t get me wrong, the video was still
    good just not for me.

  103. this is cool you should keep playing the game

  104. This is too painful to watch if you play this game. At least it’s against

  105. also at point blank like you guys were in the last battle ap will almost
    always pen

  106. btw their battleships were using ap and each ap shell can do a max damage
    of like 20,000 where he can only do about 5,000 if they penetrate the armor
    and that will almost never happen

  107. Never thought I’d see them play this. Just couldn’t think of a way for them
    to make it overly entertaining.

    And does the code not work for already existing accounts? Lame :(

  108. This game looks cool. Is it any good? Slow start? Pay to win?

  109. Nimitz aircraft carrier
    Admiral David faragot hero of the battle of Lake Erie “dam the Torpedoes
    Admiral John Paul John was given the rank of admiral after he died for it
    was not yet created

  110. Gillan Laureth of Seles

    They probably would have played MUCH more effectively if they had bothered
    to learn the basics. But then that probably wouldn’t have made for an
    entertaining, if not cringe-worthy from us who know what we’re doing in
    World of Warships, video sponsored by WarGaming.

  111. as active duty navy, I was going to argue… then I realised he is actually
    right… I’m an air traffic controller, and other than talking to planes,
    my job is to sit in comfortable chairs, and push buttons about the
    aircrafts location/intention…. Goeff-1 Navy-0

  112. Will this be on console soon?

  113. Geoff “Leroy Jenkins” Ramsey

  114. love this

  115. They should play empire at war

  116. It would be funny to see some arts of the “Gents Class” xDD

  117. Here’s a fact! The camouflages weren’t really used IRL to HIDE the ship.
    They were used to confuse the enemies rangefinders. They actually look
    really trippy and would be hard to find the range of. Example here:

  118. OMG click start battle!

  119. Well the thing Geoff said about the navy is half true, my dad is a Captain
    and I’ve been on an aircraft carrier and when not fighting the don’t do
    much. But they do ground warfare as well

  120. People really make a big deal out of these Sponsored videos, i mean
    literally nothing is different other then they mentioned who made the game
    and that they gave them some stuff to play the game and if we play the game
    we get free stuff. If anything these videos are better then unsponsored
    stuff sometimes. If you see differently please explain why with a actually
    reason, not just because you don’t like it because it might do such and
    such, you don’t know the contract of the sponsor.

  121. The AH crew should play war Thunder, just as a suggestion

  122. Nimitz class carrier

  123. Geoff just zoomed out from long range gunfight into a world of hurt XD

  124. Anyone else face palming themselves after watching this

  125. Geoff. DONT NOOB RUSH. not even in world of warplanes. just DONT. the only
    multiplayer game you should noobrush at is tf2, and only if your the scout.
    and ONLY if your GOOD at being the scout!

  126. Hearing Geoff say, “on point,” and “fleet” lmao.

  127. Well I mean for a sponsored LP its pretty entertaining..

  128. I wouldn’t mind if they did a Let’s Play with The Mighty Jingles.

  129. Look at my channel

  130. This doesn’t look like a bad game, it’s better than some triple-A paid
    games, but it still seems very ‘meh’ to me. I’d probably get bored playing
    it, but less bored than playing World of Tanks.

  131. maybe watching a quick tutorial may have been a good idea so you know how
    it actually works before playing

  132. Asa no hikari


  134. I love warships, well I do love atago

  135. “I’m getting lit up!” Ray would be proud, Ryan. Ray would be proud.

  136. first time one of their sponsered videos makes me get the game they are

  137. Play World of Warplanes and/or World of Tanks

  138. Play this with Gavin it would be so funny

  139. fuck you Geoff. Navy is way better than Army. From our fleet to our
    football team.

  140. Can you play world of tanks?

  141. Dammit now I really want to play this

  142. Cool, I used to pay this game. Too bad it sucks now. They’re way too late
    to the party, balance is all out of wack and just not all that fun anymore.

  143. It pains me to hear how little they know about warships…


  145. Great game!!

  146. NO Ryan, the Nimitz class is NOT “uhh cruiser, no submarine”, it’s a GOD
    DAMN aircraft carrier. Like, who the hell doesn’t know that?

  147. Dammit AH, play some nation other than the U.S! …please?


    It’s not working, ain’t it.

  148. Well, given that your country primarily invades hot/desert countries who
    mainly use land travel, your navy doesn’t really have much to do in
    comparison to your army.

  149. Rayan you can control the torpedo aircraft manual

  150. I give this video a solid ‘Meh’.

  151. The Nimitz class ships are carriers. As for some other Admiral, there is
    Adm. Richardson, Greenert, Halsey, and Evens. Admirals are equivalent to

  152. I wonder why the reason is Army always augments their forces with sailors?

  153. Ryan talking about the Nimitz, thinking it’s a cruiser or submarine when he
    may actually be playing as the Nimitz class, since he’s an aircraft
    carrier. It hurt. Oh yes, it did.

