Let’s Talk About The Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire

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There I was getting ready to enjoy two days off this weekend after pulling a double shift earlier this week but no. Wargaming just HAD to go and fuck it up :p



  1. I should probably point out that at this point it’s unclear whether or not Directive 7 includes free xp converted from the required ships, but if not, Directive 7 is basically undoable so it doesn’t really matter overall.

    • There’s a couple good threads that were made on reddit analyzing the gaslighting involved in the pr for this event, as well as comparing wg’s recent behavior to the cycle of abuse.


      You can check them out here. If you think there’s even a little merit to the claims being made, maybe some more exposure of these ideas will convince wg that it’s time to settle down a bit.

    • It says how many directives you need to complete of the previous to access the new directive, so we know how much needs to be done.

    • I think someone put a decimal place in the wrong location.

    • Granted Jingles, I wasn’t expecting this grind to be easy, and being that PTS’s directives were different from this, as in lowered to make it easier for PTS; I did have in mind it might of been hard on Live, but seeing your video today and this..its just..mind-boggling that nothing was added/said by the Dev’s on forums “oh btw, this is what the event is actually going to be like.” Just oofs here and there. Granted if they did say this before the patch, then I would of been fine, but getting this nasty surprise was a bit much even for an old player like me’self.

      At least there is other rewards in this event, which I am personally happy for! More container openings, the new perm camo which btw looks nice, idk if you have it already or not Jingles but its pretty. I mean I have 5 of it on the PTS for some reason, I don’t remember why or how I got 5 of the perm camo’s lol. Free 5 ships, the NY Port, just all the good stuff!. Granted the 4 other ships which are tech tree ships seems a bit strange gift to me..especially if people already have all 4 of them, but for me I only have the Izmal, so I’m fine with that gift.

      I was excited with the whole Dock-yard idea, being able to build the ship and watch its progress like wow! I wanted this for future events. I still hope so, but with more understanding and maybe less for Whalers..I am not saying they can’t participate, but I also don’t want the dockyard to just be another premium shop..

      Also keep up the good work Jingles! Ye have always helped me in my 9 years of understanding events, learning more about ships in WOWS, tanks in World of Tanks (2010 graphic times and now) and planes with your old War Thunder vids, which actually got me into WT btw hehe. So an early Merry Christmas to you from an old submari-I mean Subscriber, Commander Slothmckellen, & a Happy New Year! o7

  2. One easy way to solve this mess. Remove the 30 day time limit and let us take however long is needed to get the PR. As it stands now, I’m just going to grab the free rewards and not spend a single euro to Wargaming.

    • Letting the game assemble a ship for free over 30, even 60 or even a 100 days wouldn’t bother me the slightest. The counter to pay, you have to wait if you don’t. As I said, i already have nearly every ship that I wanted from the game. Pan European DDs don’t appeal to me, I just wait for Italian BBs and a few additions in the German and British lines with battlecruiers (and the next tier 7 New Mex like). I don’t give a damn about Pan Asian sold to ships either.

      The US line is already one of my least favorites in terms of non existing ships addition. Ohio, pfft, Puerto Rico, WTF? I could even do with the ships I already have. Don’t need for submarines either except maybe the submarine cruiser Surcouf for the lolz. I already don’t play CVs.

    • @BigLBA1 You aren’t alone in that. I’ve played this game not long after it came out and I still haven’t earned that much free XP!

    • Mats Karlsson I’d even settle for the year of 2020. It’s even doable in 3-6mo for a dedicated 1-3hrs per day player.

    • honestly, i genuinely would love that idea , but they wont 🙁

    • that would be the simpliest change to fix everything. It will just be like Campaigns and we can all enjoy

  3. Never thought to see the day anyone could outdo fallout 76 and Bethesda ?

  4. Seriously, this whole “Christmas event” could have been something nice and happy, if they had kept it on the small stuff. KEPT IT THERE.
    I am not in the 1%, I am a purely free player and still, I don’t play _that_ much. I have played since the start, and I have just now unlocked my second T10 ship… and thank you, WG, the grind for the legendary module that I will likely not even use is enough.

    So, I won’t get enough steel from the event to buy the smallest of ships. It won’t even add enough coal to bring my existing stack to the level where I could buy one of the T10s. With coupon. Still, it is something that I can earn and that I will not lose. A gift.

    The containers… yes, they are nice. Again, I haven’t had that much luck with containers… this years “Black Friday” gave me exactly the same number of these nice black ships as last years… zero. But the flags and camos… I got those. A gift.

    If I don’t get too frustrated with the grind, I might even manage to make it to the Goriza. A free T7 ship… and the option for four T6s. That’s something achivable. A gift… of sorts.

    But the PR? Heck, I’m not even that keen on the ship itself. Yes, a premium T10 would have been nice… but after that fantastic presentation, I wanted to see the event. See the ship build, see the advancement, see the success.

    But, hey, I’m not in the 1% and I don’t spend money on the game. So not only no ship for me… no event for me as well. “Hey, look, shiny shiny thing. Big advertising. Christmas event. But not for you, sucker, ha ha.”

    I like the game. I play it casually, and it is still keeping me hooked after I quit WoT. And I can understand that WG doesn’t care as much about us freebies who populate the servers so that everyone will find an opponent to play against.

    But that was cheap, WG. Shame on you! Had you kept in on the small stuff, I would have liked it. But dangling such a price in front of us and then snatching it away… sorry, No Merry Christmas for you!

  5. 24:58
    “And it’s a realy good patch.”

    -massive shitstorm.
    -hotfix had to be pushed out hours later to fix a new bug.
    -EU server collapsed.

