LEWD Episode 69 Funny World of Warships Compilation

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It is SPESHUL COMPILATION TIME and this one is a bit special since it is 69th…there’s a little bit of lewd talk in it but shhhh don’t tell anyone.
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Let me know in the comments below what you thought of it.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. should sell that intro poster as merch

  2. Sir i would like to point out that premature quackulation is a serious medical problem, you should see a doctor

  3. I feel i speak for all if not the majority of the community you have here, that into picture “The sensual adventures of Montana Princess and Gibbins the Barbarian” needs to feature in ALL upcoming episodes of SPESHUL COMPILATIONS from now on! This episode was filled with the correct amount of filthy, dirty, naughtyness you’d expect!

  4. truly 200% quality content Hans

  5. Biscuitchris7again

    10:23 LOL! Master Stroke.

  6. How many ‘ironic’ cv games does a man need to play before accidentally actually becoming a cv main?

    • If you can play CV and got good damage, even if you played just once you’re already a CV main. Said someone here on yt comments.

    • There is a difference between a CV main, a good CV Main and a legendary CV Main. Your typical CV Main whines and griefs. The good CV main actually tries to help their team, a little bit. The legendaries are a rare breed and obviously the stuff of Legends.

  7. More Gibbins and Chaos, plz! The 3 of you are hysterical.

  8. Awesome as always sir ! Anytime I see where your video has Mr Gibbons in it I start laughing before I even watch it . Have a great day man .

  9. I love Trenlass but the Chaos Mr Gibbons div is my new favorite! lol

  10. 11:09 Even the best potato .

  11. Another legendary piece of artwork from your community. XD

  12. oh so Flambass has those awesome Teams too in which he is the ONLY ONE who killed an enemy boat !! so i’m not crazy after all

  13. Flambass, we NEED that t-shirt in the merch store.

  14. Not a fan of the transition screen static, really f’ing with my eyes, lol. But hilarious vid as always!

  15. “Dido, He meant by playing the Dido”
    Is he Sirius?

  16. I see love. I see commitment. I see wg.

  17. You and Gibbons have been comedy gold together. And then you add Chaos? Love it will you guys div up. <3

  18. hash_slinging_slasher

    we need more of these videos

  19. 14:04 WoWs player base confirmed thnx to rigged game design…

  20. 6:36 “who needs fires…?” Isn’t a detonation technically a fire? Just a fire that burns with supersonic speed?

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