  154. looked cool shame in f2p tho

  155. I wonder what Laptop they are using for the gameplay

  156. Somehow the first first round of ship-picking fit so well:
    – Geoff with a destroyer, always rushing into things without any real
    – Jack with a battlecruiser, slow as dicks but hard to take down
    – Ryan with an aircraft carrier, the tactical overlord that pulls all the
    strings and send everyone else into the fray except himself

  157. Another sponsored video, another dislike 

  158. First ever video they did from World of Warships, already more fun to watch
    than any of Jingles’ vids.

  159. DysfunctionalBubble

    This looks like a fun game, tbh.

  160. this is an intense game of battleship

  161. While World of Tanks just launched on PS4 and i’ll likely play it when i
    can free up 30+ gigs, i much more like the look of this game so hopefully
    it follows suit and gets a PS4 release, eventually 🙂 .

  162. The good thing about sponsored content is its a free video to entertain us.
    so you cant complain too much.

  163. I don’t know which was funnier: Geoff choosing the Fletcher again when they
    said they would all be Battleships or Ryan losing 90k of his health to a
    citadel hit and blaming “stealth torpedoes”.

  164. I wouldn’t mind seeing them play this again with the rest of the crew.
    Seems fun.

  165. Only pc?

  166. That subtle Star Wars reference/spoiler lol

  167. Ryan’s thirst for blood will never die.

  168. Machinima 2552 (IS)

    Btw Ryan, Nimitz is a carrier.

  169. Machinima 2552 (IS)

    Don’t worry Geoff, we here in the Navy look down on the Army. The feeling
    is truly mutual.

  170. they should do a full lets play of this game with the full crew. Make it an
    AH vs. The World

  171. Truthfully, I would enjoy ”sea-ing” more of this. This looks like a
    really well-made, well balanced game, so props to WarGaming.

    On the other hand, please stop blowing ships up right above my home. It’s
    very annoying.

  172. i thought this video was gonna be bad but jack made it 10X better

  173. The tank sponsored episode was alot better.

  174. Was going to watch this, then I saw it was a sponsored video, I knew two
    videos in one day was too good to be true

  175. As a member of the Navy, watching this hurts me.

  176. Only Geoff appeared to understand that he had multiple weapon systems. The
    rest use one and waited most of the time.

  177. I want to see them play War Thunder.

  178. This is a awesome and frustrating game at the same time. If you guys can
    learn ho to play I would love to see you vs the world.

  179. I managed to watch all of it poi

  180. This was pretty cringy xD

  181. 9:59 they are referring to The U.S.S. Nimitz, which is a United States
    battleship named after Admiral Nimitz who fought alongside Douglas
    MacArthur in WW2.

  182. im upset that ive put in over 200 hours in this and just hit tier 6 and
    they get given everyship straight away :(

  183. I want MOAR

  184. Being an avid WarGaming fan myself I had to pause at 1:10 to prepare myself
    for the amount of potatoe im going to see as they all picked tier 10 and 9
    vehicles. Won’t surprise me if someone in chat says “how the f*** did you
    make it to tier 10?”

  185. a cool sponsored game ? there’s a rare sight

  186. Wargaming.net seems to have really learned from World of tanks and made
    Warships with a highly intuitive HUD and easy to understand control scheme.
    Just watching the video made me think that I already knew enough to jump in
    and play the game. I’m not going to, but that’s due to a lack of time and
    an older computer.

  187. I like this game. they should play more the rest of the crew ..this was
    cool i want to see Gavin play and not know what he’s

  188. this looks pretty fun, im gonna keep one eye on it

  189. Thumbnail shadowing is all wrong:)

  190. “I’m switching to my long range battery” No Jack you’re not, you’re using
    the same guns, the only ones you have, just changing shell types you moron.

  191. Nice Video dude !!! Can you play Warthunder???

  192. jingles might not approve o-o

  193. I was always hoping for a modern version of this game. Then i realized it
    would just be pressing a single button and showering the enemy with guided

  194. Daniel “the lone wolf” Edwards

    they should do a warthunder video

  195. Geoff acts like there stupid for having bright Zig Zag designs. But it’s
    actually a very strategic approach. In WWI They would do that so the enemy
    team couldn’t tell how long, tall or how far away the ship is/was.

  196. Listening to them talk about it, I realize regular people don’t know a damn
    thing about warships, or war history. I suddenly feel very strange.

  197. Make more, I thought that since it was a sponsored video it would suck and
    they would just talk about the game. But they kept it fresh, and the game
    is intense and very well built. I overall liked this video and I wouldn’t
    mind see more in the future.

  198. Hey the Midway! That’s in San Diego!

  199. I’m sorry but as an actual player of this game this hurt me a little

  200. 26:18 sailing broadside on to a battleship, thats a paddling :P

  201. Ryan the Tsunami guy.

  202. it’s the island that Oliver Queen was on before he became green arrow

  203. Casey “Yescek” Raymond

    Figures Ryan would do the best out of these three


  205. So is the navy like funhaus and the army like achievement hunter

  206. Geoff, Jack, Ryan… Let me just say THANK YOU for playing this in Co-op

    There’s not much in this game more infuriating than people with review
    accounts jumping right into top tier ships and wrecking actual PvP battles
    because they really don’t know what they’re doing. Thanks for NOT being
    those guys.

  207. Oh goodie… another “Free to play” war game. I’m sure all the vehicles are
    overpriced and behind a paywall, just like every other “free to play” game.