    Honestly. Right now, I’m wondering if there is anything that didn’t go wrong with this patch…

  6. Wargaming: “Should we have insultingly comically absurd requirements, comically absurd requirements, or just absurd requirements?

    Wargaming: Yes

  7. EA BF2 loot box scandal “we want you to feel accomplished”
    Wargaming “hold my beer”

  8. They got confused with April’s fools and Christmas!!!!

  9. Considering that the entire year was a relative dumpster fire for WoWs, I genuinely thought the PR was going to be WG’s way of apologizing and getting players who left the game back from little things such as the brilliantly executed CV rework, the perfectly balanced state of certain Russian ships, and the highly enjoyable ranked seasons. I thought, “No way they can top the year off with another fiasco.” WG proved me wrong again on multiple fronts.

    • TheReal RedWolfofDeath

      Huey Nguyen the CV rework is far from brilliant and the Russian bias ships being absolutely fucking broken is why so many players left this sinking ship.

    • @TheReal RedWolfofDeath That’s the joke.

    • looks like Wargamming doing as well as the Labour party rofl

    • However, you must consider how ‘spoiled’ the WoWs community is now, how much stuff WoWs gives on a regular basis.

      Compare it to when ships were first released, where they had no directives, no rewards, hundreds of battles worth of grinding in order to get a t10. No armory with essentially free t10 premiums, etc. (I got Smolensk withen 4 months).

      WG has raised the community’s standards so much, now they are trying to bring it down, on par with other games.

      But in the end, it still agree with this video. If you are trying to reduce the rewards, then come out clean about it. Don’t advertise and make excuses and produce fake apology posts.

      -Taken from Flambass’s stream btw

    • lol… “hold my beer”

  10. WG : “this Christmas forget about your friends and family, put all your heart and soul into playing our game non-stop 24/7 if you want this ship for free.

    otherwise…. GIMME MONEY!!!!”

  11. EA: We are the greediest shitlords of all time!
    Bethesda: You were saying?
    *EA left the chat, WarGaming enters chat*
    War Gaming: Hold my Vodka!

  12. I soooo hope that Victor Kislyi chokes on every dollar, every Euro, every rubel that he makes during the christmas event. And that someone shoves a real gold doblune up his as for every doblune people spend on the puerto rico.
    I would like to see Victor Kislyi himself do all the directives and for every 1000 XP he fails to achive for every 10000 credits he fails to make he has to drink a shot of vodka. While that may be fun for the first directive and maybe the second, I get the distinct feeling that with directive 3 we need a doctor and with directive 4 an undertaker.
    But hey who ever thought that wargaming was a friendly company who really appreciates their customers… I got knews for you one or two brave people out there! Santa, aka Victor Kislyi aka the man with the big bag for presents, but not for you but for your money, is on it’s way TOO YOU and he brings his pal the easterbunny, aka Andrew Wilson CEO of the gaming devil himself. But sad knews, rudolph can’t come this year, he finally reallized that he has a drinking problem and is in rehab. So both of your favourite humans of the year candidates, have to find an alternate form of travel but thanks to idiots who got more money than reason, who spend there money on the Puerto Rico boosters, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  13. I’ve been dealing with rapidly degrading personal shit at home the past few months, the sort that every family will have to deal with. I haven’t been in the happiest of moods or really into the holiday spirit this year, and am mainly trying to get shopping and stuff done mainly out of obligation rather than holiday cheer. When I saw this event teased I thought “Wow, this aught to get my mind off my problems for a while and cheer me up” and I had also been waiting to make up for all the steel I missed out on in Clan Battles. Thanks WG, you fuckers. Has 2019 just been the year of major game developers trying to one up another in pissing off their customers?

  14. Someone on Reddit actually calculated that with the amount of EXP they ask you to grind, you can unlock 6 whole lines, from 1 to 10, with spare change.
    That’s not counting the Free EXP grind

  15. Somebody had a good idea: make the Dockyard a system where you “lay down” a free XP ship (so Nelson, Friesland, etc) or even a coal and steel ship. then as you collect resources you can put them into the dockyard to build the thing, and maybe it trickles slowly up by itself. I like that idea. It’s a damn sight better than what we got anyway.

  16. I mean, USS Puerto Rico was never completed, so this is actually historically accurate. 😛

    • Black humour is most appropriate. Here have a like, many more

    • Working as intended

    • @Larrie Ray Laurino Yeah, but then we’d have no Russian ships in a Russian game and can’t have that. We all know they had the best mythical WW2 navy. Also nerfed German ships lol

    • @SDZ Well the German ships were not the best designed things in the world, it still strikes me as bizarre that they have such awful accuracy in game when irl they had some of the best gunnery of the war…

    • @Silamon Russians in general and especially Wargaming are thin-skinned and have very sensitive egos.
      This is very apparent when you realize they always overcompensate in every aspect of their society and products even calling themselves “Bears” when they are more like mice.
      Its a cultural issue within Russian where they are incapable of accepting that they are always a day late and a dollar short compared to their western counter-parts

  17. Permafrost Insanity

    I think people should demand a refund for the “bait and switch” tactic, wargaming used on everyone. Getting the ship doesn’t justify buying that much gold or even grinding through that much (headache/hair pulling) impossible directives. Shame on u, wargaming…

  18. Ah I see wargaming decided to take a page out of War Thunder’s event vehicle playbook.

  19. SizzleChest McMurphy

    Remember when grinding/Free XP’ing your way to the USS Missouri used to be a monumental task? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  20. There’s an old saying in computers – “Don’t buy vapour.”

    I suggest you add to your repertoire a corollary : “Don’t sell vapour.”

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