  208. As an actual Wows player thus makes me cringe but I love these idiots too
    much to tell them to stop

  209. Name an American Admiral. I’m Australian and I know a whole lot of them.
    Nimitz-class cruiser. Lol.

  210. Holy fuck, never let these guys captain a naval vessel. I would rather
    trust a nutless monkey with mild autism at the helm than have Geoff captain
    a ship.

  211. As a sailor on the Aircraft Carrier Nimitz, it hurt to hear Ryan call us a
    cruiser then a submarine.

  212. That’s a paddling

  213. Honestly if they want to all play a battleship and to play with a group of
    up to 5 in normal matches check out “Steel Ocean” its also a f2p the
    secondaries and the aa are able to be controlled by the player its a great
    game great graphics just not the most well known game its on steam so check
    it out you wont be disappointed.

  214. wait this isn’t Jingles

  215. This game looks a lot more interesting than WoT.

  216. Can you play Warframe….. You can play in PS4 OR XBOX 1

  217. Marwan Chehabeddine

    Where is the invite code

  218. Ya’ll should try Heroes and Generals.

  219. I really wish they’d bring this to the xBone like World of Tanks, I much
    prefer Ships ^.^

  220. How do I create game content on World of Warships on youtube without any
    copyright issues?

  221. so Geoff can read right? because his ship is called the fletcher. not the

  222. wow jack nice job

  223. It’s best to hit them from the broadside when using your main cannons so as
    many are aimed that direction as possible.

  224. I love how the people trying to correct in the comments can’t even spell

  225. Jack: “oh Geoff that’s you, you’re rushin’ them?”
    Geoff: “yah, no I’m American”

  226. any one know when is it that you get DIANA cause i entered the code and got
    the 7 day premium but not DIANA nor the 500 gold

  227. fyi the code doesn’t work in australia -.-

  228. It’s funny, before even opening a video you can usually tell that it’s a
    sponsored video if you’ve just never heard of the game or it has a
    free-to-play name like “World of Warships”

  229. If you guys play again make sure you use the right bullets for each ship to
    do the maximum amount of damage. That is a small problem you were having
    going against other Battleships and loosing high amounts of Heath. For
    Battleships use AP shells and all other ships use HE shells unless the ship
    has a high enough caliber to penetrate the armor.
    I hope this helps and thanks for a great video to entertain me.

  230. It huts to see a game that I’ve poured years into played this badly…


  232. 薩克爾軍團首領

    too bad can’t use the invite code……….
    started this game months ago…….

  233. My brother gets out of the Navy this year and I get out of the army in 5
    years because I was dumb and picked 6 years instead of 4.

  234. yay a 2:30 ad

  235. code doesn’t seem to work…

  236. Kinda sucks for people who already have the game, if they can’t use that
    invite code.

  237. Can we have more of this?

  238. barrrrrrrrrrrrrf

  239. but I dub wartips

  240. What was the code they gave????

  241. So Geoff mistaked the navy in which I was in for the Air Force..we actually
    work but the army ehhhh they are ok hahahahaha..and the Nimitz is a carrier
    class ship Ryan

  242. GG Jack, it’s nice to see you are the MVP in a video.

  243. If I were a major Youtuber I don’t think I would ever do sponsored videos.
    They just make me feel like a sellout.

  244. when I saw this In my feed I was like “they’re going to have no idea what
    the fuck they’re doing”, SPOILER ALERT: I was right.

  245. “I love hookers!” “Well here you go. Here’s Dianna.”

  246. It’s the Nimitz class CARRIER. Not cruiser!

  247. Good lord, Geoff got wrecked at the 18 minute mark!

  248. I’m really enjoying these Gents lets plays

  249. I am happy they added the arpeggio ships in World of Warships

  250. I would actually be interested in watching you guys play this again, and if
    possible with Gav and Michael as well.

  251. Cause, Captain Jack will get you high tonight

  252. The Philadelphia Experiment.

    I understand this is a sponsored video but I personally like watching
    warships, I watch AnderZel when he plays it and he makes it fun to watch,
    partially because he’s REALLY good at the game and I have the “yes” moments
    when he downs a craft.

  253. is this…. battle stations midway on roids?

  254. Little does Geoff seem to know that dazzle patterns aren’t meant to hide a
    ship so much as break up its outline, and therefore make it harder to aim
    at with torpedoes.

  255. As a current sailor, Army/Navy game. All I gotta say.

  256. It’s a Nimitz class aircraft carrier

  257. Jack did all for the Nookie…

  258. Geoff worked Services in the Army confirmed… lol

  259. Go Army, Beat Navy

  260. That was the best sponsored video

  261. another one

  262. “And occasionally someone presses a button” …ya know …like a
    photographer XD

  263. “Are you orange or green?”

  264. Jack is good at the game, yes. But the over use of MoFo made me dislike him

  265. You know, it’s amazing just how much AH doesn’t know about the US Navy…
    apparently even I know more and I’m English xD

  266. I guess we can see you guys playing War Thunder soon?

  267. Were they playing against AI or real people?

  268. Ryan mentioned Old Iron Side, from the revolutionary war, which we just
    learned about in American History! Go Ryan!

  269. 17:15 to 17:20 very slight (but also major) spoiler of Star Wars The Force

    Skip to 17:20 if you for some reasons have not watched it yet.

  270. Being an aircraft carrier sounds so fun

  271. Play more!!

  272. Play world of tanks next!

  273. I used to play world of tanks, is world of warplanes a thing yet

  274. Yeah, awesome! I don’t care if this is sponsored or not, I LOVE naval
    combat games!

  275. You guys should do more of this game

  276. I actually really like this!!!! Geoff, Ryan, and Jack are [perfect for this
    PLZZZ dont ruin it with anyone else.
    Really good video!!!!

  277. Not gonna lie, i actually only clicked on this video cause i thought the
    game looked cool. It wasn’t bad gotta say

  278. Kristofer Jefferson

    As much as I don’t like it when they usually do sponsored videos, this is
    pretty fun and actually looks like a decent game as well

  279. “this code cannot be used in this region” Why is that still a thing these

  280. but AF has the space command

  281. I’m disappointed that not one of you guys yelled “You sank my battleship!”.

  282. Citadel basically a critical hit

  283. Go Army! Beat Navy!

  284. all i can think of is how when it switches from jack to ryan the epic music
    just goes silent

  285. I love AH but watching them play this game can be painful.

  286. The Pass word doesn’t work, it’s that or I can’t redeem it on my new
    account. Someone post up the link for where you’re suppose to redeem it
    because I think I’m at the wrong spot

  287. Sangheili Entertainment

    When Geoff said admiral Nimitz I yelled
    “That was what i was going to say!”

  288. Go Army!!!!!!! Beat Navy!!!!!!!!!

  289. RIP Don Vito

  290. Geoff is the worst kind of tomato…

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  292. name an Admiral?

    Steve Hackett :P

  293. Geoff was really pulling out the Dad Jokes in this one.

  294. The first sponsor vid that was worth watching.

  295. More X-com

  296. Artorias the Abysswalker

    A Citadel is equivalent to a bridge ingame

  297. A lot of you are wondering why Achievment hunter would make a sponsored
    video. The answer is simple. Money.

  298. I cant get over how much Geoff sucks at being a DD captain

  299. Geoff really shows off why he went to the army and not the navy poi.

  300. “I love ice cream!”
    “Here’s Diana”

  301. you guys should try out robocraft…. and make the dumbest vehicles
    possible, while making them move and shoot. I would watch that, like
    everyone of your videos.

  302. When Geoff says he was in the army does he mean he was the guy who turned
    up after combat to snap some photos? XD

    Also, why did he take a Destroyer into open water, right into the enemy?

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  304. Sponsored content is pretty sketch, but this is actually a pretty good

  305. I thought this would be painful to watch, but it was mostly just seal
    clubbing…did not expect that

  306. The there be mermaids thing killed me in the beginning lolol

  307. My favorite game of the moment! Thanks for playing it, we’ll get some new
    blood in the pool!

  308. Fletcher, its FLETCHER

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  310. cool vid, shame the code doesn’t work

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  313. Geoff not using his torpedoes against the AI Montana, Jack firing HE in a
    BB. Ryan being a competent Carrier captain.

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  315. they play this but wont play war thunder

  316. thinking of jack in the navy makes me think of harold and kumar 2: bonus
    scene, where they take the cockmeat sandwhich, yeah a jack version of

    and by cock i mean rooster meat… naturally… …

  317. lets play warthunder

  318. Bleh i want the montana so bad im only at the new york

  319. Jack: “Oh my god i’m getting annihilated!”- Still has more health than
    everyone combined and then some, and the shots are pinging off his armor.

    I knew this would be painful to watch, but i was not prepared for how

  320. Range, cover, line of sight? No? I:

  321. Good question from Geoff, but Ryan’s probably right even though some
    episodes I think kinda have an ‘air force’ feel they still call the main
    deck of the ship the helm.

  322. Can you use the USS Missouri

  323. looks like the B team and Ryan are making a video

  324. You just got slapped…..

  325. I remember being that bad at wow lol, good thing you were only facing
    bots… battleships shooting HE instead of AP? almost makes me wanna throw
    up just from thinking about it………. AP is how a battleship thats on
    full health goes to half health in one salvo when another battleship is
    shooting AP at it….. but it was fun laughing at you guys

  326. wow what a real snoozefest of a episode

  327. This is gonna be painful

  328. geoff the navy could kick the armys ass all day

  329. “Damn the torpedoes!”
    -Jack, probably

  330. They seem to be scraping at the bottom of the barrel for games to play…


    They should…


    Seven Days to Die, seriously what the hell?!

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    buy it?

  332. somebody say SELLOUT! (Double Kappa)

  333. It seems like Geoff mistook the Navy for the Air force but we all know he
    must be hurting after 13 straight losses to Navy.

  334. Nimitz is a carrier and a carrier class.

  335. Geoff as a man of the Navy I feel obliged to inform you that the Navy is
    exactly how you described it

  336. I lost it when jack got hit like 30 times by the guy, he hardly missed any
    shots lol

  337. nimitz class cruiser… really…

  338. I love the fact that they are doing this game… but it is so painful to
    watch them playing tier 10 ships and not knowing how to play properly.

  339. No fire AP

  340. I am so miffed that I didn’t run into these guys while they were doing
    this. I would’ve love to sunk Geoff.

  341. Nimitz is a carrier class, btw :)

  342. Jack “AllTrianglesMakeASquare” McDutch

    As some who plays World of Warships I must say I am very impressed with
    Jacks’ accuracy. He got 4 hits to the citadel from considerable range. Of
    course, it was against bots. But still not too bad. The kind of
    “press-accounts” they got however, are mouth-watering. They had everything
    unlocked for them. And it looks like the tier X ships are a lot of fun to
    fight with.

  343. Well at least World of Warships is a decent game unlike those shit stain
    mobile games

  344. This game looks really cool

  345. *cough cough* war *cough* thunder *cough cough*

  346. me and Geoff named the exact same admiral from the exact same war I feel

  347. Probably a bad idea to mention the video is sponsored, makes some fans want
    to immediately dislike it and now people are more likely to think any
    compliments for the game are disingenuous.

  348. “I just sailed into Hell!”

    That’s what you get for the Star Wars spoilers, Geoff.

  349. Hey hey, Captain Jack, meet me down by the railroad track…

  350. I’m gonna take what Geoff said into mind. I’m going to Navy boot camp Feb.

  351. They should make a game mode where you can play as pirate ships and ships
    of that era that would be very cool

    “Have you just realized you’re in the office with Gavin?” -me

  353. is it any surprise that Jack is good with this kind of game?

  354. G4? You sunk my battleship!

  355. That was surprisingly fun, will we get more of this game?

  356. This looks like a really cool game

  357. Together, we can beat anything. Except the reapers.. You see the size of
    one of those things?

  358. I started playing WoWS a little bit about four months ago. But once the
    Arpeggio of Blue Steel stuff was announced, the game pretty much takes up
    all my free time now.

  359. Nimitz class carrier XD

  360. Let the back seating commence!


  361. It’s so sad. They have no idea what they’re doing

  362. Is there a way to have more players on one ship? Then you could be more
    efficient killers.

  363. All these poor poor battleships. Khorosho.

  364. a sponsered vid that im actually happy for cause i really love this game!
    xD theyre actually doing a sponser vid a super good game for once

  365. “With the breath we thought had ended, we give the final blow against the
    tainted world! Claiming back the sights and the sounds, stop and rewind,
    stop and rewind!’
    hope someone gets the reference.

  366. This actually looks pretty fun, what platforms is it on?

  367. did Geoff really just say “fleek”

  368. This looks fun as hell.

  369. Geoffs lingo in this video is on fleak

  370. Geoff’s audio at the begging of every match.
    “Weeeeeeeeee.” few moments later “ahhhhhhh shit I’m dead”
    Thank you Geoff for not learning anything.

  371. Hey we do more than push a button!! Sometimes

  372. i wanna see them play elite dangerous

  373. Goeff firing AP at the front of a Montana. xD

  374. this is sooooooooooooo painful to watch. WHY GIVE THE NOOBS t10s???? I
    could probably kill all three of them in a t6 BB.

  375. 17:16 Star Wars spoiler alert!

  376. This game is freemium, the ships the AH guys are sailing in cost a lot of
    real-world money to purchase.

  377. how do we use the code?

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  383. That one guy down the street in your neighborhood who chokes his chicken on your lawn like a asshole

    *Geoff* – “Are you green or orange?”

    *Jack* – “Yes.”


  384. Battleship firing HE my brain it hurt

  385. I like how it took me about 7 minutes to realize Ryan, Jack, and Geoff were
    the only ones playing.

  386. play Shadowrun on the PCs it is a multiplayer team based game

  387. Ryan….Nimitiz class CARRIER

  388. did anybody else hear the walking dead season 5 reference

  389. fuck you geoff my uncle was in the navy and my grand father was in the army
    and both are great men.

  390. I laughed out loud at Geoff saying “I’ve sailed into hell!”

  391. You know, I think they’d really enjoy playing blackwake

  392. Oh hey, a sponsored Let’s Play about a game I actually give two shits

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    Why aren’t Gavin Jeremy and Michael in all these vids?

  394. Gents vs Lads lets play? Anybody?

  395. love how Jack was the only one who moved between using the HE and AP
    rounds. Geoff and Ryan could have done a lot better they used AP in some of
    those situations.

  396. it looks kinda fun

  397. Nimitz is Carriers. Admirals are the Navy’s equivliant to the General rank.
    Citadel is their command structure

  398. “When I was in the army… 1993…” – The grizzled war vet Geoff

  399. So, fun fact about ships in the Navy! We concentrate on something called
    “watertight integrity”. What that means is during situations where we may
    come under fire, or are likely to be damaged we seal off every door. So if
    we take damage on out port (left side, Ryan) side and there’s a 40 foot
    hole in the side of the ship, the only places being flooded are the the
    ones hit directly because every passageway to and from those areas have
    been sealed off. That’s how the ships stay afloat after taking so much
    damage! P.S. The only ship still in commission that has sunk an enemy
    vessel is the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides!) in the war of 1812.

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    I’d like to see you guys play world of tanks.

  401. god damnit, i used to play world of tanks, and i looked at this months ago
    and thought about it, didnt bother, now im going to have to give it a go,

  402. Misadventuring Adventurers

    Over a decade of beating that army ass <3

  403. Listening to you try to name an Admiral, well I can name an Admiral!! You
    guys are in Texas how about The Admiral David Robinson?

  404. Ryan, you can control the spread of your torpedoes so you don’t duff it
    every time you torpedo.

  405. man not leading your targets killed you guys, good entertainment value
    though. it killed me when Jack was using HE on a BB

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  407. i truely loved this letsplay it was very entertaining to watch

  408. was this suppose to help the game?

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    Please play world of tanks!

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  411. This game seems incredibly fun

  412. Star Wars episode7 *Spoiler Warning* from Geoff



  414. holy shit best fucking intro ever

  415. I feel like Geoff is getting too old for games, the torpedo’s have a gray
    marker that indicates where you should fire them..He just completely
    ignored that.

  416. They did much better then I ever expected. Not great, but you know I’m not
    one to talk.

  417. I’d like to see a Team Same Voice LP, just to see how irritated Jack and
    Ryan can get at each other.

  418. Play more

  419. The Nimitz it the larger or one of the largest aircraft carriers powered by
    two nuclear reactors


  421. imitz is an aircraft carrier class.

  422. I’ve always wanted to play this game, but I don’t have a good gaming PC to
    play it on. It looks awesome though.

  423. Really Geoff? You want to get into which is the best branch of the
    military? And you’re from the Army…

  424. Oh no, I’m going to squirm watching them play aren’t I

  425. Wow, Jack is actually pretty decent at this. I kinda expected them all to
    do as well as, say, Geoff. But Jack didn’t do too badly.

  426. You guys need to make a lets play of the game Blade and Soul. It is new to
    north american servers and I think you’d have fun playing it.

  427. This was great combined my 2 favourites Achievement Hunter and World of
    Warships. Good shit.

  428. Sponsored videos are the worst. Yay I get to watch a 30 minute ad for a
    game I’ll never play.

  429. Hmm, looks good. Would play at least twice. Score one for sponsorships :P

  430. Geoff in a destroyer was hilarious xD lets rush a battleship and not use
    torpedoes good job

  431. LOL. Geoff tries to pierce the armour of a (presumably) Yamato-class
    Battleship with a Fletcher-class Destroyer, a ship that wouldn’t have been
    able to pierce the armour of a heavy cruiser. And, earlier on, he is within
    10 km (6.4 miles) of another ship and doesn’t fire when his ship’s guns
    have a striking distance of around 10 miles.

  432. I’m amazed they did this well

  433. Forty seconds in, and I notice they’ve given AH T10 ships.

    This will not end well.

  434. Hey Goeff you latrine digging pretentious prick. Navy kicks Army’s ass in
    just about everything.

  435. Jack heading the complete wrong way, the guy is up north. Good job jack
    look at your map.

  436. we need some jingles commentary on this lol

  437. This game is vastly superior to World of Warplanes. It’s amazing how the
    same developer can make two identical games (three really) where one is
    absolute shite and one is really good. I still don’t like their grinding
    mechanic, but I guess that’s the free to play formula’s doing. At least
    it’s not paid (like fucking Destiny).

  438. so painful to watch people who don’t know anything about WoWS play tier 10

  439. I thought this was a cool lets play

  440. this a really cool game

  441. I went to Chester W. Nimitz Middle School

  442. ARMY stands for Aint Ready to be Marines

  443. When I hear Geoff talk about his military experience, all I really hear is
    “I covered wars, you know”

  444. Looks like shit, just like world of tanks.

  445. Enjoyed this one. If you’re going to dislike because it’s a sponsored game,
    just don’t watch it, how about that. It’s still content.

  446. Cringe worthy, 25:04 Geoff didn’t even use the guide to lead his torpedoes

  447. While the army smashes their heads against a wall, the Navy bombs the ever
    living fuck out of the enemy

  448. This hurts this hurts so much

  449. hate on the navy because they sit around in lawnchairs and read magazines
    all day and maybe push a button? nah, thats the (ch)air force, geoff! thats
    YOUR bastard child branch

  450. hate on the navy because they sit around in lawnchairs and read magazines
    all day and maybe push a button? nah, thats the (ch)air force, geoff! thats
    YOUR bastard child branch

  451. The game’s voice sounds like the Tempest guy from Black Ops 3 lol

  452. Be glad gav isn’t playing lol he would die faster than Geoff

  453. This vid and game look awesome

  454. Fuck this game and the sponsor i dont watch these videos for fucking games.

  455. Looks better than the division.

  456. World of Warships looks actually pretty good. Saw a buddy playing it.

  457. Ha. Geoff getting hit from every direction at the second round was
    brilliant. Really enjoyed this lp

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  459. More of this

  460. “That Jack is better at”

    Well, to be fair, Ryan was pretty damn good at being the Aircraft Carrier.

  461. More?

  462. UndergroundGamers44

    “As long as he doesn’t maneuver in the slightest I’m going to hit him at
    least… none, they missed completely”, Ryan is a funny dude

  463. I love WoWS and WoT and AW and Warthunder, but watching AH play these games
    is cringeworthy

  464. One famous U.S. Navy admiral I know is Admiral David G. Farragut from the
    American Civil War. He was best known for saying, “Damn the torpedoes! Full
    speed ahead!”.

  465. Ryan got hit in the citadel at least 4 times at once that’s brutal

  466. Already dislike and hate it because of the worst member of achievement
    hunter. I like Matt Brag better than you!

  467. Ryan! NO! Bad Ryan! *Sprays with water* Go sit in time-out!

  468. i love Ryan even more now for “Perhaps today is a good day to die”

  469. This hurts to watch

  470. this game with more people would be amazing

  471. Surprised they picked his game but turned out to be a great lets play!

  472. Kancolle desu ryan aircraft desu

  473. So, Geoff didn’t pick a battleship?

  474. Sooo why didn’t y’all play the actual game and do random battles with
    actual players on the other team?

  475. Watching Jack be good at this game was awesome :D

  476. Battlestations: pacific is better

  477. oh my god they are playing top tier ships. dumbasses

  478. Thank god me and geoff thing the same. If it is space it is the Navy. My
    family won’t believe me.

  479. These sponsored videos really do their job. I really want to play this game

  480. They should play Dragon Ball Z Xominuveres u can make ur own character and
    play 3 vs. 3 Online!!!!

  481. They are terrible. And it is glorious. 10/10, would watch again.

  482. I only wish that Gavin had been in this Lets Play. That would have been
    truly hilarious.

  483. Wasn’t this posted a long time ago?

  484. Despite them not knowing how to play, I still really enjoyed this video.
    Thanks for giving this game a chance AH. (I know its sponsored)

  485. ok guys… i know its sponsored… but you know… you could have done some
    reading on the controls…tactics…how to handle the big guns…:D …not
    a good sponsored let’s play

  486. You sank my battleship.

  487. when is this on the ps4

  488. Playing bots, Jack firing HE from a battleship, Ryan attempting to aircraft
    carrier, this could be painful to watch.

  489. Fuck, I can name more admirals than you and I’m British:

    Nimitz (WW2 Pacific)
    Farragut (Civil War, Union)
    Mahan (Wrote that dumb book)

  490. screw you jack

  491. I live for Michaels voice and hairstyle its so crack up

  492. How about Admiral Tug Benson, Geoff!

  493. It’s let’s plays like this that show the world just how much of a nerd Ryan
    really is. It’s adorable.

  494. any reason why the code wont work

  495. Game actually looks fun, I might play!

  496. i just imagine them in a big tube playing with toy ships

  497. I might actually play some of sponsored games that they played if it didnt
    take a fucking year to get to the point they are at

  498. I would get on Jack’s loveboat

    I’m sure it’s exciting and new

    I wonder if he is expecting me…

  499. Wow, this is worst than that battleship movie.
    And that fucking sucked

  500. that was both hilarious and painful at the same time

  501. People need to realize that sponsored content is inevitable when you’re
    running a large organization like RT

  502. this was great

  503. Is this on Xbox one?


  505. I watch all of Phly and Baron’s videos and as soon as I saw this in my sub
    box I was like oh no. Oh this is gonna be bad

  506. Yea Cant Wait to have this installed

  507. Wow a sponsored video where they actually seem entertained when playing the

  508. Pan Paka Pan!

  509. jack was really good at this game! good job Jack!

  510. These game actually looks pretty cool, I’d play it now, but I’m already
    pre-occupied with world of Tanks

  511. Nimitz class carrier Ryan.

  512. Geoff, we hate them because we keep getting bodied in Football.

  513. Who knew that in the nay when u say I’m going this way you r suppost to
    stay steaming this way

  514. I have always wanted a game like this!

  515. Jack’s missiles will *BLOT OUT THE SUN!*

  516. Nimitz aircraft carrier

  517. Yeah fuck the world ha ha ha

  518. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: the only good thing out of

  519. Do this age but with everyone

  520. Looks like Geoff has found another game he sucks at !

  521. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

  522. It’s that bloody boat game again.

  523. It’s funny. Jacks screen with awesome music, so much action, switch to
    Ryan, dull as shit

  524. would love more of this.

  525. God damnit you pick the worst sponsors.

    Remember when you guys played Evolved? That was a good sponsorship. The
    Division? That’s a great one. Rainbow 6? Awesome. This F2P garbage? Bad.

  526. It’s funny cuz Geoff says they were taught to hate the navy but none of the
    branches would last without another

  527. Typical Goeff, always dieing first :D

  528. The army is just mad because the navy always beats them in the army vs navy
    football game.

  529. Wargaming and those guys who ripped off WoT did not pick the right people
    to show off their games.

  530. They didn’t have the advanced UI turned on, which tells you how long it
    takes for your shots to reach the target, giving you an idea of how much
    you have to lead

  531. do world of tanks

  532. more of this

  533. Too early, Jack… too early…

  534. Broadside, Geoff! For crying out loud, come about so you can use all of
    your 5 inch guns.

  535. Hey Goeff, you KNOW you have TORPEDOES on your destroyer, right? Torpedoes
    that do more damage than any other weapon in the game? You just threw that
    ship away. So sad.

  536. I’m in the Navy and trust me, as maintenance personnel we work our asses
    off 12 hours a day. I think you’re thinking of the chairforce.

  537. Wow Geoff got fucked

  538. The Battlestations series will always be the best of this genre.

  539. no Geoff not all battery’s are the same. while yes most have a cathode and
    an anode with an electrolyte solution in the middle a car battery holds a
    charge for a different reason than say a LiOn battery does

  540. I hate wargaming, but since there aren’t many naval games that are f2p and
    actually worth playing, I actually like WoWS a bit

  541. Once again, it is painful to watch Geoff play.

  542. Gavin should play this and be totally awful

  543. 18:07

    R.I.P base Geoff
    oooooOOoooo Whata saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  544. i wanna see more please do more it was quite entertaining

  545. Definitely should play this again!

  546. Ryan was captianing my city for a while

  547. these guys have to be the worst ive ever seen

  548. God dam that was the most boring lets play released in years.

  549. Nimitz is a Aircraft carrier class not a cruiser

  550. They should’ve all just hopped in cruisers and gone to town. Best ship
    class for casual play.

  551. Port is left, Starboard is right. A good way to remember is both left and
    port have 4 letters.

    Srsly though, love this game

  553. Port = Left. easy way to remember is that they are both 4 letters.
    starboard is right.
    Bow = Front. when you bow, you go forward. aft is rear.

  554. Did anyone else notice that after they said they were all going to be
    Battleships, Geoff was still the Fletcher Destroyer?

  555. Awesome! 🙂 More Please

  556. at least ryan and jack seemed to realise to stay back whereas geoff in a
    weak little cruiser just charges right in.

  557. I”M WHITE!!!

  558. Liam the dark angel.

    they should do more, although switch the ships up

  559. This game actually looks really interesting/good, and Jack seems to be
    pretty good. Great video guys!

  560. Oof. Ryan trying to play that carrier. Gotta teach him how to use ALT and
    drop ordinance manually.

  561. atleast learn how to play the game and the strategy of the ships before
    running in the deep end…. wargaming gave you all the ships & unlocks and
    you guys can’t even play the game.

  562. David idon'twantalastname

    Such a fun game but it takes a lot of hours to learn.

  563. Well, so much for them saying anything negative about this game.

    Pretty lame that so many videos are sponsored now :

    I understand that they have to make money, but being paid by the developer
    to play this has to come with some strings attached (Don’t say negative
    things, don’t call it pay 2 win, etc).

  564. my fucking god wargameing has fucked another gane I am pissed at you guys
    you just fucked up

  565. We got it on fleek!

    I love these guys.

  566. what you just ruind star wars

  567. I remember back when I wanted them to play WoT and saw how horrible they
    are then I saw this and I’m thinking of suicide

  568. Captain Jack Beardo!

  569. Let me guess, people dislike it because it is sponsored? At least they are
    telling you. And how dare they be a company and earn money to give you FREE
    content. How dare they -_-

  570. i dont like the font for their names….

  571. NOW!! World of Tanks for the Xbox one!!

  572. Phew . . . they only trusted them to play against bots! :)

  573. When Geoff gets prompted to launch his torpedoes along the grey line and he
    fires them behind the ship he was trying to kill

  574. Geoffs “OH GOD THEY”RE EVERYWHERE” almost killed me hahaha

  575. Manipulator of Universes

    Too bad they couldn’t The Might Jingles for this. The conversations that
    would ensue would be hysterical

  576. Boat simulator 2k16

  577. Why are people complaining about the video being sponsored? They’re not
    just youtubers, they’re part of a company and need to make money. Sponsored
    videos should be expected.

  578. Great game, but wrong channel to sponsor, wargaming. The Patch crew might
    enjoy this game, but not achievement hunter.

  579. it was really painful watching Geoff shoot a battleship with armor piercing
    rounds while he was in a destroyer and the second match I’ve never seen
    such a bad battle against bots

  580. Fleet Master Gruber


    Man this was painful to watch. At least it’s a good demonstration on why WG
    shouldn’t give T10s to press accounts.

  581. Hey look, it’s Captain JACK Sparrow.

  582. Jack best in the team, was RNG with him poi?

  583. very relaxing 10/10. would recommend

  584. This is actually a pretty good game.

  585. The US Navy actually has more pilots than the Air Force, always thought
    that was funny.
    go Navy go

  586. Am I the only one who likes Steal Ocean better? Submarines and line of
    sight torpedos.

  587. As someone who watches a lot of Jingles’ and Jedi’s videos, this is
    painful. Comical, but painful.

  588. Love this game.

  589. Geoff: I I captain

  590. its on game

  591. I would like to them do more of this game actually. Despite some
    incompitance here and there, everyone had a good handle on what they needed
    to do. Would love to see Gavin run into something and just scream as he
    gets annihilated

  592. the only issue i really have with this video is that they are given tier
    9-10 ships that would take people over a hundred hours if they are quick to
    get, so the viewers will see these high level ships and not realise how
    long it takes to get them.

  593. glad they did one of these

  594. jack U NEED 2 USE AP shells

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